Today i have a new rc car and i have to say this is getting kind of crazy because there has been a ton of little 1 14th scale. Cars coming out ready to run for you, and now i have one of the cheapest ones that you can get its 75 ready to run, which is uh kind of amazing. It has some pretty hardcore, looking components on here that look like they might handle some jumps out here so were going to test it out here in the bike park. Again, today were going to do some jumps with it im going to give it a full honest review and lets see what we can do, how much fun we can have for 75 dollars. Here we go all right guys. You know the deal lets go ahead and get it dirty here lets clear clear this tabletop, oh perfect, flip nice 114 scale in the house theres a better vertical coming this direction, so this car needs a little bit of vertical to get some real air lets check. It out nice beautiful jumps, so it can totally clear this tabletop. We got going on right here and you know its like so light that its probably would be hard to damage it or pop some links off and again it doesnt. You know its not like overpowered, which is kind of cool its doing just fine, so yeah doing pretty well right now for like 75 dollars for something that jumps like that, not bad its more than the rc car that i had when i was a kid.

So its the car that i had wished for here, we go full throttle. Oh didnt line that one up good still ripping this little monster, itd be fun on the dirt track for sure where you didnt have rocks and everything uh when theres a lot of rocks. Oh nice jump really. Nice jump loving that one really feeling that lets go ahead and uh go over to the wall. Over here lets drive on the wall, big high jump right there, total flip. I may have like popped off some links during that one nope there. She is lets get some of that wall. Action going here on this berm see how much control i got on the berm up and over Music. Some good high end throttle. You know its gripping its its those tires are actually pretty good and im sure this little guy will do some burnouts lets just try a little burnout action. Dont get too close. You get a rock in the face, not bad, not bad. Little twister you get some stickers along with it too, so you can dress it up. How you want i put the orange and the blue ones on mine lets. Lets try this vertical jump right here. This is a pretty good, vert jump it really! Oh nice flip right on top and they give you two wings in the box too, you get a longer wing and i chose to go with the shorter ones. I think the shorter one looks cooler, nice, nice recovery, its so short that it can flip itself back over pretty easy wow.

Really nice tight turns on the berm come from the other direction. Oh back in the jungle over here go little, dude go Music and it does say that it has like water resistant electronics on here. So i wouldnt fully submerge this one like i did one of my other wl toy cars, but this this car could take a little bit of water theres some out here today so and little animal, oh off in the grass little table top jump here, full throttle. Oh way, over really nice. That was a good jump. Its super overgrown in here now suns out nice right now lets do some speed runs real quick. We got still got a pretty good battery going so lets just let this little guy fly there. You go full throttle right now. Ive got this throttle trim like all the way maxed. You know, i would say this things not super fast. This will be a good one for my son to play around with, or somebody younger, its, not brushless, so its its tame tame enough, but wild enough to have fun with and you can still do jumps. But i think the best thing so far is i havent broken it all the other rc cars that ive had so far like pretty much broke them at some point. So lets go back to the jumps get back in some of these vertical jumps here. The way to the top little dude hows it going yeah.

I love this jump right here, so lets go up. Lets get set up for another one: full throttle: nice Music. You know, and its forgiving too, for younger drivers too, like thats the thing about the smaller cars theyre, pretty forgiving, mainly because they dont have they just dont, have a ton of weight to them its, not like a 110 scale, where youre really gon na break stuff. When you mess up a jump, especially on a rocky terrain like this, oregon, can be unforgiving. Thats a nice solid, so the cg on this car is pretty good um. It stays pretty level when it comes off. This almost vertical jump right here, so thats thats, good news. It jumps really well sometimes something with a little less power. Really, oh there we go nice, one, a little less power is going to be a little more forgiving for your bad driving. Essentially, all right lets lets. Do it all right, some good cartwheels, and so at this point my reviews, usually guys like what happens, is we have like some of these links in here popping off at certain points, the links the drive links to the arms are not screwed down by the way. Just looking a little closer thats, just the screw going through to the bottom control arm there and i would say, theres no oil in these shocks honestly, but theyre doing just fine the way they are nice still taking a beating. Nice, oh landed on two wheels there for a second, oh, so im gon na im gon na.

Take it off this drop right here. All right here we go, get lined up, send it oh right on the front, end man! I wish i could land that so much so much like kind of down tilt on that drop for the bikes. All right come on back up, come on back up little dude dont. You wish you had a jump park like this. I want a full flip on this, not without a cartwheel all right guys, so just to let you know that it does say that theres, a brushless version of this one with capped oil shocks, which is cool, metal, drive, shafts and all gear all metal gears inside. But this one is the brushed version. You can get two different versions of it, which is cool, so this ones a 75 version which i think is nice, nice and affordable. Right now, with the the world crashing the economy crashing around us, you can still have fun for a little bit cheaper price, so it doesnt have a full metal bottom on the bottom, like ive, seen with some of the wl toys ones, but then again, thats how They can make this one a little bit cheaper than those it doesnt have all the blinged out parts on it. But what i saw right away was that it did have little tabs on the clips which i, like the body clips or have tabs on it. Thats kind of a you know something that the more expensive rc cars do: theres the brushed motor esc.

Here we have uh deans connector and that that 2s lion pack so its given us a pretty good run time. Right now, i think were at least up to 15 minutes run time on that single pack. So i think i could probably get 20 minutes out of that battery running around the park here and doing some jumps no damage today in this review at all so watch the other reviews out there. If you want to pick this one up at the link down below you can and uh use my discount code, bg davis 2021 – that ones still good for anything that you get on the channel. I appreciate you watching. Please do subscribe guys and i will see you on the next one.