Man, good dude, shoot some support again, thanks for the sticker let’s get right into the video guys. So this car here was – i mean i like when it came out – was pretty cool truck wasn’t, really something i was looking to purchase at the time, but man i was watching mobe876 uh. You guys go check him out his channel and also thunder rc. I believe his name thunder rc watching those videos, man. I say you know what man let me go ahead and let me go and get it man just some of those videos, pretty cool videos they did on it. So, thanks to those guys, i purchased my very first 3s arma vehicle uh arma vortex, all right, so basically it’s a four wheel, drive b, uh 3s blx 10 scale, a four wheel, drive system, um, it’s, ready to run, comes with a firma 100. Waterproof esc has a 3200 kv motor 2.4 gigahertz radio uh. They did give us the dx3 um radio now, which is pretty cool um, has an abc receiver in it um it has a you know: waterproof servo. You know that good stuff, so i’m gon na go ahead pop out. The box and uh have a first look at it and i did get this color. They remind me of the bmw, the new m1000 motorcycle, the same kind of color scheme that’s. What i thought of it when i saw it, i had to get this blue one, because i am into my motorcycles all right.

So let me go ahead, get out the box. Let me jump into the video all right so go ahead and i yeah this box here would be radio all right, three same radio, that again like the new felony and uh fraction. V2. You got your manual here all right. This is the radio alrighty box out the way all right go ahead, pull the plastic y’all there. She is guys there. She is so again, we have here is the dx3, so you guys seen players rails before it takes four double a’s slide that back i’m going to make the video too long. You guys seen a lot of these uh unboxing already. Let me get this. I think this is pretty cool and weird. At the same time, this little pistol looking tool wrench here, that’s a optional gear. In there your speed gear shock, clips little allen, keys, um extra tethers for on body clips and get your manual all right so manual. Here all right put that on the side, so i’m gon na go ahead. Just get this stuff on the table and just kind of get a better picture and angle on the new truck. All right so grab the box, and my very first impression of this guy looks pretty good, guys, love the wheels love the design, the body love, the paint job got the vented qatar tires on here. I love the gunmetal wheels let’s, see that gun metal wheels on here.

All right got some pretty nice roof sliders. So this thing flips over at least it’ll – try to protect the body a little bit awesome wing back here. All right go ahead pop the top on it. Let’S see the body see the back, and this is the this. Is everything right here guys all right so again, it’s woody bars back here all filled shocks, adjustable body mounts uh, 100 amp, esc 3200 motor brushless motor transmission back here, slipper clutch, okay, it’s, all modular setup under here, um plastic chassis. You should see that all right now, i will be removing these connectors, because i just run xc90s on all my cars. I don’t have any smart batteries either way, so that will be changed out um. You have the plastic drive shaft right here. All right plastic drive. Shaft um uh, i like the tub style. Should i keep some of the debris out because i know with my mojave man, you can get a lot of debris build up in there, but definitely like how they have this already kind of built in to the chassis or you know you know, probably probably remove It but um definitely a cool little truck guys. I mean i’m not going to sit here and talk a whole lot about the truck you guys already seen a ton unboxing just want to just get out the box and just show you guys what i got um. I definitely plan on getting some running on it: man i’m, putting on the ramp and as durable as i’ve seen this guy i’m going to give it some jumps.

Man i’ve seen this guy take a lot of beating uh, but before i do that i’ll pretty much go over the truck um check certain things i need to check out. I know my buddies have a typhoon 3s. This was last year and i think, like his wheel, flew off or something crazy, so i’m gon na check all those stuff out before i take it out for a run, um yeah and then just have a blast with it guys um. So you guys look forward to those videos and again just a quick unboxing guys. I want to thank you guys for watching and i’ll catch. You guys on the next one. All right guys just want to give you guys a close look at the truck guys, bring it on up. Show you the wheels all right that’s on here, see right there. So i found one of them all right. Let’S show you close by the body all right back of the truck just fast plus the event here might have like done my hobby right back. There give you guys a good close up guys, so you guys see exactly what it should look like show you, the shock, arms drive, shaft body, mount center drive shaft here, see the little guard Music straps, all right, let’s, just get a really close good. Close up. Look at the build of this guy back rear shock, turnbuckles, rear arms, see exactly swing around the other side, get the motor right here: trans slipper, clutch transmission! All that good stuff! I see the wires how they ran it.