Man um we back today and today, i’m, bringing for you guys an unboxing and review of the new arma vortex 3s yep. You heard it the new arma vortex 3s. I want to thank my boys over at rc boca hobbies for holding one down for me. I want to thank jay brandon from innovation rc, then my peoples over there. They were able to hold this down for me again, guys appreciate y’all and uh, but yeah. I uh super excited about this um haven’t had a 110 scale like this before i’ve never had a rustler to compare it to uh, never had a granite um. The only 110 scale that i believe that i purchased recently was the big rock. So i’m super excited about this one here, um from the videos that i’ve seen this thing is a little beast, so uh i’m really excited about this purchase. Guys really really excited so um. Just give me a moment guys and we’re going to start with the unboxing. Be right with you all all right, guys and we’re back so today, i’m gon na go ahead and show you guys. I actually got there’s three versions or three colors that come um with the vortex, which is the red, the purple and the green. I went for the rojo. I got the red guys. I got the red, so let’s go ahead and get this baby open and see what’s in the box um for those guys that uh are new to the game.

I’M fairly new i’ve been in it now two and a half going on three years. This uh vortex was already out um a few years ago, but it was made in a brushed version. It was a two wheel drive, i believe, the price for it back then was 249.99 um and uh, and yes, so they i guess they discontinued it and once they brought it back, as you can see guys, they brought it out like a animal, a completely different Beast but uh, let me stop all the yapping and show you guys what i got in the box all right. So here we go here we go here. We go let’s get this thing here, move this to the side for a little bit unwrap this thing here. Yeah guys this this thing is beautiful. This thing is just beautiful um, as i told you guys before. Man i’m really excited for this, because again i never had a rustler or a 110 scale uh, as this right here so i’m pretty excited over this guys. Pretty excited so i do so. I do see here actually guys it does come with a nice. Willy bar um i’m impressed with the nice little bumper action that they got here in the front um. So you guys can see the willy bar looking nice looking beautiful. This one is a 4×4 3s capable uh rc um, the chassis um. Pretty close again, i don’t have the granite, but i’ve seen it um.

The chassis is pretty close to the granite. It is fairly close to it um but yeah. The truck is nice. The only thing i’ll be honest with you guys. I honestly thought that these wheels were going to be a little bit more beefier. It just looks a lot bigger, i guess, on screen, and i thought that this was going to be a lot beefier but i’m not complaining. This is this is nice. This will do. I could always uh upgrade on the wheels and the tires and all that good stuff, so that that that’s not going to be an issue but let’s get to the bottom of it. Oh, i want to extend this video way too much. I know you guys already done seen a few of these on boxes already, so i don’t want to bore you guys with repetitive stuff um, so we have here the firma esc. This firmware esc is 2 and 3s capable it is waterproof um. So we also have this 3200 kv motor with a heat sink and a fan um. I forgot to mention that this esc also comes with a fan um. What else here we have these uh double straps for our batteries having a battery to fit in there shouldn’t be a problem guys. Batteries should be able to fit comfortably in there. You know um and uh what else we got here that i can show you guys. Um stuff that you guys again, i don’t want to make this thing.

So repetitive, i’m sure you guys already done heard a few things about this um but yeah as you can see guys um. One thing i wanted to mention for a 3s lineup: this is on the higher end um. If i’m not mistaken, the granite is uh. 300 299.99. The big rock, i think, was going for 319.99, and this this was was uh 379.99. So, as far as the 3s lineup is concerned, this will be on the higher end, guys for those newbies that are trying to find out where they could get the best band for their buck, whether it could get a quality vehicle or rc. You know what i haven’t ran it yet, but i’ll tell you what 379.99 for a 3s car is not bad versus what you’re getting from the rustler um with just a a pretty fifty dollar difference. I believe the rustler goes for 429.99 um and again that’s something to consider um for those who want to start off with something, affordable and durable. I think this baby right here might be your pick, um again guys uh. What else i wanted to mention about this um – oh i’m, gon na assume here there’s an assumption that the reason why they actually raised up the price is because this actually has avc um. That could be a reason, i’m, not 100, sure being that the electronics, the motor and all that good stuff, pretty much looks just like the granite.

You know what i mean it looks exactly was in the um big rock i could be. You know i. I need a double check on that, but i think it’s almost the same thing or it’s the same thing so i’m gon na assume uh that the reason why it is a little expensive, more expensive, i would say, or a little pricier i’m, not gon na, say Expensive is because of the fact that it comes with abc and the granite, and the big rock does not come with abc. In fact, i don’t even think that the 3s uh typhon uh comes with abc so um yeah. I think that’ll make the difference um, but, as i was talking about the wheels i’m gon na go ahead and put these babies on these got a little bit more, and these are 14 uh let’s see here. These are 14 um millimeter hex. If i’m, not mistaken um, so i had to go ahead and grab these um, which are these are 12 by the way. So i had to get these two uh, 12 millimeter aluminum wheel hub hub, adopt the adapters that i’m gon na be installing on this baby. Here and uh yeah, these are going on. There stack these are going on there asap. These are duratrax c2 stacker empty wheels and tires so um. Whoever is interested. This is a item number dtxc5551. All right so and you’re gon na have to look into getting these aluminum wheel hub hub, um adapters, which is dt xc 3596, if you guys are considering perhaps putting something a little more beefier than this on your vortex, so guys.

Thank you very much for your time. I really appreciate you guys tuning in giving me your support and your love all the time man um. This is basically all i have for you today. Um hope you guys have a great rest of the day. Tell a friend tell a buddy subscribe like hit that that uh, that bell to remind you, when i put up a new video guys and uh until next time, guys i’m gon na holla.