So let me show you this uh next time, upgrading maxine long q903 with the sg1603 body shell looks so dope. I like it from the drifters to pine cone, so looks amazing. So it looks a little bit like the notorious from the armor so and i can put led lights. I have it from an older bite and then put it in so these great lights and the same like the pinecone models with the outer ring and red and the inner ring is in in white led. So it will look dope guys. So especially, i came to this idea from from a good subscriber and its name is thaibot, so i’m going to make a link to his channel. So he has the id first and i think it looks super dope, so here’s my will byte. So we need to do another uh from the shock tower, so the canopy holders and we need to take off the rear wing so guys these are the new holders for the canopy uh. I have them from the w alto it’s on the a979 models. They’Re a little bit flexible and fits perfect 100 percent to the shock towers, and this also fits one on person in the rear, from the canopy from the pike on sg models. And so let me show you one thing more. So this is the first time something’s broken, so the first dog mount here on the right rear. So i have some resp some spare.

I have to repair it, so this is the first time i’ve ever to change anything on my xin long model, that’s so perfect. So durable so guys enough words, so let’s start to get rid of the rear wing and doing all the stuff to get the canopy on Music Music. Music. Music. Can you see that guys, just like i said before it fits perfect 100 into the hole? It’S? Unbelievable amazing, really Music, Music and, as you all know guys, so the xin long has led lights in the front before so. Let’S cut off the wires and solder them to the to our new led lights and that’s it. So we also need to get rid of the front bumper, so no big deal some soldering and super easy guys. So, and i can show you my new uh pocket soldering station, very cool it’s like this uh operational style, so there’s e cigarettes and it works. It works really so really nice thing so take a closer look to it. Music, as you can see guys, there’s a lot of adjustment. You can do with the ohm and the watts so, but leave it to uh 30 watts that’s better so later in the video. I can show you uh, try it out, put it up in 80 watts, but it wasn’t good. So i think i damaged the tip and i need to get another one. So here you can see it’s too much it’s getting so hot.

Oh man, you see that guys so dope, look like the same from the pinecone models: unbelievable love it Music, yes, and, as always, the good old hot glue gun so makes it work, always better and easy. Yes, guys and like i said before so the front bumper, we uh can’t, use it anymore because the canopy, so we need to get a little bit off Music don’t forget to hit the like button and if you like, what we do please subscribe. Uh looks so dope, guys don’t, you agree.