If anybody saw my video first one that was me messing around with it trying to break it, i try to do everything in my power to take it out there and break it, destroy it. I was not carrying. I acted like i had never had a remote in my hand, and it took about four hours to break a rear arm. Now the rear arm is replaced with armor replacements, and today i uh pretty much let a friend of mine have have a a crack at it um. He is a what i want to call a nitro freak like the man is all about. Nitro cars, that’s that’s his thing he doesn’t like electric and i wanted to see what this felt like in his hands and if he was gon na, have fun with it and – and you know everything else from the looks of it, he had fun um. What do i think about the car? I love it. I’M, not gon na lie. We went out there, i broke the x maxx, i broke my another car i have and the end of the days this is still standing. As a matter of fact, we like the car so much, then we bought a second one yeah. If you’re looking for an rc car, get this one. If you’re in texas hobbytown wait go check them out, they will take care of you until then enjoy this quick video of us messing around playing around and uh go out there and bash Music Music, so Music, Music, Music yeah, my yeah pretty nice.

If i would have landed Music Music hold on Applause, first, Music, Music, Music Applause, get it get it get it. What do you think? Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, oh Laughter, all right, it’s hot! As hell out here in texas, we came out my kids play with the little stampedes, the damn infraction caught on fire. The vortex did what it does this little damn car here’s a beast. I don’t care what anybody says as expected, the damn x maxx broke. I haven’t messed with the crate, yet i didn’t have anybody to record and then the other vortex i haven’t used it but that’s it. Next, video we’re gon na come in hot, with the with the creighton. Hopefully, we’ll have the infraction fixed man. Hopefully, we’ll have all of them fix and come back at it, but it’s way too hot. I got my family with me. My kids say: hi hello, the kids all packed in they’re hot, so stay tuned for the next video like subscribe, share, don’t like it dislike it, it don’t matter.