Look here at my class two vehicle um everything i have currently on the class two uh, throw in a couple parts that i have on the way coming and we’ll even go through and point out the truck see what we’re setting at here. So here we go visually on the outside we’re rocking a very cut up, not the prettiest to me. Rc four wheel drive mojave cab and bed um. You see, i just fully cut off the rear. There took quite a bit out the middle there for the shock towers to come through and very aggressive cuts. I did not pinch a dove um this one. I just went with some extreme cuts, so pretty simple, how’s this body coming off here. I have a very ghetto made uh front mount there and then here in the rear i’m using some g speed body posts through the bed, a couple potty clips there and boom and there it is the ierc grill mounted right there. Just just for some looks to keep it looking good up here on the top we have the g speed g spot um to help for winching some angles there, and some accessories and everything else here that we’ll go over more of the body details here shortly. So what’s, underneath we, my class, is sitting on a g speed: v3 chassis in carbon fiber. There is an odds, glory ignore the wiring mess, i’ve been changing some stuff around and had to move some wires around.

So i haven’t put any of the wire covers or anything else back on, so let’s move our way through here, so first up wheels and tires wheels. These are 1.9 uh wheels. These are boom racing pro build wheels with the red barrel and a carbon fiber face and then tires i’m running uh voodoo og klrs, with uh in red, with halo, white dot, foams in the rear and the halo ultra air down foams. Here in the front move our way in these are ierc v3 sliders. These are in aluminum. These work great with the hard body here also ierc single bar rear bumper there and an ierc uh three bar bull bumper here in the front, so moving our way further. In suspension i’m running traxxas modified big boars 2660s with 3d printed, no preload spring cups with lows and may t spritz around orange in the rear pink here in the front underneath links, high clearance, links, uppers and lowers these are actually club. 5 racing links. Club 5 racing husky links. They are links that i installed first, when this was back in the day when it was just an rtr trail. Walker and they’ve just stayed with the build whole time. I haven’t had the need to change anything out yet moving in right. Here front and center we’re rocking the team garage hack, too low transmission. It has the very sleek nice lightweight, low profile, design transmission there and comes in some beautiful anodized colors and also has a built in has built in 30 overdrive to the front axle, which was just huge for that, which is huge improvement and performance.

Upgrade there um motor here, esc, we’re, running a uh homes, hobbies uh, crawmaster, pro 13t brush motor and the homes br xl, esc, um i’m running a three brothers rc overlander winch here and three brothers, rc g14 servo. I do run this. My class 2 is running on 4s. Both servo and winch are running on direct 4s power. It is still currently brushed. It will be going brushless here soon. If you see the announcement through boserc is introducing a new kratos motor, which is a 10 pole, sensor, brushless motor, so as soon as that’s available. That will be the new power plant here paired with mamba x. So then servo mount i’m using the g speed, lay down server mount here and the g speed multi point panhard. Then i have a couple g speed square spacers here and then here in the rear, how i was attaching that body. These are the g speed body post mounts bolt in right there, nice on the side, then moving on uh axles. I have a single piece ar 44 axle here in the rear and in the front this is a bit of a mismatch um. This is an ssd house diamond housing, axle with element sea hubs and knuckles um. I just chose to maintain the behind the axle steering when i was going when it was from when it was still an element uh to when i started changing the housing. So here on the knuckles, these are the ssd weighted knuckles here for the element so and it’s just doing good.

I, the behind the axle steering’s worked well for me um and i like it does you know, open up open up some right here, right in front of the axle, so chose to maintain and retain that out that aspect of the element build, which is something that I really enjoyed and do like a lot um here’s, my goodo made body unicorn body mouth there. That was just a scx. I was trying to figure out how to mount hard by its time with what i had. So i just took a a brace here from an scx 10 drilled hole right in the middle drilled, a hole in it, put a larger set screw and used the proline screw caps to hold the body down. So that is my class too. So let’s talk about a little more in class. Two and let’s go over some points. Let me put the body back on all right, so let’s go over um some skill points here on class 2 and a little bit of some of the rules down below. I will link sorca down below. There is at the top a general vehicle guideline, um general vehicle details that and go with all classes, specific all classes and what’s allowed i’m just going to touch base on the class 2, specifically so class 2, specifically minimum height the body and cage work must be At least four and a half inches tall, it must have a front bumper and the front bumper has to be outside the frame rails.

It cannot be inside the frame rails, there’s, some on full rail chassis and tires maximum tire. Size is class 2, but tire modifications are allowed. So you can custom your lugs group your tires or swipe uh psych your tires body modifications. You can have two of three: you can dovetail the rear. You can have both sides or pinch the front. Just two of three truckies are allowed and they have their own rules here and flatbeds as well. So moving on down to scale points, what am i setting out here? So first up uh hard body section. I do have a full hard body, cap and bed, so that gives me negative 12. uh next down uh drop bet. That is another negative. Three points. Moving down, um custom, no custom, hard body. I do not uh inner fenders nope two bed, flatbed headache: rack roll bar truggy, two frame, rigid panels, exo cage, none of that sliders. I have metal sliders, so that is negative. Three for the pair, so another three there bumpers, um metal bumpers are negative three each. I have metal front and rear so six points, and then you can gain an additional one point for a stinger grille guard. I do have the grille guard there in the front, so that gives me another one. That’S gon na fall, um fabricated, 3d shock mounts no uh roof rack um, it is not installed, it is currently shipping shipped and on the way i have a custom metal, roof rack coming so we’re going to go ahead and add that for a metal roof rack, It is two points and a plastic one: a plastic roof rack would be worth one no light bar interior.

I do have a full um interior it’s, currently not installed. We have the dash piece firm for the mojave cab there. I have a 3d printed uh flooring and bench seat and half a driver there, so full interior bench, so one seat for negative three and then um drivers torso up for two and i don’t – have leak springs, not multiple axles, uh chassis mounted, servo that’s. Another five points there for chassis mount servo. I do not have a function transfer case. I do not have a 3d engine, so next up accessories, non functional and functional non functional accessories. You can have a maximum of negative six, and these are one. Each non functioning are accessories that you see on your vehicle, but they’re, not necessarily functional. As far as helping you drive um and get through the course so i’m functional um. I have some wheel hubs. I have a propane tank fire extinguisher gas. Can i have a shovel and a first aid kit and a license plate uh just over six, but max six, so i’ll do six there and next is functional, um negative one, each maximum of eight. So, starting here a winch, i do have a winch and a winch is actually worth two. So we got a winch, then we move back here in the rear. We have uh d rings for three. We have a spare tire mount. We have sand ladders, we have a pull pal, we have a strap and a bungee, so we do have eight.

There so puts my total at negative 51 for skill points for class 2, which was my goal to to hit 50 and we’ve accomplished that so that’s a little bit in depth. Look at my class 2 there coming up next we’ll be doing class 3. Actually class 1 is currently tore apart waiting on some stuff that is arriving within a day or two, so i don’t want to do the video on it until it’s back together. Class 3 is finished, so that’ll be coming up next. So i hope you enjoyed the video if you did hit that like button down below uh, if you’re enjoying the channel like what you’re seeing be sure to hit that subscribe, button follow us along. So, in the meantime, everyone have a good one stay safe out.