Now this is going to be the actual fifth car in their 3s lineup. You guys know they have the big rock they have the granite. They have the scenting and they also have the type and then they’re adding this to their lineup as well. So this is going to be pretty exciting and you guys see a couple things on there. This says 60 plus miles per out the box, where the previous versions are the other versions that i just mentioned are saying 50 plus miles per hour. So you guys know we’re gon na get this out on super speed saturday and test this as well, and then also this weekend. I will be at tiny adventures, rc um, for their swap meet and then all their events and stuff as well. So if you guys want to check this out in person, come see me at tiny adventures, this saturday i’ll, be there probably around 1, 1, 30 or so and i’ll be there all day and then i’ll be there for a couple hours on sunday as well. So if you guys want to check this bad boy out in person, come on up there, there’s going to be some information below and there’s, also a flyer kind of popped up as well, where you guys can come check that out so with no further ado. Let’S, go ahead and let’s get this bad boy open and see what we got all right. Y’All, you guys know.

Ah, no unboxing is complete unless you got ta smell that new rc car smell and this mug looks good, looks good, looks good, looks good, look at that in there y’all. So let me go ahead. Oh yeah got ta love that smell, especially these tires look at them tires on there whoa. That looks good. So let me go ahead. Let me pull this bad boy out and let’s see what we got up in here, all right guys. So taking a quick look at this we’ll look at the truck in just a minute and the truck does look good, so um real, quick before i guess i get into this. I did do a conversion like this a while back a couple of years ago. Um. I took the uh mega series and they first announced it and released them out there and actually had the old armor vortex by, and i did kind of put that on there and i ran it. But it did have the mega gearing and stuff, and it was 48 pitch and stuff, but i’ll put some links down below in the description. If you guys want to check it out what i did with that, i just took their vortex body: um re drilled, some holes in it mounted it mounted it actually on the um granite and just ran that out, and i had some. I think it was uh. Some speed tread tires on there as well, and it ran fine.

I actually love that so i’m glad that armas actually made this official and, of course they put the nice armor touch on this truck. You guys can see that there so um, but i want to at least tell you guys about that so that’s good today doing this. I know some friends that asked me about that about a year ago, or so when they saw that video, but now it’s official y’all y’all see it there. So real, quick um. We do get the dx3 radio um, which is good. You guys know that this is going to be compatible with the smart esc and the smart batteries and stuff, as well so i’m glad they’re doing this with these kits um. You guys know that this is also going to have abc on it as well. So they know some guys are going to turn this into a speed truckee and hit a hundred plus miles per hour with it. You guys know that has the throttle limiter on there as well, if it’s too fast for you out the box um and then looking real quick at our bag of goodies down here now, there’s a couple of things in here that i see they give you some Shock spaces in there. They also give you some extra um tethers as well um, which is good because i’m glad armor is doing that it’s like they’re, listening to you guys and we don’t know they are what they are because i know sometimes i always break those tethers um.

Excuse me for the body clips on uh, my body and stuff as well so i’m glad they’re, including some of that, but look at this. This is actually aluminum, so that’s good, because the previous one was plastic like this and it just the plastic one. Just it really didn’t do any justice, i mean as soon as you try to use it on your tires and wheels it just stripped. So they are listening to us guys that’s a good thing with this and then, of course, we also have our instruction manual um. I do recommend you get this car just take a few minutes kind of go through it, um go through the ins and outs of it just so you’re familiarize yourself with the car – and i actually do this too, even though i kind of know about the vehicle. I just kind of looked through just to make sure there’s nothing um new up in here as well, that i may not have seen so anyway, that’s gon na be this instruction man, the stuff that we get with this as well. Now, back to the meat of this, which is gon na, be this truck and guys this looks good. It looks good, it looks good, looks good, and this does come in three colors there. You guys see those colors that are there for it. I’M. A green and kind of also a purpose color and then, of course, this red color, red, black and blue and white.

So this truck looks good now, real, quick. This wing is plastic, um it’s, not lexing or anything so it’s going to be uh pretty stable. With that i’ll show you guys the inside of that body in just a second excuse me, but looking at these tires and stuff now, this platform is designed on the same um at least chassis as the granite is. But the tires and wheels are a lot smaller. Um, of course, than a grant i’ll do a side by side comparisons between this, the gran and the big rock at some point in time, so that you guys can see that and um see coming some of the differences between the two um. This is, of course, gon na cost a little bit more because it does have the smart system and stuff in it as well, but this tire compound. So this is something that’s new to arma, and these tires actually it’s it’s a hard compound, but it’s not too hard. Um sidewalls should be fine, so we should be finding hitting at 60 miles per hour plus 60 miles per hour without any tire blooming or anything. Like that – and i love the way these wheels look on here too, so i know some of you guys are going to be buying these wheels for your granites and um typhoons and just everything else and getting that out there. So that’s it’s gon na look pretty cool on there um, but this body man this is they did an awesome job and of course we have the roof rails and stuff on here.

So if we do flip, we can protect our body and stuff there, and this is a unique look. So it does resemble kind of the two wheel drive version as far as the body is concerned, but they put the armor touch on it and i’ve always said the guy that designs bodies for armor y’all need to make sure y’all keep him. Give him a raise. Uh, you know, because he does a good job bodies, do make the car and tires and will stuff as well so let’s. Take this off and let’s move this a little bit closer to show you guys this and you guys should be pretty familiar with this layout. Um, like i said they did, use the short wheelbase chassis with this um, but there are some minor differences um with this particular one. Now i did go ahead and take this off to look at the pinion gear that is included. It has an 18 that’s installed on here and then in that bag is a 22 pin here, so that 20 tooth is gon na um. Take us up to that 60 plus miles per hour. So, of course, i’ll test it with the 18 tooth and then i’ll go ahead and put the 20 tooth in there and give it a test run as well. So we’ll probably i’m thinking hit in the 50s with the uh 18 and then we’ll probably do about 6263 um with the um 22 additional opinion here.

So it’s probably not recommended to take a 20 tooth and run it off road um. Because of these bigger tires and stuff as well so that’s, of course, going to be the speed control, that’s included with it. It is turn this around just a little bit right there. There we go, you guys see, that is the uh new smart speed controller with that, and i believe this is a 100 amp speed controller has a cat pack on there, so we shouldn’t have any problems or any issues with that um. You guys are pretty much familiar with the rest of the car, so i’m not going to go in depth with that, because it does kind of follow the same. Uh design as the granite, except for the tires and wheels are going to be different. It’S got a brand new speed controller in it and, of course, this body this looks good, so i am glad that arm is doing this. Of course, this has a willy bar and stuff on the back as well um the willy bar isn’t adjustable. You guys can see that, but that’s fine, i think that’ll be good for what it’s worth there with that. So that’s going to be a quick unboxing with this i’m, not going to go too in depth, because this does have the all the uh upgrades that the previous are the i guess the v3 uh, granites and stuff have on it. Um, which is going to be good, so i just want to get this out, and i want to get this ready so anyway, guys, like i said, there’s some information below in the description as well.

Um there’s some information links also to some of the previous conversions that i did before for this, but my conversions don’t compare to this thing right here.