This time it’s the senton 4×4 3s blx says here on the box 50 miles an hour plus we’re. Definitely gon na have to put that to the test, guys here’s the front of the box here’s the side of the box, and i did get the blue version. This time turn it around this way. These are some of the features uh says here. We have easy access, diff removal, front and rear easy access, power, module, easy access, electronics, module, gunmetal, wheels and vented tires. It says here we have a heavy steel input: uh 1.35 mod 37 by 13 tooth gears. Here we have a castellated, slipper pad and sliding gear mesh, and here we have a plastic lock nut for the slipper new body, design, paint and decals power module with improved dirt management. Here we have a stronger chassis, uh front and rear plating, and then here it says we have uh steering with more clearance for stones and if you turn it on this side guys we get a shot of the electronics and looks like here. You get the good old fashioned, slt3, uh radio, you get the waterproof spectrum, spms 651 metal gear, digital servo, you get the blx 100 esc. You get the firma 3660 3200 kb brushless motor with heatsink and fan turn it. This way, guys and we’ll get another shot of the chassis here. It’S pretty much talking about uh all the features we just discussed and then here’s another shot of the chassis, guys all right, guys, i’m excited i’m excited to get this baby open and see what’s inside all, right guys.

This is how your truck will look when you first open the box, nice and neat and secure and tightly packaged in the box, so let’s go ahead and get it out all right guys. We got our truck out. We got our uh owner’s manual. We got our nice little bag of goodies here looks like a wrench to remove the tires, looks like some shock, spacers and allen. Key we’ll go ahead and take out the radio all right guys, slt radio looks like we have our uh throttle, trim, steering, trim, steering rates, status, light nice, foam, uh wheel turn around this side. We have our power button, we have our steering reverse throttle reverse and our 5075 100. If you have a young one, that’s driving and you want to be able to control the speed and they’re new to rc’s kind of that acts. Kind of like a governor – and, of course this does take four double a’s, so that’s the radio here’s the truck guys. That is a sick. Looking truck, i like the way that truck looks the blue, really pops, hopefully uh. These back tires. Don’T rub on the inside of this body, because i did have that issue with the slash and i had to kind of raise the body up a little bit. I’Ll go ahead and get this body off guys and see what’s going on inside all right guys. We got the body off. Uh looks like everything’s arranged, typically with what you would find in most are.

My 3s vehicles nowadays looks like we do have extra uh bodyguards here, and i have what kind of a built up wall here in the chassis. I guess to keep dirt and rocks out. You have your uh, your motor here with a heat sink and fan your esc, your on and off switch your ic5 plug here’s. Where you’ll put your battery, we do have the battery straps here. Suspension does feel really good guys. Oh good old fashioned, rc smell can’t get enough of that guys, god i love it i’m liking. The way this truck is sitting guys. I like that rear bumper in the back, looks like we got a willy bar back here too. That’S pretty cool, i like the tires. I got some good grip on them. Nice little d boot tires all right, guys well, i’m, excited i’m excited to get this thing fired up i’m out on the road and see what it can do so uh. I appreciate you guys watching uh stay tuned, because we will have the maiden run coming up soon, if you’re new to the channel guys – and you like what we do here, uh make sure to like comment and subscribe.