I ripped it it’s time to give this little guy. A river reveal it’s time to give this guy a little review in today’s video we’re going to talk about. If you should buy this truck or not, i got it. I worked with it, i drove it. I felt it experienced it and i’m today, i’m, going to tell you five things i like about it and um. So far there isn’t anything. I did not like about it, but there is one thing i did not like about it. Even though that’s not considered me not liking it, because all the hormones have the same issue and you probably are fed up about that on all the armors. So all my should look into that. Just a tiny bit anyways this little guy was amazing on the road. As you can see uh on my video, but however today let me tell you a few things i like about this truck and a few things uh that i really enjoyed about this truck. So the first thing is um it’s, small and it’s lightweight and it’s easy to carry and you could go where the hell you want and just take it with you, you could grab it simply just carry it. This thing it looks dirty because i bashed it really good, but anyways um the battery is a 3s battery, so it’s really light that’s. One thing i like about it: is it it’s easy accessible and you could take it? It’S, probably gon na put in a book bag, i don’t know maybe we’ll try that try to fit in the book bag anyways going further.

Another thing i liked about this truck was: it was really great um how fast it was how tough it was. It had a really good and uh. It was pretty fast to me. It was a 3s truck. Usually i don’t get 3s from all the trucks, because i think they’re simply going to flip over they they can’t hit. They can’t have too much power anyway, but this thing got a power. It felt like a feather flying through, you know feather had wings, and it was just going crazy and it um is a kicking all the dirt rocks that’s. Why it’s so dirty? Because i had it in dirt field and uh we’re gon na do a little bit more things and uh let’s move on another thing i liked about this. Guy was uh the tires the tires on this guy. The these i didn’t even notice, they’re made by the boots all right, the hoons and uh katara that’s. What it says on it. These these tires are really rugged, they’re small. They did not balloon up on me and they do have a little tiny. They put holes in these tires. Usually, if you get a tracks, you got ta pull holes in them and uh. This thing, they’re really tough tires all right. I like that about these tires. They did not balloon, even though i ripped they’re really good and uh. That was another feature i liked about these tires and uh.

The rim looks great the wheels. They look pretty great right there that’s another thing i like so, but what really sold me was the body on this truck this truck, it just looks mean really me and uh. When i look at it, i see it like a well built max that’s. Why i bought the max because the max was really well built by traxxas and that’s what this this thing is. Just it looked like a bulldog to me and uh. It really looks mean that the wing gives it another uh feature to it, and it makes it look real nice um. We did flip over that’s. Another thing you probably seen in my videos but anyways. That was another thing that uh i liked about it. What they did on the body? It was uh, they put these uh skid plates here. So my first flip second flip. It took a hit there all right and the most thing i liked about it was: it was uh, really tough and uh the center gravity, or this guy is really great you’re going to flip it. It is going to flip there’s, not a rc. That is not going to flip. There might be rrc that can or will is going to flip, but this shot. I did not have that same feeling when i got the max uh every time i turned oh, if i make a right turn: it’s gon na flip. So i’ll have to slow down pretty much stop turn and come back around that’s how it was, but with this guy i flipped twice take a look other than that.

It was a good truck to me and uh it handled great. I did not feel that if i make a sharp turn it might not flip over, it did flip on me once and twice, but i did not have that fear that if i turn and give it a sharp turn it’s gon na flip and uh, i turn Without a hesitation but anyways, those are the few things i like about this truck. So considering all that, should you buy it, i think uh that question should fall in your hands and uh. You should go. Try one out there. If your friend got it, try it. I, like it i’ll, probably get another one in a different color, anyways uh we’re gon na take this truck. My next drive is going to be, you know, probably a skate park, so stay tuned watch don’t forget to subscribe, share and like and uh something like this. For 400 bucks can’t beat it, you know. Oh, we forgot one thing that did not like these body clips. I got the body clipper body clip out body clip out, but i cannot lift the truck because, as you can see, i broke the little plastic piece on the back body clip right there and the clip never came out. So that was a little hesitation i had on that body clip right there. So that’s one thing i would say arma: please look into that. Take care of that and uh.

We might enjoy a little bit better, just like traxxas pop on the body clips in and bam. It goes in all right. This thing almost uh, sometimes i get poked in my nail. You know, but other than that i might create something some kind of screws, but i don’t want to be tying four screws. You know have something something that clicks and clicks or or or party on some type of magnet body, which i do not consider it’s going to work good.