I really wish we had something. That was a lot faster that we could race with well lucky for him. Ive been already looking into this into the 110th scale rc cars for about the past year, stuff, like the slash, the rustler, the vortex and a few others, some of which havent been made anymore. After a little bit more research, we settled on the arma vortex. I will mention, though, that there are plenty of other breakdown videos of whats in the box, the technical specs on the cars, what the internals have the motors, the suspension and all the all the wonderful stuff inside there are plenty of other, more knowledgeable videos out there On the youtubes, so if youre more interested in that id suggest looking those up, i will also mention that we ended up getting the spectrum smart batteries to go along with the spectrum, receiver and the spectrum controller thats in the trucks. The handy part with the spectrum batteries is, they will give you feedback to the controller, and it will tell you your battery level on the side when you get to that last blinking light. You know that you need to bring it back or you might be walking a bit to pick it up. So if it ever, if youre running them and they get down to the last light – definitely know you need to bring it in and change your pack out. So heres going to be a few clips of the first couple times.

We took them out and remember to take a video camera with us. We may have forgotten the first time or two, because we were just so excited to to get these cars and run them, because we hadnt ran any rc cars since we were probably 30 years ago at our old property. We had nice open woods in the field and we had a blast with the cheap ones we had at the time, which is having now even more fun. Now that weve got some big boy cars to go rip around with so theres a couple clips of us down at the park down the street out at the local quarry at our cousins house running up and down the hill, so check them, go: hey! Oh Music! Music, there you go Music, Music, laughs, wheel, there, Music, yes, oh so, one of the main reasons i decided to go with the vortex was a lot of reviews were talking about how well built and durable. These things are, and since i wasnt looking to do anything like jumping them, 20 feet off skatepark ramps or ripping down the road at 55 miles an hour, i wasnt looking for anything crazy and the more durable it was the better off it would be. For me doing more mild things looking for more reliable 4×4 rc that we could take down to the park around the corner of the street, we could take them, ripping them around the trees down the dirt.

We could take them out to the local quarry park and just have a lot of fun just racing around the dirt. With my brother and from my short experience with these things, they have been extremely durable and reliable. As you can see, we havent done anything crazy, with them exception of ripping around at the quarry at the throttle 100 with a couple of tumbles and occasionally catching a rock and sending it quite a ways and say we usually just leave the throttle at fifty percent And theres a catch on the on the controller. Thatll tell you fifty percent seventy five or a hundred most of the time. We just leave that sucker down at fifty um weve run some some basic telemetry when weve been running the cars and even around the woods up and down the hill at our cousins house, we have barely even hit 18 miles an hour so its not exactly all That pressing to have it at 100 because going at 100, through the hills and the bumps and the trees, is just not worth the risk. So on the plus side, though, with having it at 50, the batteries tend to last a little bit longer and the motor doesnt heat as much because its not pushing the vehicle as hard, but generally weve been getting about 25 minutes of constant racing around with the 5. 000 milliamp batteries, huh Music. Oh you got a hole. I got a hole in it.

Well now, back to 50 Music, i got one gap. Laughter that was awesome, so coming up well, be putting together a longer term, six month, review on how well that these cars have been holding up and what weve had to do to maximize the ability for us to have fun with them. We ran into a few issues with rocks. Getting jammed and stuff.