Man finally got some lights on my armor granite: 3s. V3. 110 scale. Brushes. This thing is sick man. You guys got to check out those videos. I’Ve done with this thing on road and off road speed test it’s, pretty sick. This thing is one awesome vehicle, but i’ve been getting a lot of requests from people who want me to do another tutorial on how i put lights on these vehicles. All right, as you guys know, i put lights on all my vehicles, man, whether it’s a boat helicopter tank car truck. I do it all, you know what i’m saying first reason is. I want to be able to drive my car after the sun goes down. It’S kind of unfortunate that you know as soon as the sun goes down the fun’s over, so that sucks the number one reason because it looks sick. I love lights on these vehicles, all right, so stick around guys. I’Ll show you guys how i put these lights on Music all right. So this is what you need guys you need wire. All right. 22, gauge wire is what i use all right: um light bulbs, all right, i’ll leave a link where i get these bulbs from these things are dirt cheap, all right, um, you need um glue, gun and soldering iron and you need heat shrink and let me see We’Ll get into that all right. So, first of all you know you get your rc, you figure out.

You know what you want. What lights do you want on the front? The back the side? I usually go with these ones at the front. All right, they’re like these, these are like wedges from cars all right, so what i usually do is i take this off like that. I see that i take it off like that all right, so i determine which one is the positive or negative. By connecting a battery to it, i don’t have them right now handy, but i connect the battery to it and i see which one is positive or negative. So i mark that all right. So then, what i do is i cut it. It’S already marked so what i would do is i put some hot glue inside there. Sometimes i leave this on. You know, but it depends so i put some hot glue inside there and then this will stay, because this thing moves see check that out that moves. So that’s not going to work out too well if it moves out – and you want it to look just like that all right. So then i solder wire this wire, you guys don’t, know how to solder uh practice all right. So i solder the positive and the negative on the positive negative and i put some heat shrink on both of them and that’s, pretty much it for how i connect the lights to wires all right. So let me show you on the inside of this thing: oh the batteries on there.

First of all, what i do is i poke holes where i want the lights to go with my soldering iron. All right, then, do a circular motion on all of them and then, when the hole is big enough, i’d test it and then you know i put the bulbs in and i use this sort of a sander. The circular sander thing this bit this drill bit to make the holes smooth all right, so you already have your wires connected already. You soldered it and everything positive negative. So you push it through the hole all right and then you use your glue, gun and glue. The bulbs from the back run all the positives and negatives all of them. I even put an extra light right here, so it’ll beam down inside uh run all the positive negatives, just like the back ones. Here these are red by the way same concept. You take the the cap thing off and run the the wires positive and negative and all meet up here. Positive negatives, positive negatives over there run it through this one jst connector and i added a switch. All right. Switch right here so it’s pretty easy guys. I mean once you’ve been doing it for a while. It gets a lot easier, but uh yeah that’s pretty much. How i do it – and i got these pre wired ones – for the side right there same concept, poked a couple holes circular, motion and that’s it.

So let me hit these lights guys. I’Ll, show you how this really looks in the dark. All right check that out guys pretty cool front check out the rear lights, pretty sick, all right pitch, dark now, that’s, how it looks in the dark front, whoa, nice and check out these rear. Taillights man check that out pretty cool all right, guys, that’s it man, thanks for tuning in thanks for checking out this beast with lights.