With this uh program, car for the hobby wing and i’ll see where everything is i’ll probably definitely turn up the brakes and uh probably go up on the punch. A little bit go ahead and take this body off. Oh so i did go ahead and uh add a gopro mod up there, so i can get some nice footage with this thing. Willian doing speed runs from on the car angle, and also this thing should serve as some roof sliders too, before it actually hit these. It should just slide on the gopro if it’s on, hopefully that’s not the case, but if it’s off – and i do happen to flip this gopro mount should actually serve us like a roof. Slider as well. Let’S go ahead and take this body off real, quick and let you guys see what i’m working with. So, if you guys just now watching this video for the first time, you didn’t see my first video. The setup is a hobby wing max 10 combo, 120 amp esc. We got a 4000 kv hobby wing motor check out the new cooling fan uh. I am running the 18 tooth pin to start off with with the stock spur and i will be using a smart battery. 5. 000. Milliamp. 3S. 11.1. I got some uh belted bandidos on there as well, so i started off with the headlights originally supposed to be right here where the stickers are, as you can see, uh i already drilled one hole, but the problem that i was running into uh the lights was Gon na be cocked out to the side instead of straight, so i decided to uh tap into the front right here.

Check those things out. Look like some ram mirrors right now, spinning around. Let you guys see the other side. Nice, clean incision got the bezels on about to work our way to the back and we’ll be done. We got the back tail light. Bezels installed kind of look like some exhaust pipes. Let’S take a quick look at the stock shock, got the stock shock right here. We got the brand new aluminum threaded adjustable shock. Suspension is still good, all right, fellas. We are good to go getting ready to wrap this build up. So uh got the new shocks installed. These things look 10 times better, as you guys can see. It’S super bouncy. So make sure when you guys buy your shocks offline if it’s not coming from proline or one of those higher end shocks. Even then, i would still check these shocks came dry, nothing in them at all, so that’s, why it’s so bouncy and uneven. So i do have some shock oil on the way and uh next time. You guys see this doing. Speed runs the ride. Height will be adjusted, uh it’ll be sitting right. I already got the esc program card plugged into the esc, got the light kit installed onto the body, let’s go ahead and uh turn on this thing and see what kind of settings the esc comes stock factory and then, like i said earlier in the video, only Thing that i probably will adjust is the brakes and the punch so be right, back let’s go ahead and turn on the controller first, so i’m just going to go through the settings and see how this esc came stock out of the box and the ones that I’Ll be interested in changing if i’m going to change.

Anything is 8 and 10, which is the break and the punch level so you’re just going to cycle through the esc. So eight is uh max brake force. It is on six, which is uh 75 percent. Go ahead and keep it like that you’re gon na skip nine you’re gon na go to ten and uh. The punch level is already at punch level. Number five skip 11, so the drag break is at uh.