First let’s take a look at the transmitter as i’ve seen, photos of them and they don’t look very good, but i could be entirely wrong. They seem sort of like the scx 24 transmitter that i own already same. We know. Well, it feels a lot cheaper. I don’t like that and this body. Well just look at it. It is beautiful. I love the paint scheme Music, the blue is very nice and these tires they’re. Really nice now let’s see what’s in this box. Oh the manual i don’t know where that came from oh there’s, there’s, the exactly right. Okay, now what’s in this box, always cut away from yourself: kids, never cut towards yourself, it’s time to open the box. Nobody knows: Applause, the wall, charger and the way batteries where, where is the excuse me arma where’d? You put the uh what’s the actual battery to the car armor. I really hope it’s inside this, because, if not horizon yeah done goofed, oh yep, they did include in the car that’s a nice touch completely ready to run don’t even need to put the battery in the car boom probably need to charge it. But although i haven’t showed you this, yet all of my cars run off of the traxxas connector, so i won’t be using this pretty hefty battery. And then this is a very nice feature for armature have included. They included this little cushion thing that you just shove in your uh car and you can put a nickel metal hydride battery in there and just push it in push it in and um put it in the wrong way.

You can put it in the wrong way and it won’t go, but put it the right way and you’ll have it snapped back together in no time they included quite the nice receiver right, i must say: there’s three sc module it’s, even nicer than the one. In my latrax pre runner a bit on that soon and uh, i should probably show you the uh. I should probably show you the tires. It includes some shock preload clips, which is a nice touch, and now, if i can get these, we will not send them. Sorry, therefore, i just found out that apparently this includes metal drive, shafts, which is a nice touch. Other guide or horizon sent me something else, and yes, i think god nope i’m, literally about to break my hex. So well, i don’t know what the quality of this is, whether it’s really good or they just put loctite on them. Oh, i got the wheel nut off finally, too long time, but uh let’s, oh it quite nice in the nuts too flanged aluminum ones. Applause copperhead tires nice and supple as kevin talbott would say, with the nice chewy treads not sure if that’s worth it and it comes with shock, preload clips pre installed, apparently, and also with a bit of oil missing apparently too hear that that’s the noise of air. You don’t like that noise, but i mean for for the price, only 100 usd um. You really couldn’t go wrong with this.