So I believe the name from Amazon and shelah talent and it’s. This little muscle orange car comes in a couple other colors, but this one I decided to pick up because it’s the first one that popped up on Amazon. So this one is actually a driver for all four wheels move and it is a really fast one. So I didn’t really do a speed test on this one. I basically compared it to the other car that I had tried a little race with my son in the road and the other car that I had our view previously. That one went around 11 miles an hour, so this one, even though it’s rated at 9 miles per hour, it’s still kept up with the other car, so it’s definitely fast. The thing is that it’s it’s small so test the bumps around on the road or any sort of a surface where it’s not supercede, so that’s kind of a downside to it, but at the same time, flat surfaces. Excellent superfast handles well as far as turning in things like that go. It ends up maneuvering really really well. I did notice that as you get going and when you crank the wheel, what ends up happening is that the the vehicle does roll, but at the same time it is pretty durable. It’S had a couple crashes so far and tell them well. The downside is that the battery lasts around each one. So for this one, the the other students of happening is like other items that have lithium ion batteries is the battery starts to get low and so around the 8th bit of market such the slow down.

And then you start to push past that don’t start to get a little bit glitchy, so the remote might not really work right. The car kind of acts a little bit funny, but I think, for you know around the 30 price point that it’s definitely faster. So, if you’re looking for something that’s fast, some of that’s compact and something that’s really really fun, it also does go on carpet, so it transitions from from hardwood to carpet really really easy, and I actually used on carpet which is nice, the other car that I Had something or somebody did not, but I like that also also cooling, the headlights that are on the car too, so that’s a nice little bonus for not really that it makes it a difference. But at the same time it does add a little bit of a stylish look to the car. So, overall, I would say this one’s still a 5 star, even though the battery does not last all that long outside of that, I I think that it’s definitely a fun little toy. It definitely reminds me of the one that I had so I’m reading this one as a five star five star. I think that again they did really well with that it’s kind of hard to find the exact list. Things I’ll make sure that I’ll link that down below, but if you’re looking for the little muscle car, I thought it said muscle D at first, but it does not so I’ll.

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