This is kind of a little follow up. Video um, those of you that didn’t maybe watch the live stream or the live stream. Video um recently, we finally got the outcasts fixed up here and now. We’Re gon na take this out for a quick test in the back here and also got the creighton 4s fixed um. Both of these had bad esc’s um, two different problems, um, so just to kind of. Let you guys know if anybody out there is having these similar issues um. This might be a problem. The outcasts, you know – and you guys are watching some of the videos from the summer time um saw that i was having a lot of problems with the outcast with servos um. I think this was a problem that started then um that was constantly just carried on and got worse. Basically, i kept burning up servos in this thing left and right kept having problems. You know, i’d. Take this thing out for a run or two and the server would die. I was thinking i was just having bad luck with servos having other issues, but i think it all turned out from this problem that basically, what was going on was the esc was outputting. 20 volts um to the receiver and the servo. Instead of the five to six volts that most of the rtr cars are supposed to supply um, you can check that by pulling off the connector um the the cable from your esc to your receiver box um check the block in the red wire.

There should be around five six seven volts right around in there, mine was putting out 20, which was why i burned up the receiver and was burning up servos left and right. So i got the new esc put in this thing. The new servo put in this. So we’re gon na take this off for a quick test and also the creighton 4s. I was having problems with that thing, stuttering and shutting off constantly so we’re going to take that thing for a quick little run and make sure they’re up and running again. So stay tuned, guys we’ll see if these things are actually fixed now all right guys. Well, we got a battery thrown in the outcast here and now we got it on the new um dumbo receiver. Basically, you want to call it um, but basically the main thing is just want to test this thing out here and as soon as she’s working okay, with this front that one front tire is really out of balance on this thing, and this does have the uh Jeez, oh man, that was loud well. The main point of this was to test out, make sure that uh servo’s, actually working transmitter receiver is actually working and uh. Everything seems to be working pretty good, so it looks like we finally got the outcast back up and running. I do get to change out the servo on this thing, though um they sent me one of the old school red ones from the older rtr cars.

I mean they work, but they’re really underpowered and they don’t last very long to say the least, but uh excited finally got the outcast back up and run again, which is awesome. This thing’s been down a while and was having all these other issues. With this thing, with servos dying – and this thing left and right would drive me crazy, but we’re gon na give the creighton for us to test that now. We’Re not gon na make this a real long, video guys, but i just wanted to check all the cars out and see what was uh see if everything fixed them all right guys. Well, we got the creighton 4s out here now. This was the main problem child as far as you know, intermittent weird problems um, you know, after doing a bunch of narrowing down um and testing and kind of process, elimination, it definitely seemed like it was the esc um. This thing would run okay for about. You know anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple minutes um and then it would start stuttering and cutting in and out on me and eventually just completely shut down. So definitely gon na. Take it up here and give it a few good runs see. She’S gon na hold together so far feeling pretty good, but i thought that before also all right, we’re gon na give her a couple. Rips up and down here, get her nice and warmed up. Oh definitely got lots of spunk to her jeez.

Well so far, she seems to be running. Pretty good got plenty of power. One thing about the creighton forest man with the the weight of this thing. Oh geez, i took myself out with it with the weight of this thing. She can get up and move pretty good. I am running on 4s, i got one of the z 5200 milliamp uh hard pack lipos in here. Well guys so far it seems pretty good. It would have cut out and started stuttering a long time ago. So it looks like it was the esc, in fact, because she was never lasting this long before it was lasting. You know a couple minutes max and then it would shut down or start cutting in and out really bad. So if you guys start running into the same problems, you know definitely do your process of elimination, making sure it’s, not the motor or anything else weird. But you know if you guys have come down to that point where everything else seems to be working most likely. The esc i’ve been having a lot of esc problems lately but i’m glad i finally got it. Fixed up got the outcast working. Now we got the creighton 4s. Finally, back up in operation jeez well i’m excited well. I got these things running again. Music gon na give her a couple, more runs, make sure she’s, nice and warmed up and now then we’re gon na put her away cold and wet out here today, but i wanted to test them out, make sure they were good, and i wasn’t fooling myself this Time, well guys, i’m gon na call that good.

I think i got them fixed up finally continuing to run good guys, Applause, all right, let’s, take it back in all right guys! Well, we finally got all the cars up and running and everything seems to be running. Pretty good crawler’s, good, granite’s, good, big rock’s good got the creighton 4s now fixed up. The outcast is running good now. Type 3s, i think, is pretty much always running good too. Both creighton’s are good to go. Creighton 8s is good to go finally and the new typhoon 6s. This thing’s running awesome having a blast with this thing, i’m kind of setting this thing up and have a little bit of fun with this thing on the track right now, vicious really appreciate the information buddy on some of the tuning tips. Your buddy, i think, had on this thing. Um you changed out the shock oil light it up a little bit changed the oils and the differentials, but anybody else out there running one of these on the track. That has any great tuning tips that maybe racism, um you’d appreciate any info. At some point i might actually get i’m looking at getting an actual race, buggy um to specifically take to the track, but for right now, i’m, just kind of having some fun. With this thing, and not just getting familiar with the track environment but um anybody got any good tips or ideas on these things. Please drop a comment down below also guys want to send a huge shout out to aj sports, really appreciate you joining the membership on the channel buddy and helping to support this channel really do appreciate it buddy.

So anybody else is interested in that there’s. A membership link um at the top of the channel uh. If you guys, are interested in supporting the channel, go ahead and check it out, but um i think that’s going to do it guys. We are going to go ahead and wrap this up now, all right guys. Well, this was just kind of a little follow up video just in case anybody was curious out there. You know if it actually took care of the problems. Yes, it did um, the esc was the issue on the creighton 4s and why it was stuttering and kind of going into shutdown. Occasionally, it’s caused a lot of weird things, but um it was the esc. You know i kind of did a process of elimination put a different motor in there. Yeah then cure the problem put a different receiver in there that didn’t cure the problem. So the only thing that was left was esc and when i spoke to horizon explained problems, they said yeah sounds like the esc, so they sent me a new one which was awesome of horizon. They just shipped me a brand new esc for this thing and they also sent me out the new esc for the outcast success, along with the servo um wasn’t, the best servo for it, but, like i said it works, i am to get a new server for The outcast um, i got a 25 kilogram one coming for it, so we’ll get that thing properly, steering but um i’m just happy.

I finally got the cars back up and running again guys. You know this creighton was giving me issues for a while um, but i’ll be excited to take this thing out. I think i might even throw a set of track tires on this thing and take up the track at some point and i’ll see how the creighton 4s does on the track. It might be a really good time see how this thing handles up there and works out, but um that’s gon na be about it guys. I appreciate everybody tuning in and now supporting the channel out there. If you guys enjoy the videos and like what we’re doing you know, please don’t forget to like and subscribe, but that’s going to do it for the video today guys.