We do some cool things every once in a while today, as you can see, ive got new products setting in front of me and i test a lot of products and most you know a good bit of them. I think theyre decent products, but i dont get overly excited about them. This one im a little bit curious about it. Its got my attention, so this is a amarillo. I hope im pronouncing that correctly and i was contacted by them and asked to give this a review. And after i read the statistics on it and things i was girl. I i think im going to have to now. It says it does 50 to 70 kilometers per hour and runs two to three s and to get a what we call a budget friendly rc that runs 3s is kind of uncommon, its thats thats, something really really nice to see. So it comes with oil filled, shocks, steel, dog bones and aluminum chassis nylon tail. So that should be able to take a good beating without breaking and says powder differential and main drive. Shaft, which im just guessing, is just a steel differential and drive shaft and factory assembled racing car. So i guess the thing to do would be to get this out of the box and there it is. This thing comes packaged really nice. You get this great big bag of accessories and all your parts which we will get into momentarily your radio and theres.

The nylon tail theyre talking about were gon na pull that out real quick, because thats gon na have to be installed before we start driving and it comes with instructions on how to install the tail. Pretty simple looks like a couple of uh phillips head screws which theyve included in the bag, theres four of them and its good nylon tail pretty flexy we like to see because these buggies do bounce and the spoilers are known to take a heck of a hit And we move on to the car, as you can see, it is an aluminum chassis and it looks very nice. Youve got like your normal nylon, plastic arms, uh, adjustable turn, buckles, pretty good. Looking body, i really like that. Color scheme the orange and the blue stands out pretty good, like some decent oil filled shocks, lets set her down and lets give it a plop test. Oh, i think that might have passed yeah from the side. Man that thing just splats. I love it well lets take that off and have a look. It looks like we also have aluminum shock towers and look at that big old 550 mode. Aluminum heat sink thats, a nice shiny silver, can looks like we have an aluminum motor mount plate. This would be our esc, receiver, combo and just on and off there, and it looks like it gives you optional spots for led lights. If you want to add those later, oh – and we have a nice three wire servo, this can be changed out, and this is the nice three wire too uh, not like some of the other ones, ive seen that have a different plug.

This is the the plug. You want and like the servo saver is in the bell crank. I do believe. Yes, it is, and metal diff cups. This is looking to be pretty good. These tires are a medium to soft compound, so i bet theyre going to hook up pretty decent on most surfaces. They stress that they would really like to see a speed test out of this and im happy to oblige were going to do it in 2 and 3s. You have a deans connector, move that over to the side and well get to the radio, got your instructions for beginners, but you have your steering rate to adjust. How far your wheels can turn your steering trim your thought, throttle, trim and both of your reversings and here would be your power switch. I said these are kind of an odd shaped radio, but theyre surprisingly comfortable ive ive got another one of these. A nice little foam grip on it and just three 1.5 volt double a batteries and youll be going. Oh, how about that accessory bag? So there it is, and you get quite a bit most times. Youll come with. You know youll get your little wrench in your keys and maybe some spare hexes and a shaft or two, but this has included a optional front, bumper, with a big foam pad for impacts, and i do believe that this is a great optional part. Buggies, like this are known to hit the front wheel and split the front bulkheads or the arms.

You also get a pretty decent little screwdriver, your normal wheel, hex and a spare set of body pins, always handy and your battery. You get this nice 7.4 volt, 1800. Milliamp lipo now it does advertise 3s, but it comes with a 2s only youre going to have to get the 3s on your own, but not a bad way to start off with that. Okay – and it also includes a spare set of these wheel – washers they use on the outside and a spare set of hexes and a full set of wheel nuts. So they are really hooking you up with spare parts, and it looks like you have a set of front and rear a arms along with the pins and the nuts to install them. What theyre, pretty much saying is if it breaks theyve got you covered at least for a little while, and it looks like it gives you one uh one of each style of the dog bones as well. Then you get your just basic usb charger. It just plugs into the balance port and plugs into whatever usb device you have will work off of just about anything uh, the one thing they did with this, as when they included this screwdriver, they actually based the car around it. If you look, all of these screws are phillips head and this being kinda targeted for people to get into the hobby. Everybody has a phillips head. Screwdriver, not everybody has a full hex head set of metrics so that that was kind of smart planning on their thought.

That means you know all of their parts are going to work on phillips, head and everybodys, got that so theyre going to be able to work on their own stuff right off the rip and looks like a pretty decent set of instructions. Full explosions and full parts listings, and it even tells you how to tear your tires apart and then it also gives you your instructions on how to get your model up and running, but no need for that, because well take care of that when we get it Out on the field, so speaking of that lets get this thing out and rip it and just see how it performs. Okay, we have made it out to our destination and we are ready to test this thing. Ive got the stock 2s in it now, but we will be putting a 3s in it after we run it around. For a little bit on 2s got ta see what it does on 3s out here. So i guess all i can say is sit back hold on and lets rock Applause. Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, okay, so i think this is going to finish up our review. That was on 3s and man. Its almost too much to control on 3s out here 3s is definitely meant more for the road than the dirt. The dirt ive got the uh steering dual rates almost down to nothing. This is all the further the steering wheels moving thats it ive got turned down to that much.

This is how much it can move here. We turn the gain up all the way, so i had it dialed down considerably, but this is just my personal opinion, but this things a winner all day long its got a ton of power. It handles great 2s, 3s metal chassis, metal turn buckles a decent set of tires, a good looking body on it, 550 motor its its really good oil shocks, its just a little monster, and i really like it so im. Definitely gon na be leaving a link for this. So if you want one of these little bad boys go check it out this little things awesome remember to smash that like on your way out – and i will catch you on the next video Applause. One last little side note: if youre running 3s, you see how swollen this battery is and thats a 45c. I ran this for about 15 minutes non, stop and i i may have ruined it. It is super hot to the touch still and ive been done running for a while. So if you do run 3s in this little beast, keep in mind its gon na really possibly swell up your battery.