If you want to see more videos like this all right, we got a zeroed out at 4.8. Let’S go ahead and make our first run here, running the awafi battery first and then we’ll do the z battery a second okay. First pass with the awompy Applause. All right, nice straight even pass very impressed with this. I haven’t touched the suspension at all on this, so we’re gon na go ahead and you can see there 47 miles per hour. Let’S go ahead and do a second pass. Okay, pass number two with the awompy Applause, all right, nice good pass again. It is very windy out here. Hopefully it ain’t coming up over the microphone and we got 47.2 again let’s go ahead and try it one more time all right pass! Number three, with the wonky tried to go a little bit longer on that one. Since the brakes work, good let’s go ahead, bring it back here and see what we got that time. We got 46.4 let’s go ahead and put the z battery in pass number one with the z all right bring it back here. Another nice clean, good pass. The wind’s really whipping out here now got 48 even on that one let’s go ahead and try it again. All right pass number two man, another straight pass got ta love it. These things are awesome for going straight that one we got 45.7 let’s. Do our third and final pass all right.

Third and final, pass let’s! Go that trucks going by made me a little jumpy there. I might do one more pass. Just to see we’ll see how fast this one went that one we did 46 even i’m gon na, do one more pass all right. This will be our fourth and final pass. Let’S go man that thing rips, not bad, for being a 3s stock. All right! Where did we get here? We got 47.9 let’s go ahead and take this back inside and go over the numbers now that we’re back inside i want to go to the batteries i used and the mouse power we got with them. The first battery we used was this wonky 5000 milliamp hour, 60c 3s battery. Now we got 47 miles per hour with this and that wasn’t too bad at all. I thought that was pretty good for the room i had with this it’s pretty cool, seeing this big old thing fly by at 47 miles per hour now for the second battery that one i used was a z power. Now this one is a 6 000 milliamp hour 80c battery that’s 3s, and you can tell we went a little bit faster, not much only about 1 miles per hour with this, and that c rating adc is why we did that once again, if i had more Room, i think this battery would have got quite a few more miles per hour than the olafi there, but they both did good for the limited space i had.

So i hope you guys enjoyed this video i’m just checking out two different uh 3s batteries. Seeing what kind of speed we can get out of this? I hope you guys had fun watching it. I had fun making it don’t forget to like share and subscribe don’t forget to follow us on facebook, instagram and tech. Talk on facebook. Don’T forget. I have a group on there. Rc car life come over and join in on a fun.