Is it one of the better ones out there? Is it worth your time and effort hang in there and find out more Music, that’s good, all right, francis from rc review, and you know i’m, the crawler guy, but my roots are in fast cars. I used to race short course says to race road, whatever so it’s only inevitable that i play with some fast cars, so one of the ones that intrigued me. The most is this arma mojave 7th scale, and i had to learn all about arma because you know it was all about traxxas, right, traxxas, low, c and and associated back in the day, but this new company from wherever australia, i think um i’m, not really sure. Let me know in the comments what the where, where this, what country this company is from? Maybe the uk they’re kind of secretive about it, but caught my attention, because you know they were offering a lot. People were talking about it and they seemed to be focused on bashing or high performance, no holds barred. You know rock eating, jumping all that stuff, so they’ve designed a lot of their vehicles to handle that, and i first got the sentinel right here – 320 bucks. Pretty good and i’ll tell you, and also i have this one now and it’s running it’s, the um, armor, creighton and but it’s all about this. This guy, you know, i’ve ran it now. Maybe 10 times broken a bunch of parts, so we’re gon na do a lot more on this, as i find i now have ramps and all these places to to play with it, but we uh we’re gon na, do a lot more, but in this video i’m Just gon na tell you what i found out so far.

Is it worth your 650 bucks? Okay? So here it is it’s got this big short course body really beefed up and and really made to take the hits it’s, not very scaly. Looking because you’ll see we have a video here running with a traxxas udr that one is super realistic, uh, desert truck so much detail in in the driver and in the back lights and all whatnot. This one is just basic. You know it looks good. The paint’s kind of ugly, but they do have a new paint scheme coming and but it’s built to take the hits. You know they’ve, they study a lot where it breaks and they and and and they fixed it. So what they have is right here. This is on a suspension system. Uh these body, pins, uh reinforced. They have tape where the tires hit, but the main thing is right. Here is a a brace system. So cages is realistic, uh a bumper here, but they have a cage system right here because it basically flips over a lot takes the hit here and they said why don’t, we brace this with a structure that has flex foam and it’s captured by this thing. So you know it’s not going to collapse on you, Music, not the prettiest but functional a little ventilation. So this is your basic arma mojave body and it’s really held up okay, so now we’re gon na get into the details inside so i’ve already.

What have i broken? I’Ve already broken the body post uh doing some 30 foot jumps and i i just glued it back, but a friend said: hey reinforce that with some some compression foam. You know like a pool noodle or whatnot, and it will give it some give it’s all about dissipation of energy, so this will help dissipate the energy. The big hits, the bumper super cool um. What did i bend? I bet something here on the bumper. I think it came out here fix that uh. There is a an arm here: the pin that that got bent badly and it broke one of the arms so broken, and then what else i think that might be it servo is stock. The the radio is so awful, oh, my god! Where are you radio it’s down there, the cheapest spectrum? Radio? They have? Are they putting it on this missile, this 55 mile an hour 12 pound missile, so that had to go i’m now using a radio link with more than a half mile of radius let’s see? I know i broke something recently: oh, the uh, the wheel. The wheel broke, it got basically the the pin wasn’t in all the way. So maybe it was more insulation, uh shipping problem, where the pin wasn’t all the way, so the wheel, wasn’t getting seated too well uh, and so no matter how much i tighten that nut. It would fall off and finally, the wheel got stripped, so i have brand new wheels here.

So these are stock settings, open, open, diffs and you can change the fluid. I have not changed anything the the drivetrain has been super reliable and yeah. The you know the the the spring settings i think i i’ve set them up for jumping for now. So really a good design uh, the the drifting is, is pretty darn good, doesn’t, tumble too much, but it’s really all about the jumping. With with this vehicle. You know everywhere: it’s just meant to dissipate hits. So why don’t? I show you some a little bit of action. Some movement with this thing, so servo is a 15kg servo. I haven’t messed with it. Yet. Oh the end points end points are not good yeah. I got ta fix this endpoint, but fairly fast that’s, some good torque and here’s the power, so the power, the the motor, the pinion, everything is stock and it is a scary beast. So let me just hold it hold me now so modulation. This is not a censored motor or anything like that. So um, you know it doesn’t start up too slow, but you can control it and it’s got amazing brakes. So um 650 bucks a couple of breakages here: it’s, not indestructible as for danger, but it flies good and when it just goes through those ground, pounding holes and bumps, it is amazing to see the sentence is good. It actually breaks less because that thing is so light, but this thing, if you want some realism, ground pounding, um action – this is this is pretty exciting.

Uh 6s is the power using a gens ace battery.