This, my friends, is the big rock it’s a lot bigger than my 16 scale. I guess this is around the 10th scale truck, even though it may be slightly smaller, as we’ll get into the dimensions in just a bit. If you want to know what’s on the box, you can just pause the video and read it yourself, but i’m not going to spend a whole lot of time here doing an unboxing. It is a fairly standard, rc truck box. I guess with some horizon hobby branding on it, some armor branding and some marketing materials that you’ll also find on the arma website. Of course, inside the box you’ll find the truck nicely packaged but fairly ecologically just some cardboard and a little bit of protection on the body. Shell there’s a little box in here which holds the receiver. It doesn’t come with any batteries, so you’ll have to go out and buy your own batteries. It’S the standard, sl3 armor receiver that you get nowadays it’s a decent receiver. It will work with small hands and with big hands. It can almost do one handed driving without modifications, but i will probably put some more um foam tape around the little steering wheel to just get that one handed driving a little bit more easily and we got your throttle trim and all those sort of things on There and then, of course, there is the truck itself a little bit of protection on there and, as you can see, that’s pretty much all there is in the box other than some extra little documentation and the worst luck um tool ever so i tried using the Red tool to take the wheels off and i stripped the plastic tool instead of taking the nut off so um there you go.

You’Ll have to buy your own seven millimeter tool to take the wheels off again, as you can see, good old comparison to a 33 centiliter can and it works out really well. The truck is just under 20 centimeters tall and um. If we look at the width it’s about 36 centimeters, it says 14 inches i’m, not really sure how that translates. But when we look at the length of the truck it’s, just under 52 centimeters from the furthest forward, point to the first rearward point now: 52 centimeters times 10. That would give you a 5.2 meter long truck, so i guess it’s slightly smaller than a 10 scale. If we really look at it, because this is, of course, a crew cab and if we look at crew capsule of drugs they’re actually closer to six meters in length in real life. So this is more like 11 12 scale truck, but we’re not going to be nitpicky here. I guess most rc people will just call it a 10 skill, now it’s really wide relatively low center of gravity on these pretty nice foam filled tires with the breather holes. In the tire, instead of in the rim, so if you’re driving it through the wet – and you just get some wheel – spin going, the water will fly out of the foam. The lexan body has four pins and they’re attached with some rubbers to you know not lose your pins, but the pins are incredibly stiff hard to get in and out, and i already snapped one of the rubber thingies to hold the pin in place.

So i’ll have to get replacement for that, but under it you just get a fairly standard tub. You just also get the lexan body, as i said, i think it’s around 11 12 scale, something like that: it’s, not really a 10 scale. If we really look at the numbers, but the this is a matte black finish and there were already scratches on it as i bought it and by now at the time of making this review, it is really scratched up, and then you just get your arm esc. Your arm motor fans on both of those it is all waterproof, although you should probably be somewhat careful and not you know, use it as a submarine, but everything else is basically plastic. Everything’S made out of plastic with this truck the driveshafts are. The suspension is pretty much everything’s plastic now. Is that bad? Is that good? Well, it keeps the weight pretty low down, and it also means that replacement parts are pretty cheap and because the plastic is more flexible, plastic it’s, not very hard plastic. You well, you don’t break a lot of stuff. Now you do get adjustable toe on the front and adjustable camber front and rear no adjustable toe on the rear. I haven’t touched it out of the box yet so it is a ready to run truck and i just ran it as it came out of the box and it’s been fine. So far, i’ve really been enjoying the driving experience.

Now there is one thing about the suspension: this little red collar on top of the shocks just looks super cheap. I don’t know why they went with the like a faded red look, but it just looks really cheap and then on the front. Of course, you get your little skid plate, which is a nightmare to take off if you want to get to the wishbone um it’s, so many little screws everywhere. Everything is just held together with tiny little screws and it does come with these two little l shaped hex keys, but they’re, just too small and just not very comfortable to use and then also by the way in the right front of the vehicle that’s, where your Receiver box is and uh your esc of course, so the bottom old plastic nice little skid plate haven’t, had any issues with that. Yet and yeah i’ve been driving it in very cold temperatures, which i think is probably the best way to check the durability of plastics. So the footage you’re seeing right now it was about about five degrees celsius. I’M. Just doing my first run, this is literally the first time driving this car and um. It was doing all right. I went for a whopping 53 seconds before i crashed it so hard. The camera snapped off um but yeah the driving experience. It is fairly easy to control. Now the remote has three modes: you have a 50 75 and a 100 throttle mode.

The footage you’re looking at right now is in that 50 throttle mode on the 3s50 lipo battery and it’s still really good fun. I think, if you’re just getting into it or like me, if you’re getting into the hobby again after 12 years of not having a big rc truck it’s, a really nice way to get to know it because it is a monster truck. And if you’re in that hundred percent mode using it um on a 3s lipo, it is so powerful so fast that it’s really difficult to control and even in 50 mode. I spent a lot of my time walking towards the truck just to pick it up again and put it wheels down and do some more driving. This is definitely a little down point. I guess compared to what traxxas is offering with the self riding you do have to walk over to your truck and put it rubber side down again, which will be great for your fitness levels with all the hiking you’ll be doing. But it would be nice if arma also had a little button on the remote that you pressed just to get the truck wheel side down again now. I also had a buddy drive it also. He was um most comfortable, i guess in 50 or 75 mode on the power, because this thing is super powerful. You can literally hit the troll and be upside down before you really even know it. It is a really powerful truck.

We’Ll get into speed runs in a bit um, but i also wanted to talk a little bit about maintenance and all that sort of stuff. So i don’t really like the build on it. It’S pretty good build quality, but it takes so long just to get to some basic parts of the suspension, for example, to get the dust out to try and clean it. I’Ve been doing basically most of the driving in the snow at about minus three to minus five degrees celsius and the drug just gets really dirty because you’re not only picking up that snow but you’re, also picking up just the sand underneath and because it’s wet sand. It just clogs to everything, so i really would prefer if it was easier to clean this truck um. The best way for me, as you saw, was just a power drill with a brush attached to it, but the driving itself really good fun. Actually, the truck is fairly stable, it’s fairly easy to keep in a straight line, and it doesn’t flip over in a straight line, but you have to be careful with cornering speeds, even though this truck is now 14 inches or 36 centimeters. I thought it is. I measured wide. You can definitely still roll it, because the tires balloon, which makes the center of gravity go up and then, of course, as the center of gravity goes up, the truck rolls through the corner, even more and here by the way, is a little look of how much Snow gets inside the body.

Work. Armor already has pretty big barge boards to keep as much stuff out as possible and with sand. It does okay, but with snow. It just gets absolutely everywhere and i’ll talk a little bit more about that in just a bit. However, this truck is really fun really fast and it is waterproof so that little bit of snow until it starts melting, really isn’t. A problem. However, as i was going through the snow and you know doing donuts and doing slow speed driving with a lot of steering angle, there was some snow getting caught inside the chassis. Now like everyone once you get a little bit more comfortable driving a truck like this. You want to start jumping it, and so i wanted to start jumping it. I tried some natural jumps and some natural gaps that was doable, but it wasn’t really great as a new guy to this sort of rc stuff trying to get into jumping and balancing the vehicle through the air. I find the vehicle pretty easy to balance, but it’s, not the easiest thing when you’re brand new to it and suddenly you have all that power and, as i was doing, all these slow speed runs through. You know my garden and just messing around doing silly. Donuts that’s, where i really noticed that a lot of snow was getting inside the body of the vehicle now i’ll demonstrate that in just a little bit. But basically there are holes in these barge boards so that your steering arms can come through and the hole on.

The left side is a lot bigger than the hole on the right side and, as a result, you get a lot of snow and ice and other dirt in there, and it completely locks up your steering, and what i had quite a lot is the steering was Just locked turning full lock to the left and i couldn’t get out of that full lock until i completely defrosted the vehicle, and then i added a little bit of tape, because the hole is too big really for the amount of steering arm movement in there anyway. With the car clean again dried again did some speed runs the highest speed i got out of this truck was 77.5 kilometers an hour on asphalt and then on snow. I was getting like 52 on rough terrain through the snow, so it’s definitely really fast. For just a 3s truck, especially for a larger version of the granite, which is also a 3s truck, so i’m, really impressed with the performance one little thing i had was, of course, the rubber for the little hook snapping off and i also broke the left front. Wishbone from just hitting a tree stump, i think, is because these things stick out of the ground a little bit. You don’t really see them, and so you just smash into those things at 50ks, an hour and that’s, really where i noticed that fixing this truck isn’t really as easy as i would like it to be anyway, guys that was it for me today.

I want to do a lot more footage and a lot more videos about this truck as the weather gets better or warmer, so i don’t snap parts as easily um.