This is by de GRC on Amazon, so I should pick this one up, because I had a car that was a little bit smaller than this one several years ago, but in playing with that car that would actually fit in the palm of my hand, and when I was playing with it. My son was chasing it around, so I was having fun watching him chase it back and forth, and then I ended up stepping on it, which was kind of inevitable. So it was one of those things where he felt really bad about it. I just kind of forgot about getting around to it and now that I’m kind of a little bit back into it RC phase I picked one up, but I didn’t realize what’s gon na be this size. Now I still I’m very interested to see how fast it goes. I just really like that the micro car was was small, but it also just it went super fast. So this one and it looks like you – have a total of sixty minutes as far as run time, we’ll see about that the booklet did come, but at the same time the instructions they there was no English instruction so which is not bad, but I just I Unfortunately, I’m not fluent in other languages, to be able to say exactly what what those instructions are as far as how to go about proper charge time. It looks like ninety minutes, I’m, not exactly sure there.

I do know that there’s a there’s, a battery warning that kind of lists off all the things as far as what you’re not supposed to do with the battery itself, making sure that you don’t over charge it and then making sure that also you don’t plug into The wall, so I’ve actually got a plugged in right out on my laptop and then I’m gon na charge, both batteries and I’m gon na try to see how much run time we have just because I think that that’s something that’s very, very interesting and can can Have a lot of reflection as far as you know how much fun you can have before the battery tends to wear out. I think that when it comes to like the little simon helicopters, those are something that they last about six to eight minutes and then all sudden they fall off. So sixty minutes of runtime would be really cool and then just to see what this thing can do you I found a way to try to do a speed test. Now. My phone is an iPhone 7, so I’m, not really sure exactly how much weight that’s gon na take away or add to the car and then take away from the speed but it’s. The only real means that I have of being able to actually do like a speed test, so I’ve got it actually downloaded here and I’ve got it strapped with a zip strip on my car, so we’ll see how fast that goes.

Music. It looks like this one we’re just shy of seven miles per hour, so not the greatest performance overall from a vehicle that’s will so over 12, but I’m gon na try to do the calculation between what the added weight of my phone had as far as an Effect on the actual max speed of the of the car all right, so I tried a couple different ways of testing up the speed, so I had actually attached my iPhone to the car, which added a decent bit of weight and threw the Speedway off so I’m. Gon na peak somewhere on like seven miles per hour, and then I tried a radar gun style which I didn’t get video of. Just because I was, I was kind of trying to see exactly what I could get in terms of a decent measure of speed. And so with that one, it actually looked like it tracked somewhere at just at 11 miles per hour, so it gets pretty close to the max speed. But given the fact that says, 20 plus kilometers per hour, I’m gon na be a little bit more tough on this one. So I’m, actually gon na write this one as as more of a 3 out of 5. I think that with that, coupled with the fact that it does get a little bit glitchy, especially as you get somewhere in like the forty foot range away, then it ends up and that’s, not that’s, not all that far for for an RC car.

So with that, it ends up starting to lose actually where it’ll lose the ability to then steer left and right and it’s just one of those things where that can become problematic. Not that you’re gon na be trying to drive this next to a car and it ends up getting crushed, but just if it, if you’re driving this is some sort of an object, that’s problematic. That could be something where the car ends up getting lost or damaged. So that’s really the big down factor here in terms of that one. So three out of five, I think of that’s, fair it’s, not a bad price. I mean, I think, it’s a really good kids toy, but as far as something I would say, I was hoping that it would just it would seem faster. So the little RC car that I had before, actually just it looked like it, moved really fast. So I’m gon na try to find that one and see if I can actually get that one pick it up and then record that one just to show exactly how fast I was, but like this video. If you end up liking these RC reviews I’m actually liking. These I was a huge RC fan as a kid. This is something that I just I love taking them apart. I love the styles of them. I just I loved that just that feel yeah there’s. Something about that. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s super exciting, like this video, if you like videos like this comment down below, if your an RC fan like myself, do also remember to click that subscribe button.

Subscribers have been going up and with this slight change in direction, slight addition to the channel I’m really hoping that that’s, something that helps out with the channel just to kind of offer a little bit more of a broad spectrum, especially since I’m. A dad, that’s kind of with you know, as far as part of this channel that’s been what channel has been about as as focusing on on fitness and lifting, and it hasn’t quite been Family Fitness, it’s kind of been a lot of just me as a dad. So I mean do remember to click the subscribe button.