Ever since i heard about this, one i’ve been waiting to get it and now it’s. Finally, here on the channel, it says here, 60 miles an hour out of the box. We’Re gon na have definitely put that to the test guys, then, on this side we have all the different colors comes in green purple and the red and blue here. This is the one i got the red and blue turn it on this side, guys it shows some of the features we have a easy access, diff removal front and rear easy access, power, module, easy access, electronics, module, gun, metal, wheels and vented tires heavy duty. Steel input 1.35 mod 37 by 13 tooth gears, castellated, slipper pad and sliding gear mesh and a new feature guys here for this car body: protective roof skids an integrated rear wing. So we got the roof skids on there to protect the roof of the truck guys. That’S, pretty cool and the wing that’s pretty sweet says here we got a plastic lock nut for slipper power module with dirt management and of course we have the uh strong chassis with the integrated plating here front and rear, and we have steering for more uh clearance. For stones and if you turn it on this side guys, this is also pretty cool new feature. We have a new radio it’s, a 2.4 gigahertz dx3 smart dsmr, and it says here this vehicle has abc active vehicle control and i’m assuming that’s their answer to traxxas’s tsm.

I could be wrong but that’s what that’s? What i’m thinking that is so that’s pretty sweet? Also, we have a waterproof spectrum: spms 651 metal gear, digital servo, so that’s, pretty cool firma, 100 amp, smart, waterproof, esc 2s and 3s i’m going to be running 3s. We also have a firma 3660 3200 kv brushless motor with a heat sink and fan also guys. They have an app out now on uh the app store and google play it’s kind of like the traxxas app where you can get the uh telemetry of your vehicle says here: drive pack voltage motor rpm receiver voltage, esc temperature. You can view features in real time and it just says to connect your mobile device wirelessly via bluetooth to your dx3, smart transmitter, that’s, pretty cool guys, uh i’m, not sure if you may need to buy a module sold separately for that for the radio or, if It comes with that i’m. Not sure we’ll find out, though turn it on this side guys and we have another shot of the chassis and it’s pretty much just uh, highlighting everything we just spoke about so i’ll. Let you guys take a look at that here. We have another shot of the chassis here. All right guys enough talk, let’s crack this box, open i’m excited let’s, see what’s inside all, right guys. This is how it looks inside the box when you first open it everything’s, nice and neat and heavily protected.

So we’ll go ahead and get the car out now all right guys so right out of the gate, you get your uh bag of goodies and it looks like we have a few more parts in this kit looks like a spare pinion gear there. Maybe a high speed, pinion gear. They also give you some uh clip retainers too that’s, pretty cool some spare clip retainers and some shock spacers and it looks like a wheel, wrench, some kind of tool to uh take your wheels off that’s, pretty sweet and, of course you have your uh instruction guide. All right guys, we’re, going to take a look at this cool new radio. Has a nice foam wheel on it with a black rim. This one is slightly different. It looks like we have our uh steering reverse and our throttle reverse here, and our governor is right here: 50, 75 and 100.. You can set the limit. Maybe you have a little one or somebody that’s new to rc’s. You can control the speed there how fast vehicle goes i’m, assuming this button right here is the power button and there’s your little led that’ll light up, and of course, we have our avc rate right here. Uh i’m guessing that’s kind of like your tsm for the utrexas guys y’all know what i’m talking about, and then you got the uh brake rate that’s new. I haven’t never seen that steering, trim, throttle, trim, there’s some kind of compartment up here, there’s a compartment here guys and i’m, assuming that’s, where the module will go so that you can get your telemetry on that app.

I was telling you about looks like there’s a slot there to put it in right there, so that’s, pretty cool it does take. Four: double a batteries feels good in the hand, guys that’s, pretty cool and there’s some kind of button here, i’m thinking, maybe that’s the uh to activate that app i’m, not sure i have to read up on it guys, but yeah feels nice in the hand, cool Radio, so next guys what we’ve all been waiting for the unveiling of the new vortex. Now that we got the plastic off, we can take a look at the sweet, new vortex, um Music, my so first off. I just want to say i really like that body guys i, like that color scheme and, of course we have these plates here on top to protect the roof. These skid plates here, that’s, pretty cool, and you got your rear wing here – feels pretty tough and durable. It is integrated to the body, so hopefully that doesn’t cause any issues. I kind of got the impression when i saw the wing that it was connected to the actual chassis like the uh typhon, all right guys, let’s take a look inside looks like we have our typical ic5 connector. Here you got your esc and fan here, looks like you: have a power button here, guys that’s, pretty cool all the others have like a switch. You got your motor esc and fan here. Suspension feels really good feels pretty durable.

I, like the chassis here guys with the uh it’s, got the guards here to keep uh debris out, so that’s pretty cool. We do have a rear, uh willy bar back here, also guys. I like these tires, i like to tread on them. They seem like they’d, be good on road and off road here’s, where you put your battery pack and of course you have your plastic center drive shaft, all in all guys, i’d say i’m, pretty impressed with arma and every vehicle they come out with. Just gets better and better so i’m really liking what they’re doing with their 3s line too, i mean it’s, pretty impressive, and these these trucks are pretty tough. Also. One thing i wanted to mention before i forget that i overlooked when i was looking at the radio. It looks like you have some uh leds here for the battery level and i’m, assuming that’s the battery you might have in your uh truck here. This is the battery i’ll, be running it’s, a smart battery but it’s a 5003s 50c hard pack and i’m. Assuming with these smart batteries, it’ll tell you the uh battery telemetry as well here via these leds, so that’s pretty cool. I felt that was worth mentioning before i forgot anyways guys i’m really happy with the vortex. I can’t wait to run it. Uh we’ll have a maiden out pretty soon so uh look out for that guys. I appreciate you watching if you like what we do on the channel, make sure to like comment and subscribe.

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