Give you my opinion on it, but before that let’s head off to tingy and take a look at the new armor vortex, blx Music, Music, the new armor vortex blx 4×4. This is a 1 to 10 scale, stadium truck capable of 60 miles per hour. Out of the box Music, we have here the red version of the armor vortex. It is also available in purple or green. It comes with skid rails already pre installed to help you protect the body when you’re out bashing and, as you can see, it also has a low drag rear wing to help you stabilize the car when you’re driving at high speeds this car measures 470 millimeters long 338 millimeters wide with a 287 millimeter wheelbase and, as you can see, compared with the trexus rustler side by side they’re, both quite similar in shape and size. The armor vortex comes with pre installed, vented d boots guitar tyres. It comes pre installed with a spectrum firmer 3200 kv, brushless motor with a pre installed, heat sink and it’s paired with the spectrum 100 amp, waterproof 3s capable esc now let’s see how it performs: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. That was the new armor vortex guys. How did you like it? What do you think now, if you’re thinking of buying this car, i would say, go ahead and do it it’s fast it’s fun and it pulls back flips like it, has a preset button to do so.

So here we go that’s my official seal of approval. Now, if you like this video, please subscribe, give us a comment.