So you guys know in the past. I’Ve had the versions one two and three, but i didn’t have the version: five um. It was kind of like a gap between i think uh when they released some of the other ones and got this one out. But this has been out for i’d say about a year now, maybe a little bit over a year. But this has got all the bells and whistles and all the updates and stuff i’ve actually wanted in an eight scale. Buggy and you’ll see this here that says 70 miles per hour, so y’all know y’all, know y’all know. I know we’re gon na put that to the test and i got some brand new lipos. I just got to got a brand new jensen’s light bulb stuff i’m gon na throw up in here and some other stuff, so we’re gon na test this 70 miles per hour on super speed. Saturday um. I believe it comes with a uh um speed gear to hit that but we’ll see when we get this open so anyway, let me go ahead and let me crack this box open and look at look at some of them goodies up in there. So hey! Let me go ahead and crack this box open let’s, see what we got up in here and you guys know it. Oh yeah yeah the smell of a new rc car. One of my friends saw my videos and she was like you actually smell the cars when you open them up and i was like yup, they smell good.

We open them up so anyway. Um. Let me get out yep there’s a speed gear right there. So let me get all this out and then let’s see kind of what we got up in here. All right, y’all there we go, the buggy is out and all is glory and beauty uh. So real quick uh see what we got up in it. We do have a bag of goodies up in here. You guys see they do give you tools so i’m. Glad that arma gives you tools with um your eight scale um and even your 10 scale cars and trucks, and then we do have a speed gear right. There as well, i believe, that’s going to be a 22 um pinion gear, and then we get a couple other accessories and stuff and they’re going. They see that they give you some instructions in there for shimming, the discs and stuff and we get stickers. Y’All know i love stickers and we also get a pretty well detailed, uh instruction manual and stuff as well um with exploded views and all that nice stuff up in there and then for the radio. We have the uh spectrum slt3 radios, 2.4 gigahertz radio um has all your basic bells and whistles and trims and stuff on here um. It does come with a foam on the steering wheel as well so um. So we’ll put this out there and we’ll see how this functions and stuff is.

What is your throttle and start reversing and stuff on the rear of it? And then you also have uh. You can get focus in. You guys see the 50 70 and 100 percent throttle right there, where you can adjust and regulate that so anyway, i’m just excited to get into this buggy and i’m gon na get this running today. I probably won’t film the video i’m gon na run today, because i kind of want to enjoy and then we’ll get this out for some super speed, saturdays and then go from there. But the buggy looks good um it’s been a minute um since i’ve run. One of the 6s buggies, like i said before i did have some of the ones previously in the past and didn’t, have too many problems or issues with them at all, and i do kind of want to do something. So this is why i may turn this into a speed, buggy and put that spoil from my limitless in here and maybe put the 29 tooth um in here. Instead of the 34 that comes with the limitless just to see what kind of speeds we got and kind of show you guys that um i may get with jeff with um rc speed monsters, we may um get together and talk about a couple things as far As making a speed buggy, because i can definitely put uh one of his custom um willy bars on the back of this – to keep this from kind of catching air and flipping up.

But we’ll see how all that fans out over the summertime um over the next couple months and stuff, but anyway this buggy looks good um tires and wheels. You guys know these are a little bit larger than your standard. Uh buggy tires, but not by much. The damage is a tad bit larger. If i can recall, but you guys see the tread, wear and stuff on there. This is actually pretty good they’re. Pretty all purpose tires and wheels as well so we’re going to definitely get these up we’re going to run these down and then replace them with something else. Um on there suspension setup for this uh buggies armor is always, in my opinion, done a good job with their suspension, setup and stuff. You didn’t have to do too many adjustments, especially to their eight scale, lineup um, so i don’t expect to have to do any adjustments with this stock out the box. Maybe if i do uh some modifications for speed and stuff, i may have to lower it down. Just a little bit, but i think it’s pretty much um set up good straight out the box uh so get this body off real, quick and taking a look at the inside of this. That looks pretty nice, so this does have the spectrum system and stuff up in here as well: it’s 150 amp speed controllers 6s, capable um, 4 6. I think i think i’ve seen some people run this on 3s.

Actually um it’s pretty interesting that they did. That and they didn’t like pop their batteries, but i may try that just to show that to you guys and maybe do an experiment to show you guys how it runs on um uh 3s as well. Now it does come with a new servo as well, but this servo head of the spleen on here only has 23 see if it’s, not the standard 25, so consider that kind of as you go forward, but this buggy actually has all the new bells and whistles That a lot of the v5s and stuff have a lot of upgrades and stuff on here as well. You guys have probably seen several unboxings and when arm announces, they kind of put all this information out there as well. A couple things may be popping up throughout this video as i’m talking as far as upgrades and stuff, but the buggy looks good i’m excited to get this out to see the performance of this and how it’s improved over the version. I believe it was the last one i had with the version three um, especially with the better servo and stuff in here, and then they also worked on some of these steering components and stuff, as well so i’m really curious to see how this performs out there. Um with this so i’m not going to go like i said too in depth with this. The only thing i wish armor would have did – and this is just me – is uh – made the color a different color but that’s just me, that’s just jt nitpicking um.

I do like the color of it, but i wish this would have been like orange. It would have really been cool or even a darkest blue or something or gray, but anyway, um we’re gon na get this out and running and i’ll probably end up getting another body for it at some point in time. Um. No, i doubt it i’m gon na leave it like it is. I ain’t gon na lie it’ll be three months down the road. Let’S go choose audio. I didn’t change it um. So anyway, guys uh stay tuned for a super speed. Saturday, with this we’re gon na see if we can get that 70 plus miles per hour and then during the summer time i’m going to turn this actually into a speed buggy and do a hundred and something plus miles per hour. Put this against my limitless speed. As well, i’m gon na speed run our actual speed test to see um, which one can actually get the top speed and actually handle that hundred mile per hour. Speed without like stretching the chest i’m, not going to sit up here and put a crate in or um a talent chest or anything, i kind of want to leave it as it is and see if we can get um with this particular platform with this one.