I normally do rc car stuff and occasionally i’ll put in some outdoor activities like camping and biking in there in today’s video i’m. Going to give you a quick comparison between these two on the left. I have the maverick quantum mt flux which is made by hpi on the right is the armor big rock crew, Music cab, Music, Music Applause? Music. Both of these are absolute fun trucks to play with, if you’re like myself and been in a hobby for a while. This video probably won’t, help you much. This video is more geared towards the beginner hobbyist who’s, looking to buy their first rc car, or maybe a second one, but they’re still relatively new, and they want something more powerful and they don’t know if they want to spend 200 on this one or 320. On the arma for that, you came to the right place, and hopefully, after this video it will help you make a good decision. All right, let’s get cracking first. We start the maverick real quick compared to the armor. When you open the box, the maverick smells so much better. It had the armor beat in the smelling department, it has a very nice sweet new rc car smell to it, and if you guys know me, i love the smooth smell of rc cars. The maverick comes in this color and also comes in a different, more gray. Color. Both styles are pretty much very flashy and colorful.

The maverick quantum also comes in a stadium truck version. It also comes in a brushed version, and recently they came out with the plus, where it’s slightly bigger and has a couple upgrades in there. They also release a maverick with upgraded parts in there, such as the new hd axles, which i’m going to get to in a bit and the 80 amp esc, and this one it comes with 30 amp esc, a 3300 kv. Brushless motor has a heat, sink metal gear servo. The arms are pretty much very similar from the front and back it comes with transmitter that normally you see on maverick cars, they are pretty good. I have no complaints but also have endpoint adjustments, so you can adjust the speed of the car overall, not a bad transmitter comes with really bar, so the tires are pretty versatile. The only thing i don’t like about it is the orange rim and that’s just personal preference. It has a ding connector. This car does take 3s lipo, which is pretty awesome for 110 scale. 200 budget rc car. It has pillow ball suspension. Oil filled shocks. Body is plastic threaded, but the cap is aluminum. You got adjustable toe links. The chassis is raised up, which is typical for monster truck they’re, both four wheel drive. It runs with a steel shaft and i don’t believe this one has a slipper clutch overall it’s, fairly durable. If you drive it normally, but if you bash it hard, then you’re gon na start running to some issues.

So, in terms of durability, i have to give the edge to the armor. Once i start taking on bigger jump, i start damaging the rc car. The stuff that i’ve broken in the past is body post. They snap off but they’re long enough for me to trim it off and i’m able to reuse it again, so i don’t have to buy new ones. However, i did break the shaft off in the front bent this one. I also bent an axle and in the back i did bend the one on the right and it’s an easy fix, it’s a very minor bench. I could probably hammer back in place. Putting this hpi did come out with upgrades for this. They are called hd, axos or hd universal shafts, where you get the whole set. I think i’m going to get those it’s about 22 dollars for two. So if i change it, i was about 40 something dollars for set uh the exos are about. If i remember correctly, maybe 12 or 13, they are distributed by hrp, which is hobby, recreational product. You can go on their website and you can order the parts there and a lot of times. They have a good coupon code where you can get some discounts. This is where i bought this from. I did use one of their coupon codes, so i did get this under 200, but the street price is about 200. I would consider the new options that they have with upgraded parts already with big esc in there and it’s a pretty good deal so nice budget car good value very fun to play with and now let’s jump over to the armor.

A big rock, like i said before, the big rock is about 220 dollars. It does have a cooler meaner, look to it a darker tone, very simple color, but it looks really good. In my opinion, it has a more mature look, whereas the maverick is scared towards. Maybe younger crowd or people that just like flashy stuff, so for me i would choose the look of the armor over the maverick, because i do think it looks better. It comes with the blue tires, which are pretty good. It does slide a bit on third, but it’s, not bad for batching. I have this guy open. The original connector is the ic5, but i did change it out to xc90 because of all my other. Batteries are xt 90s. The shaft on this are plastic and there’s. Actually a spring load in here where you push it in and you can pop it right out. It has adjustable camber and toe links on the armor. It uses a plastic telescopic, universal shaft i’ve had this on the titan 3s and never had issues with the shaft on that one. For the shock on the first generation, one uh, which is the type 3s that i have. I did have some leakage on that one, but they said they fixed it for this version, so hopefully there’s no issues so far, there’s nothing on the version one. I did have some durability issues. I had some electronics go out on me and some weak points.

They did fix this one pretty good. I recently i did break the front arm on this, but it’s totally a pretty bad crash. It ran into a log head on, but i don’t think many cars would survive that i did change out rpm arms, which is good because with armor you do have options to get rpm parts for this on the maverick uh to make the arms a little bit Stronger, i did boil them to soften up a little bit to give it some more flex. I did break an arm earlier, but that was my fault for running into concrete. I forgot about this right here, but ever since i boiled and put these new arms in there, i haven’t had issues yet servo is metal gears. It has 100 amp esc on the armor. It comes with a heatsink also with the fan and also comes in really bar. You know, under the chassis it’s more like a flat design, and this chassis is very similar to the typhoon 3s that i have they have the granite, which is shorter, real base. The reason why i put these together because they’re similar in size and they’re almost the same category they’re both brushless and they are monster truck and they pretty much consider the budget line. Because armor has a 6s version and maverick has the hpi line, such as the bullet? The armor comes from spectrum transmitter. This one has a steering dual rate and also in the back, you can adjust the speed from 50 75 to 100.

Both transmitter takes 4.8 batteries. Armor recommends a hard pack for this, and, since i don’t have a hard pack that is a 3s and there’s some area that sticks out that can actually damage your soft pack battery. I put a little bit of foam here. These are double sided tape and also wrap the battery up with this foam to give it some protection. When you look at the shock tower here, it’s very standard style, your shock tower and the shocks just bolt right onto it, with the body mount right here and on the armor. The shock actually goes in the tower here and with the body post. It seems like this design actually is more prone to breaking than the armored version. I haven’t measured the top speed they’re, both really fast on 3s, but i do believe that the armor might be slightly faster than the maverick in terms of jumps at the dirt track. You can see that the armor does have more raw power to propel up in the air, a lot quicker and it does start up higher in the air in terms of control they’re both pretty easy to control in the air handling wise. They both really good for maintenance, i’m gon na say the maverick is slightly easy to work on, because it’s more conventional armor. On the other hand, they try to make it more simple. They have a pretty cool design, however, taking off the module can be a little difficult.

Sometimes it can get stuck and you need to do some work to it and also arma has very strong loctite. So if you do work on armor, i suggest getting a torch. Maybe from harbor freight or menards just a couple bucks – and it comes in really handy when working on an armor, especially if you got the pinion or any metal parts or screws stuck to it and in the park supports department. I give the edge to arma armor at this moment is more established in the united states, and it seems like armor is more of a powerhouse. So if you go to many hobby shops, you’ll most likely get more in person. Support and part supports from arma, even though i have experienced all my parts being delayed and had to wait a bit maverick with the whole hpi fiasco is making a comeback, but they’re still gaining traction in the us. So at this moment, armor gets the edge, even though i don’t have the new version on hand. I haven’t tested it with the adm esc and all the upgrades. But what if somebody asked me if they want to buy a car right now, should they go for the new upgraded version which is 70 less than armor, or should they just go for the big rock? At this moment? I still feel that armor is the better package and i would personally spend extra 70 to get that, but at the end of the day you can’t really go wrong with either one they’re.

Both super amazing, alright guys. Thank you very much for watching this video. I hope this has been informative and helpful. Please feel free to comment below and hit the like or thumbs down button, either way. I’M glad you guys came in, and i really appreciate your support until next time.