What you got here. We got the felony here and we got the mojave right here. We’Ve been doing some hot laps around a parking lot. We’Ve been doing some on road bashing. With this car and a little bit of off road bashing with the mojave, we now invite you to take a look at the felony it’s, a 1 7 scale vehicle capable of about 85 miles an hour. We have the lower gearing right now, which puts it about 65 miles an hour and it is powered by 6s lipo we’re using gens ace and it has an assortment of hobby wing motor esc and the new vxr radio. That which is very good – and this is a successor to the Music arma infraction which, which is made waves and it’s one of the most stunning street cars available today: Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, uh, Music do Music, so Music, so Music. So, Music, Applause, Music, so so Music. So this car here retails for 650, where you can buy it on a main link down below. Under the hood, we got a 20 50 kv motor by spectrum and the 150 amp esc, also by spectrum both come with a stock motor stock fan for both components and a spectrum. I think 15 kg servo, 15kg servo and what kind of batteries you’re running right now i’m running: uh 3s lipos by jens ace, the 5000 milliamp hour, 45c discharge rate.

So this vehicle really likes two 3s batteries huh, you can’t! You don’t really want to do a 6s just for balance, and what do you think of the gensei’s batteries? These are the best batteries that i’ve owned, they’re very durable and they hold a lot of charge and they they take a beating on my on my bashers, especially the tires are the hoons d boots um the ones in the front are, i think, 100 ml millimeters And the ones in the rear are 107, so the ones in the rear are slightly bigger than the front, so the gearing for the rear diff is substantially um. I think geared lower or higher than one crash today. One crash today, first crash no damage there. You go thanks.