This is a 3s model. It’S add to the current 3s range, it’s literally just been released, and so let’s open the box and see what’s in it. So here we have everything out the box. As you can see, the vortex looks great. I love the pink and purple version, it’s, probably the one i would have if i yeah we’re buying one. The color is absolutely great, nice and glossy, which you would expect um nice chunky tires. You get to expect the quality from armor and i have to say this new one’s, not let itself down again. It’S got the nice plastic chassis so that helps with um keeping costs down and also it doesn’t bend as easily as the metal ones nice wheelie bar on the back and i’m expecting. It will need that with the amount of power it’s got it’s going to be on that. Quite often, i would have thought it obviously comes with the manual and then the standard spectrum, dx3 radio gear and it’s nice feel to it definitely an upgrade to the last dx3 that they had so yeah it’s. Definitely a a nice feel radio. You can actually cut the power down on these as well, so you can reduce them to um, obviously 175 or 50 throttle. So it helps if you’ve got a kid or something using it. You can actually cut the power down so it’s a bit easier for them to handle the car itself um.

If i pop the shell i’ll just pop the shell off and i’ll, come back, it comes nicely off and you’ve got the uh the tabs on there to keep the uh clips from being locked. Once you’ve took the shell off. You can actually see the quality. What you’re, paying for really you’ve got lovely thick shock, towers, lovely suspension, arms and drive shafts. Obviously, we’ve got adjustable links there as well, and nice dampened shocks so it’s. What the quality would expect from a car at this price you’ve got the spectrum 3200 kv motor down there, with the cooling fan on top, which is nice to see having a cooling fan, keeps everything cool and nice especially running the 3s, and it will get quite Warm so that will really help you’ve got the firmer 100 amp spectrum esc just down there again with underdamped, if you’re going to handle the power great, especially on, like i said, a 3s battery. If it’s going to go about 60 mile an hour, so it’s uh. Definitely not a slow car, it does run on an ic5 connector. You can use an ec5 on on there. It will fit. You just lose the telemetry aspect to it um, but that saves you obviously cutting off the plug and losing your warranty. I wouldn’t recommend using any adapters for it uh with the power it draws. The connection you know adapters are brilliant. You do have things like easy access to diff.

So if you do need to replace your diffs, it comes apart with a couple of screws again with your drive shaft that just pulls out and then comes off. You don’t have to take the car fully apart, like you do with some other models, and you know you physically take the car apart to get to anything you don’t with these so that’s again, another benefit of buying a premium high end car it’s, more designed for Ease abilities, especially at tracks, if you’re at a track, you don’t want to be spending an hour taking the car apart to get to a diff that broke. This is literally 10 minutes. Not even that, but, as you can see, the car just looks absolutely great. It looks fast and you can you can tell it’s quality. You know you’ve got what you paid for there as well, and you’ve got things like um on this information up yeah, so you’ve got things like rubber shell, shielded bearings throughout keeping everything, nice and smooth and um and running knife you’ve got um just you know the Sliding gear mesh on there, so you can actually fine tune it. If you ever do want to let’s, say i don’t know put a different motor or whatever in there you’ve got that that customization with it overall it is a great model. It it’s based on let’s, say the uh typhoon platform just more and beefed up to obviously more of a triggy and obviously her more power from the normal 3s models.

So overall is a great model. We do have it in stock at the moment here at dana models and so check it out on our website. There will be a link below if you’re, looking for a strong, reliable, fast brushless, rc car and then definitely take a look at this, the um. It does need a 3s lipo battery to complete and some a batteries for the transmitter, but other than that it is ready to run if i wouldn’t recommend it for a first car, but once you’ve obviously got to grips with everything and and um, you understand what What they react, like obviously there’s nothing wrong with going for one of these it’s, more of an intimate, immediate level car with the speed, obviously 60 mile an hour he’s, not slow, but uh. Overall, my first opinion on the car is brilliant. Can’T wait to see one in action and, if you check out on our website, there is a running video on there as well. Um of one of these in action. Give you a better idea of what what it can do, but um. If you’ve seen things like the granite or the typhoon or big rock, which is you know the the one previous to this, they handle great they’re super strong and you again they’re just they’re just doing all incredible cars, and if you do have an accident with it, You can always get the parts, so thank you for watching more coming soon.

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