I should boy I’ll join with another video tutorial. I hope y’all having a fantastic day, so I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people asking. Is there an easier way to type in the eternal TV m3u list, URL or playlist? Url on a fire stick or android box, they said you know. Some of them are even using a full keyboard like that which is very convenient, but sometimes you just want to simply copy and paste. You know when you’ve got a very, very long, URL or something you just want to simply copy and paste. You don’t want to set there in HTTP and type in the full thing right. I have a solution it’s for Android TV, so fire sticks, Android TV OS. Just regular Android boxes everything I’ve thrown this on so far it does work for so, hopefully it works on your devices. Will please comment down below. Let me know how this works for you, but it’s. A phenomenal app we’re gon na head over here to the Google Play Store alright and you want to type in Android TV, remote control. Alright, so we’ll do that at the top I’ll just search Android remote, alright, and it pulls it up the very top one. There Android TV, remote control, select that for me, we’re gon na install that we’re gon na open that up you’re going to accept the Terms you’re going to press continue, you’re going to allow access to this devices, location, alright and I’m gon na cover it up now, Because my IP address of my device does show up on my phone, so I can’t.

Let you see that, but all you’re gon na have to do see. If I can do this, you see that there it says shield click that or whatever device you want to connect it to I’m gon na click on shield, okay, one second, alright, it’s gon na give you a code on the screen. As you can see, let me let me clear that up for you, there you go, it gives you a little code on the screen. It says enter the following code on your Motorola g5 or whatever device you’re using, and it gives you a four digit code. You’Re gon na come over here to your phone let’s. Do this there you go and we’re gon na simply pair it. Ok, so I’m gon na type. In that code, again oops, I let it timeout so I’m gon na hit my device on my phone again, because I waited too long. So it’s gon na give me a different code, now I’m gon na type in that code. That code is eight five capital B letter three and then you simply hit pair boom. Look at that at the very bottom of the screen. It says my Motorola has successfully been connected. Now I have a phenomenal Android remote look at this. You got your back button at the bottom. You’Ve got a home button in the middle pause play off to the side. You’Ve got a microphone there towards the top click that microphone for me by the way and it’s gon na ask access to your Android TVs, audio press allow this does work on fire sticks as well.

Oh sorry, it’s already see it’s already searching for stuff. There. I’Ll hit I’ll hit my home button on that to get back out of that, but it’s just a pretty phenomenal option and what’s. Also awesome you’ve got your option over there to the left. You can do touchpad or d pad so, depending on your device, you can do touchpad, look at that or d pad, which is this and just look up snappy. This is look. You can kind of look at the response on the on the on the TV there. Let me try to see if you can see see. I mean it’s literally that fast over here to the right. Is your full keyboard see if you can zoom in on that there we go, so you can copy and paste right into that. So let’s just say: I’ve already got something copied I’m gon na long press on it and paste, and there you go that’s how you simply copy and paste. So if you’re in perfect player, for example, all you would have to do is select your keyboard in the top right hand corner when you’re in perfect player copy your playlist URL or EPG URL from the eternal TV website. Of course you want to enter in your credentials and then you just simply come over here and paste it right in and then press Enter and then that’s it that’s as simple as it is man, but I you know me personally.

I just like having this as an extra backup. You know I lost my little skinny remote that comes with my arm. Nvidia shield. This is a great little option to have also for firestick users. You know this is just a phenomenal way if you lose a remote, and this is still connected – you’ll be able to use this now they’re. Also for firestick users. There is an a fire remote app as well, but for me personally, I actually like this a lot better than that so that’s all I got for you, man um. I hope you guys joy. Let me know how this is working out for you. I mean it really is snappy. Just look how fast I can move around the screen. I mean it’s, pretty awesome, you know what let’s go search for a movie let’s go in here to terrarium and I’m gon na use the voice search option scroll over there to the search. So you can use the keyboard on mobile devices, so you can actually use your phone to type it in to type in the very long title or something so let’s do you can type it in or you can hit your microphone button there Titanic boom show it Up right away, and there we go so it’s, just a phenomenal option to have um. I mean I’m really, I’m, really loving. This is just look. How simple and easy it is it’s got some pretty good ratings too, on Google Play Store there’s a few more that you can try out in there.

I might try a few more. This is the best one that worked for me for free, absolutely free. Ladies and gentlemen, okay, once again, it’s called the Android TV. Let me go back into the Google Play Store real fast it’s right there, the Android TV, remote control, it’s, trying to focus in there you go that’s the one you need y’all, get that bad boy installed. I promise you, you cannot go wrong with it. Like I said it’s, you know if you can’t afford one of these just use what you got. You got an Android device. You got a tablet, you got an Android phone, just install a free app for now. You’Ll. Be good to go, please don’t, forget to like the video make sure you share this video and comment down below. Let me know if you want to see more videos like this I’ve got a lot more videos coming out y’all. Once again, I will be making a YouTube every single day from here on out, so stay tuned help me grow and I’ll grow with y’all.