I will have a running video coming up pretty soon, but a lot of people have been asking about this. I figured i’d go ahead and do a quick video on it. So, first off um before i get started, the price of the rust of 4×4 has increased. Um, it was around ‘9 or 389 ‘9. Now the rustler is now 429, so the price has increased by about 30, 40 bucks or so um from when it was actually originally. I think it was like 3.99 when it was first released and then it went to 389 and i believe it went that low and then it kind of increased in price again so right now the rustler 4×4 is gon na cost. You 429. At the time of this video now the price may fluctuate more and it may go back down, but just so you guys know so. First off we’ll talk real quickly about the price of the two vehicles. The rustler i just mentioned is 429 and the vortex is 379, so that right there is about a 50 bucks difference between the two with that now, both trucks are four wheel, drive stadium trucks, and you guys can kind of see the size comparisons um between the Two there and both trucks are roughly the same in size of being in ride, height and stuff like that, but there are going to be some differences um between these two vehicles, um with that. So, first of all, the rustler does kind of come with the um clipless or the clipless body.

Basically it doesn’t have any body pins or anything. You just actually unleash the latch in the back of it, and you can kind of pull that body right off and use that to put that back on so there’s, no eclipse or anything for that where the armor vortex does now they’re both kind of unique in Their own way uh some people like that. I do like that because it is convenient, but armor also does kind of give you these tethers and stuff for the body um in case you know you lose a body clip or something like that. A body clip pops off, you won’t end up, losing it so they’re, both being unique in their own perspective there. For that i’m going to jump right into speed test real, quick, the rustler stock out the box with the stock pinion is going to hit about 43 to about 45 miles per hour. Now it does come with the speed gear that traxxas says you can hit about 50 or 60 miles per hour and um. I never put it in there because it started getting a little hot. When i put 15 16 tooth pinion gear up in there, the motor did get hot on it, but i know stock out the box. It does do 43 to about 45 miles per hour. The vortex does 55 out the box and i’m gon na get these two back out and give them a test run with the same battery.

So you guys can see that as well. I won’t have any gear chains or anything for that, but you guys can see that uh the speed of those two there. You guys see that at super speed saturday as well, so the vortex is going to be faster. So with that in mind, arma does kind of get um two. I guess two votes for that being a cheaper price and then also um being able to go 55 stock out the box. Now with runtime, the rustler is going to run um a lot longer. As far as run time is concerned as compared to the vortex uh, the vortex on about a 5500 milliamp genesis, lipo i’m, getting about anywhere depends on where i run and how hard i run it uh anywhere from about, i say about 12 to 14 uh minutes 15, at the most, with the rustler i’m, getting about 17 18 minutes, maybe a little bit more so we’ll do some more testing in the future, so you guys can kind of see that. So just so you guys know that um. There is a slight difference with that, but there’s a differences in the motors as well. I mean the ruster has a vxl motor, which is 3 500 kv, and then, of course the vortex has the spectrum motor, which is a 3200 kb in there. So there are differences in those motors and stuff as well. There are they’re both pretty large size motors.

They both are kind of 550 in size, so they’re, both pretty large motors on there um. As far as tire compound and stuff, they both come with really good tires for stadium trucks, stock out the box, um don’t have any problems or issues or complaints on either one of the tires. So you can’t really go wrong with that. Now the vortex does have 14 millimeter hexes and the rustler has 12 millimeters. There is a difference. You can’t put the vortex tires and wheels on the rustle and vice versa, because the hex sizes are different um. As far as the radios are concerned, they both come with some kind of our traction management. Um system with the wrestler comes with the tsm, and then the vortex comes with the abc rails. So that does help you with um controlling the car a little bit, especially at high speeds and stuff. It does help you adjust now slippery surfaces and stuff, so they’re, both kind of equal and um. I guess retrospective, for that i mean they’re, both equal with that. As far as that functionality is concerned, now the traxxas does have bluetooth on it, where you can hook it up to a phone, um and download or see some of your information there or the spectrum has something similar as well. So that’s, why i said the radios. I say they’re kind of equal, which is going to kind of depend on. You know your feel for that adjustability.

I think that the spectrum radio is going to be a lot easier to adjust with the traxxas radio. You have to go through a lot of different uh buttons and stuff. Once you go to the set button, you got ta go to the menu and you got ta, try to figure all that out and if you don’t have that little cheat sheet with you or you’re not used to the settings of it um you do have to Kind of have it on hand or kind of download on your phone to kind of get some of the functionality for server, reversing um and things, and that such where that’s, what the spectrum radio is kind of right there. In your hand, you don’t have to go through um a whole sort of christmas tree menus and stuff for it um. As far as durability is concerned, i think that both trucks would possibly be about almost equal in durability. Um. They both come with plastic drive, shafts and both plastic drive. Shafts are breakable on either car um it’s just going to depend on. I guess how hard you drive it and um. If you’re doing bullies and stuff i mean i’ve i’ve broken drive shafts. I haven’t done on the vortex yet, but i have on one of my other armor cars. They did kind of pop out and stuff, and i broke in on the rustler as well. So i would say, as far as that’s concerned um, it would be kind of equal as far as some of the durability.

Now the ruster does come with adjustable, turnbuckles and stuff on it as well and um. The vortex does as well so they’re kind of equal with that the shocks i would say, they’re equal as well, because armor did go in and they did do some updates to their shocks, to where they’re not leaking or anything like that anymore, so that that’s they’re Kind of going to be equal there, as well now, as far as changing the ride height and stuff, the rustler does have on its a arms um, where you can kind of adjust your shock positions to adjust the ride height of the vehicle for front wear where The armor vehicle does not have that. I believe the rpm ones um. You guys strike me quit me from wrong in the comments the rpm ones may, if you buy them for the vortex, have an extra hole or something where you can adjust that, but you can’t, you cannot adjust that with the arm of vortex, where you can um With the rustler so and then, as far as like electronics, code, motor um, speed, controller and stuff they’re, both good for running stock out the box, i mean, if you’re, just trying to run the cars as they are they’ll, be a lot of fun. You won’t have any issues or anything like that. Um, i think, when you start putting speed gears in them which which, regardless of whichever car it is um as long as you run it on the street and you’re kind of just going up and down, i think you’ll be fine.

As far as heat goes. When you start putting the speed gear in and running these cars off, road is when they’ll kind of start overheating and stuff so, and that goes for either. Car it’s not like one car, is going to be um better. As far as that, when you put those speed gears in it because they both come with speed gears stock out the box, the vortex comes with the 18 and the rustler has. I believe, if i can recall, maybe incorrect 11 2 pinion gear i’m in there, and then it has a 16 or 18 as the speed gear which is telling you you can get to 60 miles per hour with that, so they both come with willy bars on It which is great they both have wings and stuff on there as well. They both for the body it has some kind of protection on they both kind of have those protections, um pieces of plastic on the roof, roof rails or whatever you guys want to call it um. They do have those on top of the body. So if the car flips over um, it can protect your body somewhat with it as well. Um, the vortex does look a little bit beefier than the rustler. The wrestler is kind of like a to me. It looks a little bit thinner, but they both perform good um i’m gon na take them both off road real soon. So you guys can see that, but i did kind of just want to get these two together, so you guys can kind of see them side by side to one another um and just see some of the differences between the two i mean.

I think that you know if you like, traxxas you’re, going to go with the rust if you like, armor you’re, going gon na go with the vortex or if, if you like, both you’re gon na just get them both, i mean you can’t go wrong really with Either one but the rustler is gon na cost you a little bit more than the vortex, especially at the time of this video i don’t know if traxxas is gon na lower that price down again or not or they’re, just going to keep it there. Um part support russell. The russell is going to have it on like aftermarket parts support, because it is designed off of the slash 4×4 platform, where the a a arms and stuff like that um can fit on there from the slash and then a couple other components. As well um the arma series that this whole 3s series is kind of catching up to that um. They are getting a lot more aftermarket. Support and we’ll see a lot more as time progresses on one other thing: don’t be scared about tires and wheels, because you can get other tires and wheels that will fit the vortex that has those 14 millimeter hexes on it. So don’t be too worried about that, and the uh vortex is compatible with a lot of the other 3s series as well and i’ll. Do some videos to show you guys that i’ll compare the big rock the granite and then the vortex and probably get the um.

The typhoon out as well um, i don’t, have the new sentence. I’Ll look at that at some point in time, but we’ll do that versus the slash or compare that to slash and kind of just get those out and running but i’m going to take these out. Um and do some tests with them really soon i’m, probably just going to set up, like i said, a basic track. I mentioned in another video i’m, just kind of having a track set out and i’ll just drive. Both vehicles i’ll, probably do like three to five laps or something just so. You guys can see how the vehicles are gon na hand handle with the same driver not having different drivers and stuff with the same driver on the same excuse me terrain and turf. For that so that’s going to be, i try to keep this kind of short, but that’s going to be kind of a just. The comparisons between the two, like i said, i’ll get these out i’m going to run them in certain areas. Um there’s a couple areas. I can run so i’ll, probably take them to the bmx track and stuff as well, just so that you guys can can see them performing how they perform out there as well i’m. Just gon na actually do an overview of both cars, making sure they’re in tip top shape that one car is not struggling here than the other and getting some fresh batteries to get some of these uh jen’s ace batteries and stuff and run those in there.

So, anyway, guys put your comments down below try to keep this under 10 minutes but end up going a little bit longer. But uh put your comments down below which one you like, which one you don’t like, which i know you guys, will do that anyway and uh. If you got either one. I know the vortex is fairly new, but people are getting these now um. What you either plan on doing today, what you’re going to do today, if you got a rust or what you’ve done to it as well? My rustler is still pretty much stock out the box. It even has the plastic drive shafts on it, just replaced those and stuff cleaned him up and he’s kind of been resting in the corner for a minute but it’s time to get him back out and do some running and stuff with it.