You ever get asked this at a corner: hey baby. How much or how fast do you go? Well, the armored infraction can answer those two questions at about 600 dollars and with the right gear over 80 miles an hour. Does this mean this hooning truck is worth your cash we're gon na take a look review it and at you ', and see if we can run faster. This one go. What are carefully going to see step one step, one complete nothing caught on fire. No, this big chassis comes in two forms: one and a more speed run focused IndyCar esque body, and this awesome looking pickup truck with a giant wing and a huge front. Splitter simply put it looks freakin amazing, but pickup trucks don't handle. I don't. You knew this, but then the race, cars aren't trucks on purpose, because that flatbed no spawn here without a mic problem, but Kunene is a different thing. Cow Bob taught you that you just drift everywhere. Let'S, take a look at the chassis, and here we go underneath you get a classic eight scale, buggy layout with the more ford motor they may call it mid motor but that's sort of on the front to me. Putting that traction up front. First thing: you're gon na notice, is a giant like 308 millimeter, red aluminum, brace going down the middle that's to add stiffness and help from stopping you bending the thing in half, because when you're gon na crash and you're gon na crash it's gon na take some Safety measures like that big, bumper and a brace and a couple Hail Marys and whatever you want to pray to to stop it from breaking cuz.

It goes fast and it doesn't have a lot of grip. But looking at the chassis you get two battery locations, you can do 4s or 6s. Big boys do six s4. As you know, you know we get it, you can't do it, but it accepts either one of the cooler things that you'll notice and we'll show this a little bit later is out the rear yard giant splitter that gt3rs or like a Japanese drifter, would be proud To have or embarrass to have, depending on how you look at it, but it's got all the good stuff. Looking underneath and it's fast and just a quick rundown of some of the other features, you got cv DS in the front or dogbones in the rear. Three divs: 10k. 100K. 10K. We did notice that the rear diff on ours was very tight. I don't know if it was bound up or too much oil, but something to look at just make sure the dips feel smooth. They shouldn't bind and kind of be positraction. Anyway, except for the center diff that's kind of what you want, I always read things about aerodynamics and what speeds they're active, but on RC cars we've always felt that there's a dramatic effect of wings and spoilers and little canards on stuff. When we're not going 150 miles an hour, the bottom of this chassis has aero channels, which also just look cool to look at on the bottom, but a giant rear splitter that should suck the rear end down and give you traction.

So it also looks like you're part of Wolverine. So if you want to scratch somebody's face, you got a little weapon. If you need it, a big weapon, it's 17 scale because it's longer a lot of things. Look plastic is a painting black, like the shock towers, but the aluminum shocks look pretty in there and read out on all red Reds pretty high. Like you adjustable collars threaded body, not a lot of travel. If you look, you can only see maybe a millimeter of travel which, in terms of them claiming this, can go off road. I don't know an off road car that only has one millimeter travel or 15 millimeters of ride height, but hey. If you go off road, you know it's gon na, be my mistake. Plastic cap, you know not too you're gon na upgrade that one cuz you blow that off. If you hit too hard, otherwise suspension is a little stiff suspension. Bits are all pretty beefy bendy plastic. So it's made for more durability than performance. I get aluminum hubs, some camber adjustments and droop adjustments, but you can also see here that you can't really just the droop cuz that's pretty far down. I don't know you get an extra half a millimeter. What do you do? The motor itself giant 20 50 kV motor that can take up to six s 150 M speed control. You get a metal spur gear, that's why you can hear it's pretty loud it's, not that quiet but that's better.

So you know you have to deal with the gear whine from metal gears. You also get that sweet aluminum center of diff diff motor mount obviously that's a motor dummy, but that slides in and out making you hear that feature to do and if you knock it out here's another picture of that brace set up to the front. The steering rack dual bellcrank, all kind of standard stuff, nothing sticking out other than you can just the camber. So you do have a lot of adjustment to help the out of the box handling because that's kind of the one problem. That, I think, is that this car relied too heavily on active vehicle control from spectrum that, without it on it, drove honestly terrible. It goes straight. It doesn't want to turn and then, when it turns and wants to spin out, even with a pro driver, not me that other dude in there, that was weird he's, technically a pro driver and he didn't even look that great. So not knocking anybody. But the tires. A little hard too, but again this is built to go 80 miles an hour and straight saying it can do. Two things is sign kind of a stretched. Throwing an off road is even dumber to me, but hey you can go off road. We obviously did you see its off road all the time, because it spun out into the grass, and if you have enough momentum like some through that grass you can buy here, just don't have to pull it in three.

Oh, they told you to be fair. This should have been tested in a giant empty parking lot, which is really ugly for photos and video. You just see a dot drive by you. We tried something a little bit more fun sort of to mimic a racetrack or something that you would hoon in through cities or a warehouse or on a dock or where else can did it. But in the end, it kind of just exposed some of the downfalls of the handling this car, that is very thick tacky, like you, can see it just wanting to drift all the time. But when you watch it with me, who is a more of an average driver, you have to really flick it to get it to turn and then it's a little more unstable and you have to rely on active vehicle control again. I really think that this car probably was undriveable without it, and I do remember meeting someone in that industry that once said this is going to allow us to release cars that are undriveable. So you can see we're fixing the splitter. We did bend it to better for high speed. You can take it off, but you're gon na ruin the body more it's. There it's a cheap piece of plastic, so it's expendable. We broke it. Matt broke it first, he's gon na blame me or a liar, but there's a lot of donuts you can do. You can also get it to go straight and tune this thing.

The body is a downfall and the straight line again. A pickup truck is the ideal model for high speed, runs or you're handling, because it creates lift and that's. Why that giant diffuser in the back is smart, it's gon na try to suck that rear end down, but still as we hide some of the flaws of things, was this fun the answer? 22? Yes, even in this dumb RV park, you know that's an RV Clark. It was fun and I wouldn't say that wouldn't buy it. You know under thousand bucks, you have an insane speed, run car drifting car, not an off road car, not even close, maybe just slap some off road tires on it. You can get there, but for under a thousand bucks, it's badass, looking it's, we had a good time with it. We didn't really break it. We just broke a splitter awesome job right there. Oh that's me it's, not bad. You know not in its natural habitat capability. Don'T rely on a bunch of yes issue: ' subscribe click, like click clack, clickety clack. Do something support us just watch. The video I don't know send me a letter in the mail. Call me talk to you. I probably won't answer snitches undetected, don't actually fall off. The RC cars magazine out Music, I don't, know if you could say the professional driver. I put it look, you air quotes, let's, go. You broke it first by the way I don't know.

If you knew that. Well, you told me that jumped it I told myself, Music, Music.