This is going to be a quick unboxing of the arma vortex 4×4 and then the first run uh for the unboxing part gon na be really quick. I’M! Not going to stretch this out for too long because uh i’m a little late to the party i’m doing the unboxing, so there’s plenty of unboxing videos out there if you want to go, watch them uh, you’re more than welcome to, but also i wanted to give An update on the giveaway that’s happening at 500 subs first off. I want to thank everybody who has subscribed to the channel and has entered also and for all the support for anybody who has commented and stuff like that. I really appreciate it, and the other thing i want to say is that the armor vortex is now one of the options that you can pick from. If you win so that’s at 500 subs, if you win armor vortex traxxas, haas, armor typhon pick from any other three but anyways let’s get this unboxed and take it out for its first run. Let’S go Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music. All right here we go getting ready to do the first run with the armor vortex. I did throw the gps in there uh see what i can get. This is still the installed pinion that it came with. Let me get it started. It is roll back and forth see if it’s working Applause and 1.

1. If you can see that it’s getting kind of dark so i’m going to try to hurry up, helps. If i get the car turned on there, it is going forward. Reverse works. All right! Let’S! Go Music, um, Music, all right, let’s get the speed check, see what we got. If i had to guess, it’s. Looking like it’s in the 40s, i don’t, maybe low 50s, but let’s check it out, and we have here we go 51.7. So not too bad. Abc is working. You can see all right, let’s go back on and have some fun Music, so Music, so so, Music, uh Music. There you go guys the first run with the armor vortex uh.