There have heard the expression armor, tough, but traxxas were actually the smart boys and copyrighted the term traxxas tough. Now i bought these cars a few weeks ago, as this is effectively the cheapest armor. The granite two wheel drive one, and this is the cheapest traxxas. The traxxas bandit i’ve put them through quite a bit: headset testing reviewed them side by side tested as top speeds together, but today we are going to find out in the most brutal of tests, which one of these is the toughest. Is it going to be armour? Tough or tracks is tough. Both of these trucks have plastic chassis. If this video goes well or goes viral, anything like that, i may try this test with two of the 6s cars now, typically, the armor ones, metal, chassis, traxxas, success, cars, plastic chassis now for fairness. Today, both of these cars are going to be run using the same 2s battery and the same stock gearing but i’m going to max them out before hitting up the wall head on. So at this point i should use that catchphrase. I do this stuff, so you don’t have to. Nor should you ever try anything like this anyway, your thoughts have them in the comments section right now. Who do you think is going to be the toughest? Is it going to prove a date for armor tough, or are we going to find its tracks as tough? I actually have no idea they’re about the same weight um.

The granite has maybe got tires that are going to be a little bit more cushiony when we drive straight into that wall than the ones that under the bandit are but traxxas plastic does have a reputation for being fairly bouncy. Is it going to be armor tough or is it going to be traxxas tough? I thought we’d go with the bandit first, then, the granite we’re aiming for that gap between the two concrete blocks straight into that metal container, not nervous at all, rich. Okay. There goes got a close up camera two close up cameras on near to it. Let’S go oh my well. First up, i have to say that was traxxas stuff. This is a steel shipping container and that just bounced off on that head on here appears to be unscrewed. So i’m, a normal camera battery has just died on me of all things. I’Ve got steering, oh no, the batteries come loose. Batteries come loose. I have a feeling hang on well, with the battery back in we’ve got he says, trying to steer at the same time, we’ve got power. We’Ve got steering so round one to traxxas, because that is definitely traxxas tough, so we’re gon na try from the same line with the armor granite, see if it’s, armor, tough or not Music well it’s time to take a look at the aftermath of the damage to The cars and decide is it armor, tough or traxxas stuff that wins on the day.

I have to say at the absolute outset i thought the bandit was going to get absolutely demolished when it hit that wall, because with these skinny little tires at the front that impact bumper, i thought this car was going to get severely smashed up, possibly even cracked. The chassis on there just bounced off that wall and i have to say that slow mo shot came out absolutely stunning. I actually thought the granite might win this with these big cushion tyres. I thought it was simply gon na bounce off of that wall, but we came to a dead, stop against the container and we’re gon na get the camera down and show you the damage to this car, because while it doesn’t look much right now, there is a Major issue that’s occurred to this so at the minute it’s swinging towards traxxas stuff, but let’s take a look, install the bandit the wheelie bar got knocked loose, but that simply clicked back on and whilst the car didn’t drive away that’s because the battery lead had come Unclipped, but if you look at the front of the car, absolutely nothing wrong with it at all and the underside no cracks in the chassis there at all still rolls along on that. However, the granite has had some slight issues like it needs a totally new body. The body is cracked beyond belief there, but the body clips pull straight through the body causing extensive damage here, so that definitely needs a new body, but that is not the worst of it.

You’Re looking thinking well, i’m, rich all the suspension. Everything like that works, fine, we’ll, still steer, etc on there. But then you go to move the car. Oh hang on you, can’t move the car that’s, because there’s something shifted under impact in that gearbox and the rear wheels on a car will not turn at all. So all the chassis and everything is undamaged.