So, oh nice, not exactly a landing. We’Re gon na need a big stick. Okay, i hope you stayed safe during that little demonstration of the arma creighton exb 1 8 cruggy buggy. So here it is it’s it’s, not the prettiest it’s, just a little basic little body, but really underneath the hood is is what tells the story. So this is a 6s vehicle, 6s lipo and i chose it. You either get it and ready to run or uh a. What do you call that a roller and they call it exbx extra bash, probably and they’ve stiffened up uh everything you know so these red parts. These are all learning from what they what they experience with the rtr and they just strengthened everything, stiffer chassis, stiffer braces, thicker, chassis and and the likes strength centered it up, and basically the suspension is, i just left it stock and open this. I haven’t changed the fluid yet a little heavier here. It seems than here, but i did put a hobby wing, so you have to put your own motor electronics. So what i have is a hobbywing 4274 with this big esc of hobbywing as well. I just put a basic servo razor star and it seems plenty powerful and running it with a fly sky. Super cool super programmable has a gyro too. If i need, but remarkably, this thing is easy to control, so it’s just so powerful. I think you just need a if you really wanted to balance it out, it’s, so it’s, so torquey like this, that it just wheelies all the time.

You know, if you put some weight here, probably keep that front and down let it go a little faster, but it’s an aerobatic machine, so you’re in mid air. You jam the throttle it’ll loop three times and and a lot of the the best aerobatics in in in our group is done by by these creightons and they land every other angle and whatnot, and they they are so burly they’re, so gnarly how high they go Up in the air they land flat, they land on the lip of the next one and they will usually survive. But, of course, they’re, not indestructible we’ve seen some guys break chassis. One of the things uh happening is since they strengthened everything the the ones that break it’s, putting more stress on the stuff that they didn’t touch. So you know there’s some breakages there, but how much is it it’s, a 470 dollars and what’s really cool is it’s in stock right now at our partner amane, and this is probably the way to go that way. You have your own motor super controller, your own servo, and you know you get to fulfill the mission of this vehicle and definitely run it 6s. Oh, absolutely you! You don’t, want the rod ready to run because it’s got the no good radio uh. The new spectrum has improved, but you know any other any seventy dollars will get you a a pretty decent radio, but you know enjoy the footage.

We will have a lot more on this. You know where we, our arts review, started in crawlers, but we’re definitely gon na play with with fast cars, because because why not it’s, just good to rotate right, rotate the love but talk about badass? This thing is gnarly all right. Thanks a ton Music, Music.