It fits perfect now let’s compare these two bodies. You can see. The zitis has a lot of details here. You can see the real light. This is just the painter and the mustangs logo and big engine. I even see the handles and the rvs and there you are let’s, see somebody else for the front and rear legs Applause. This bodies fits the almost perfect. So if you didn’t like the video since the chassis, you can just buy the bodies and put it on your interactions. Okay, the instructions, nothing by the way the interactions has a good design. Here you can see when your tears becomes bigger when the rpm is so high, it will damage it, so there is nothing in the ziti rings. I think this is a perfect design from armas unless good jobs. Applause now let’s compare the chassis. Now here you can see the zd resins. The wheel base is a little bit longer than the armor infractions. Now this wheelbase is 406 millimeters and this may be 4 13. Here you can see the z details is uh bigger than the armas. This is the diameter. Is 105 millimeters now look at the front bumper forms the armas is softer, and this is the body smart, look at the the suspicion towers now this is uh cnc aluminums and these just uh metals fortune metals. By the way, the z ratings suspensions shocks are all metals here at the armas. Here is plastic, and here you can see this is meadows.

This is plastic. This has two bricks. The almost only have one several place several place receivers by the way: um the z business, the motor mount it can’t, rotate like almost to here for some bigger motors, just as the castle 2018. Now this is a drawback and the amas battery tree is larger than the zds, but you can put your batteries in the skirt here just to push and the zities almost is uh. I think the diameter is the seam. Maybe the scene and let’s look at the shafts here. You know the wheelbase is so long, so that is put it to two front and rear, so it is so stable. Now almost we use a bearings here to decrease the vapor readings. I think the zitis is much more better than armas. As for the diffuse, the armas is so beautiful, and this is just uh plastic. So funny, oh by the way. This is also metals here, but almost is plastic metals, so the z cx07 reuse a lot of aluminum, so you even didn’t to upgrade. But here you can see the suspensions here is so soft and it’s amaz. So if you want to modify the ex07 for experience, you must upgrade your experience for the suspensions, and maybe the dog boys let’s open this, so that’s all about the chassis for the two one thousands cars now, thanks for watching.