What is up guys and happy tuesday just wanted to apologize for the lack of videos lately. In other news, the winner of our first giveaway was notified and they got back to me so vinnie lee your car is on the way congrats. We spoke via email, i’m. Glad everything worked out. You will have your car in a couple days, so getting back into the cars that we’re viewing today we have two of them here. These are both from hassem. These are both amazon budget cars. On one end, we have a 1 16 scale brushless car here. This is four wheel drive. I believe this is called the q 905 it’s really hard to tell what these are called nowadays, uh, just because they’re all rebranded and they change the names they change. The bodies but they’re all basically the same internals, so this one is 1 16 scale. Brushless four wheel drive this one is 1 12 scale brushed four wheel drive this one is the 9125 again, both from hossam i’m just going to go over some of the similarities and differences really quick, so first things first is obviously the size we have 1 16 Versus 112., with the batteries and everything in here, we’re going to be reviewing them on the stock 2s batteries that they both come with. This one comes with two 2s lipo batteries that have a connector here that you can see, you can run them in. You can run them together, so you can double your runtime.

This one comes with one 2s battery, but basically the same layout right. So this one, i believe, is a 380 sized brushless motor. We have a brushless esc, receiver, combo and a three wire servo, which is very nice, so you can go ahead and upgrade that, if you need to in the future over here, we have a 550 size canned brush motor. We have a brushed esc receiver combo in here as well as this one has a five wire servo, so some differences there. This is a 60 amp esc. This is a 35 esc, big differences, mainly with those electronics, as you can see, both come with the exact same remote steering, trim, steering dual rate: reverse steering, low and high speed ratings on both that you can switch in and out of make sure for everyone. These are both on high going further in depth with the cars, as you can see on the bottom here. This one has a aluminum, little skid, brace on the front and rear this one is all plastic. Both the front and rear dog bones cbd’s on both are metal, which is nice. You won’t, hopefully have to worry about any of those breaking or coming off. Shocks on both are friction style shocks. They are not oil filled. This one has four in the back, as you can see here, two up front two in the front two in the rear, so both cars were going to be running on 2s, the stock 2s and the stock 3s batteries um.

We have our muon m3 gps zeroed out. That is full speed on high give it a little steering trim a little steering trim here. Oh looks like we got, maybe a rock stuck in it there we go all right, so we got something stuck in there. We’Ll give this a a full speed run down here, not as fast so the amazon review says the listing says that this should go 28 miles an hour. I am having a hard time, believing that’s 28, but then again, maybe that’s. The 3s speed let’s see here brakes work good. Our top speed is 20.5 miles an hour on the stock 2s battery, so eight miles an hour short of the advertised speed. All right, let’s throw this 3s battery in here. This is the tried and true 3s that i’ve been running in all of these little budget. Cars i’ll link, something similar down below the 1000 milliamp hours seem to fit almost perfectly in here. I’Ll show you that goes right in there and you can even use the battery lock now, with the esc being a 60 amp esc. I would like to think this could handle it without any issues, but again do it at your own risk. Okay, that’s cruising now that is a lot faster on the 3s. This car comes in at about 85 wow that’s fast, so, like i was saying this car comes in at about 85 dollars, which is actually a really good price for 12 scale.

Um let’s see here 31, all right so that’s on par with the advertised 28 mile an hour price. So, like a lot of these budget cars, it seems like they put the um the 3s speed on there, just as kind of a gimmick to get you to buy it, but you do need to upgrade the battery to get those advertised speeds. Let’S. Give this thing a quick run before we run the other car go to air control. These are big tires. Oh, that thing seems to be all right, though long grass, this is how you’re going to overheat the motor but we’ll uh we’ll. Let you know if anything like that happens here. Yeah this thing flies really good in there. I bet we could do a backflip let’s, try it perfect, backflip, not bad. That was full speed, full backflip, those friction shocks. Making this thing bounce all around that’s full speed in the grass, no thermal cut off yet i’d, be really surprised to see the motor and esc temps. I am noticing that the brakes are Music really all or nothing. Oh, we just shut off, see what happened here. Oh, maybe we just hit the button there, so the brakes seem to be all or nothing um be careful. If you have a camera on it, you might flip it and uh break the camera. So just be careful with that there’s. Some good good flying yeah. This thing’s a beast and the 112th skill makes it really good on the grass um we’ll see in a second.

If the 16th scale can handle it, not bad. So all the insta 360 go 2 charges. We’Ll uh we’ll get some footage on the 360 camera. Here we have our stock 2s batteries. In there we can use the same remote, they do bind up to one another, but you can run them together, which is nice. This is the stock. 2S battery looks like we need some trimming here, all right, that’s better. We are on the high speed setting 2s battery that is full speed Music. Now this car on the amazon link says that it should go 52 kilometers an hour or 56 kilometers an hour which is 32 miles an hour once again on the stock battery. This does not look to be hitting that speed and we have 22.2 for our max speed. So the 3s battery in this little 16th scale car is going to be a little bit different of a fit it’s, not exact um, but i’ll show you how it works here, again, we’re using the same batteries. This is a fully charged one um and, as you can see, it’s not the best fit, but it gets the job done. You really need to put this strap very tight over the battery, and then this can go in like that and there you have it. So again, this is a 35 amp esc, this one i’m more concerned about um overheating and possibly blowing the esc. I think these little brushless motors are good up to 3s, but you know we’ll find out so on paper.

According to amazon, this car on 3s should be the fastest out of the two um we’ll see if it hits that 32 miles an hour that they supposedly should hit on the stock battery, but it doesn’t let’s see what we can get for 3s. Oh wow, that is quick. That is really quick, that’s full speed the whole way wow brakes work a little bit better on this one, not doesn’t seem to be all or nothing. Applause looks like the disc could use a little bit of fluid there, but that’s all right wow. So our top speed there is 33.2 miles an hour, so we’re right on. Oh, i think i might just press the button we’re right on par with that amazon advertise speed, all right so i’m, going to run both of these cars on 3s we’re gon na run this one. First we got a puddle here. You know we’re gon na hit. It so, depending on which listing you buy this off of on amazon. Some of these little ones come with paddle tires, which are really nice. This one is not the pedal tire version, but uh still very fast and very cool, again: 3s, not sure how waterproof these are, but we’ll give it a bit across the water. Here this little one almost floats across it. You just got to remember: these: have foam filled tires so running them through water, you’re, probably gon na ruin. Those tires so make sure you plug up the holes yeah this one just floats right across it again.

Spinning out these things are a blast now i don’t think this one died as quickly because it’s smaller and that esc is a little bit smaller, probably can’t handle as much juice, but both cars are very fun on dirt, very fun, on asphalt and depending on what Your budget is, you can pick which one you like best. This is just about going to end the video here my insta 360 go seems to be dying again. So again, if you like this video, if you like both of these cars, uh, leave a comment down below like and subscribe and uh, let me know which one you like better, the big one little one i don’t know i kind of like the little one. I can fit in places that this one can’t bring it with me wherever i go, but uh other than that we’ll see in the next one.