My thoughts on price, probably a little expensive compared to the big rock or the granite, but it’s supposed to come with a really good radio um supposed to come with a really good receiver and better electronics. So we’re going to take a look at uh. Some of the stuff so heavy duty, steel input, 1.35, mod 37, slash 13 tooth gear, um, slipper pad and sliding gear mesh. So it looks like um the v, two big rock setup or no v3 big rock setup because it’s adjustable. So this whole system looks like the v3 style does have roof sliders, which is pretty cool. The big rock does not have that um it’s, a plastic slipper. It looks like plastic chassis, steering with clearance. It says i mean having steering without clearance would suck. Oh. These are the front and rear diffs with the axles on them that’s what it is be nice if it had, i was going. Why does it have a slipper and a diff that literally looked like a a center diff but nope they’re? Still using that plastic sliding deal, i don’t see a bearing on this one um compared to the big rock, so it’s, probably like the granite, but there we go we’re gon na unbox it. This one is going to be for my daughter, so she’s going to do some running of this thing and we’re going to see how this thing performs. Hence the color of it i’m sure you guys could see purple and uh.

That thing is really tiny for a 110 scale, so it kind of looks like the hoss size to me. Um does have body clips with the little retaining deal so we’ll get these body clips out of here i’m gon na. Let her take this stuff off. Come take that wrapper stuff off since it’s your rc Music. So, as you see, she pulled it really fast and the smell of it got ta love the new smell of an rc smells like plastic, so we’re going to look at the size of this little thing. You want to go grab the hoss in the garage somewhere we’re going to go ahead and get the get the remote taken out of the box it’s supposed to have the better remote and that’s. Why it’s supposed to cost more? So it does have the better remote controller, which is really nice, which that means it’ll bind to a dx5, rugged or c whole bag of trick right here, that’s, a new tool that i haven’t seen before from arma this little funny, wrench that they got in here. This uh – this is definitely new. Haven’T seen this with any of the arma stuff, and it does have an optional pinion gear in here. So it doesn’t have adjustable shocks it’s using these plastic things and oh look. They gave you extra body, um body body tethers, because they know you’re going to break them. Um we broke one on the big rocks.

So now we can use these for the black big rock that the kids broke, but this tool is uh kind of i unique seen. This is the first i’ve seen this tool so it’s, probably to adjust the slipper and all that. But look at that funny. Looking thing, it even says armor, so this looks like it slips in to take something out. These look like trans lines, um or air conditioning line, disconnect tools, so i’m kind of curious to see what that works for in that big nut. So this is definitely uh. Something i’m gon na have to look into, but i wonder if the wheel wrench is on this thing now yeah, it is which gives you a pretty good grip, so that’s pretty cool a new tool through arma. I haven’t really heard. I haven’t really followed this thing. Much no that’s that’s uh that’s, not the haunt that’s a rustler. I wrote that on there, so i want to get the house over here because i want to compare the size body seems pretty flimsy, but it does have a pretty solid bumper i’ll be right. Back i’m going to grab the hoss and the big rock all right found the hoss all beat up in the garage, but, as you can see, the haas and the vortex are pretty much the same size now the hoss has bigger tires on it. These are a lot. Smaller sits up a little higher compared to this.

They both have the roof sliders and the bumpers in the front. So, as you see, it looks very comparable to the hoss, so we’re gon na have to uh run these things. Um side by side: this is you know, 3s and 3s should be pretty cool. So definitely definitely looking like a hoss competitor through arma, maybe that’s their answer, but here’s the big rock and dollar wise for the big rock it’s uh here’s. The pin we’re gon na go ahead and replace with the extra one they gave us, but look at this. Let me get this one back, get the hoss put in the back. I just want to compare all these uh 3s cars, so big rock is longer and wider. I think yeah definitely a lot wider, so kind of curious to see how it does against uh against the big rock. That would be pretty cool. So there we go let’s. Take a look inside and see what changes uh, we have compared to say the big rock or even the granite. I have a granite somewhere too, so there we go as you see no center support bearing something i don’t, like. I didn’t like this on the outcast um, because this um literally would uh would start to wobble and break where the big rocks got this the center support, bearing which actually comes in handy now. This has got the bxl system, but not really a smart system, as you see, here’s your smart system logo and then the motor the wires look about the same size.

3200 kv 3200 kv, so it looks like it’s got the same motor and fan and heatsink. So all this is the same, so the esc has been changed and the on and off button compared to the slider. So it looks like the esc has been changed and the receiver has been changed, but the whole back part looks the same yeah so and it’s giving you the same orange end looks like uh same battery. Straps same sliding system to get the motor out same front. Deal um, probably the same shocks, i’ve upgraded these shocks because they were really bad. So i’ve got a lot more travel on this now and, of course, like we said, it’s got the better remote. The button still feels like it would stick, but this one’s not sticking, which is good. So there we go next you’ll see the vortec out ripping the body feels pretty thick on the sides. Don’T just blast bash on the inside with their normal decals. It does have reinforcement on the inside for this wing, so it’ll probably crack the rear of this body. Um bolting this wing on this way, but we’ll, see we’ll, see how it grabs the ground you can see. They did put screws on it. So if you’re on asphalt, um it’s not going to grind the wing it’s going to grind the bolt and we can go ahead and replace them, which is pretty cool, um nice looking body, it really is, the colors are popping.

You know got some pretty cool decals on the side. Actually, that’s painted in doesn’t feel like a decal, no it’s. A big long sticker is what it is. So a big long sticker right there, along with the vortex sticker but yeah silver, backing pretty cool, but it’s got those little body. Clips we’ll see how long those things last. They know that they’re going to break, but they are the bigger clips where these were using. The little small clips no same size clips, so it is the same same clip which means i’ll probably have to drill these out, because we used to fight to get these in oh that’s. What it is these right here are twice the size, so that’s the correction. They made on the body mounts you see how small those posts are. You can see how big this is a standard size post now, so they actually listened and gave us the full size post instead of this little itty bitty post, that we were fighting to get these big clips through they’ve now corrected the issue and we’ve got the Big post, which is definitely going to save on fighting getting this body on and off, because that was the big deal with the big rock and the granite is that little tiny hole and little post they gave us. So, as you see the body clips went right on compared to this these little clips. You got to fight with this thing to try to get that through there, which is really hard.

I still haven’t drilled this one out, but we’re going to get that fixed right. Now and there we go that’s. My unboxing next you’ll see my daughter running this thing. So we’ll do uh. Do a video on this. Do a comparison, i’ll bring out all the 3s line, i’m even going to bring the hoss, because this, i think, would be very fun to run against the haas, considering both of them are really coming up in price. This is what 430, i think – and this is you know, 400, you know 380 plus tax. So about a you know, 60 difference, but i think you get a lot more stuff with the hoss compared to this, but we’ll see we’ll, do a side by side comparison. They’Ve really glued these qatar wheels. You can see the glue is pretty pretty on there. I don’t think they’re going to come off the rim, so yeah pretty cool. Looking rc i’ve seen some videos on it. Wheelie bars the same i’ve uh watched a couple of videos on it and it looks quick, so i can’t wait to get it out there and we’ll do some rips with it. We’Ll see how fast it is, but there you go guys like comment subscribe. We will see you guys on my next video thanks for watching so here’s. The first run getting a feel for it. You can hear like something clicking on it: yeah that’s, normal new Music one, so full video coming soon just a little taste of her running it.