Little contenders, one is the outcast exb and the next one is the arma italian exp as well. All of them are from the same gene pool, but they diverge a little different, so we are gon na talk to you about how theyre the same and how theyre different and which ones right for you, Music. All right, like i said we have siblings, of the creighton, the creighton exp. We are just messing with the exp versions. They are the extra bash, the strengthened versions, the best of what arma can offer these days so the uh. So we have the creighton and you weve made maybe five videos of it. It is an awesome, awesome vehicle, but all of a sudden theres, two new exp versions of the vehicles that are kind of the same but are kind of different theyre, like siamese theyre. Like twins, but they separated at birth and they they developed into their own. So the one on my right here is the outcast 6s exb. This one is shorter, stubbier kind of like a bulldog, so shorter wheelbase. It looks a little wider, bigger tires and a little taller, and what it is is a stunt truck. You know this is a basher truckee and this is a stunt truck and how they achieved the stunt. Is they shortened it and they made the wheels bigger. So, with the same amount of power, its able to just do aerobatics so uh, outcast, 6s, exp and the next one here is the italian, and this one is a triggy as well, but we shall call it a speed.

Truckee, it is made for speed, runs going very fast either on on on the road or on terrain. Speed runs 70 miles; an hour is what they claim, and it is very similar to the creighton, but it has been squashed. It has been lowered, made more streamlined and you know we were. I was really curious, so i bought this one. My friend eric bought this one and and it kind of ive taken it out. A couple runs already kind of surprised me so hang on for my findings. Okay, so first thing ill do is ill measure the tires. So this is the the um tremendous asset of the creighton is the tires. It is 84 80, 80 millimeters, and this one the um outcast, is about 76 75 76 and then on the italian. It is 60.. So what is it? 80. 76. 60 on the width, so this has the widest tires. This has the smallest tires on this one. The height is different as well. This one is taller as well compared to the what he called this. The creighton and the italian has 142. creighton has 165 and the outgas has 170.. So there you go. The tires make a huge difference in how they perform and i think a lot of the personality differences were done with the tires. The width on these two vehicles is about the same, and then this one looks a little wider, just a little wider. Just because of the maybe the tires and then well stack up the italian, and now we talk about the height.

I think weird italian made a big divergence is the height they really squashed. This made it more streamlined, you can even lower it or it doesnt block the wind so much, but this outcast right here they didnt care about the height at all. You know they said: oh well, make it as high as we want get make it roomy. You know it doesnt matter its just a stubby little thing like a bulldog thats made to twirl around in the air, so at its core. This is your all around basher troggy. This is your high speed. You know get get somewhere fast and this one is the aerial, aerobatic, acrobat and now were gon na. We have the covers off and were going to compare and contrast to you guys whats going on. So this is the arma creighton compared to the the italian. The chassis is almost identical, its just a little bit more narrow here on the on the creighton, look at the shocks, kind of standing, slanted and even more slanted, so that affects how responsive how plush the the shocks are going to be. This ones going to be the most plush, because the shocks are the most direct. It also has a tub chassis right there, so less things will get in inside its. This seems to be kind of well protected from grass dirt and debris. Okay, so thats, where theyre a little different, the wings they all have wings – and this has the smallest wing im, not sure why, when this is the aerial acrobat uh and these two have the same size wing but theyre a little bit different the? What do you call this? The the creighton and italian this one comes with a wheelie bar look at that uh because its the stunt truck uh.

It comes with a wheelbarrow. This one needs a wheelie bar, so i bought one part. Its part of the wing and this italian doesnt have a a wheelie bar its kind of hard to get it wheeling because its so its geared so tall. So the mo so lets talk about the drivetrain. They they all have 2050 uh, theyre theyre, really spectrum motors hobbywing motors with 150 amp esc so 2050. Here with a 12 tooth, pinion creighton has a 12 tooth pinion too. Normally i put this in myself: 150 amp esc by spectrum, and but this one italian has a 15 tooth pinion. You know, for those speed runs, lets see the servo its as powerful. 56 52 servo, its okay. No, it it it. It gets the wheels turning. So they use this radio, the dx3. So the key thing with this radio is aside from it being being very good. Is it comes with a gyro or what you call avc, so the its very easy to go straight with these machines? All right so well show you a bunch of running video. I took some earlier today top speed on these guys. I dont know how they get their top speed. Uh were not getting that, maybe you have they have an airport runaway runway, so but basically this is a about a 55 mile, an hour machine 50 mile an hour machine, and this one they say you know a little more about 55 but 70 miles an hour With the optional gearing that they have pricing 750 bucks 750 bucks ready to run this one did not come as a ready to run the exb because it it what it came earlier, im sure its going to come out soon, its going to be 750 bucks too.

Im sure ready to run, i think, is the way to go, because you know you have it dialed with the perfect motor electronics and the uh, the radio, with the proper gyro avcc. So there you go. I hope you learned from our little introduction uh from the running. What im gon na say is i love the creighton. The outcast surprised the heck out of me. I didnt think id want it, but its driving, like the traxxas max and the traxxas x, max really a wheelie machine, really a fun stunt machine but easy to control the italian its not happening for me right now. The tires are falling apart uh, my radio failed. My it didnt want to bind my steering is super loose but part of its assembly, but im not getting the italian right now. You know its for its a speed druggie, but who really wants to go speed on on a truckee um. You know so were going to try to figure this vehicle out, but these two are so amazing right now so prepare to be impressed thanks a ton. All right today were gon na. Do some high speed runs got all these three arma vehicles and how were gon na measure is with this gps garmin that records top speed Music. Here we go Music Applause, Music. I can help you out. I Applause Music. I can help you out. I can help you here we go here. We go Music, whats up Music.

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