We got some vehicles here. We’Re gon na be running we’re gon na be bashing these vehicles. So you wan na check out this video. Like comment subscribe over three sons: rc vehicles – we run it today. This probably split up into several videos uh but we’re running the mojave, the armor mojave 6s. Exp, we also got the outcast 8s on an 800kv last video we’re gon na be running out of the outcast 8s. Before we drop in a max five in there we also have the hybrid junior over there outcast uh. We can run it as a backup, but here we go got italian. Welcome back to the channel. Mr italian luke is going to run the time today. He’S go pro and i’m go pro, and first up today we got the arma mohave exb6s. Now, we’re gon na run a video right now because a complete breakdown of what’s running in this vehicle and how we set up right now. What a beast of a truck this arma mojave exp is uh here’s, the electronics we’re gon na be running here on its maiden voyage. Here we got the spectrum firmware 160, esc and here’s got plenty of punch for 6s could even run 8s with the exp diff gears potentially, but we’re gon na run six that’s gon na be plenty for also got the uh rocket surpass or some pass rocket. Whatever canon here this, a 45 85 with a 15 80 kv, 23 tooth pinion we’re running the gold bat uh, 5200.

I’M. Sorry, this is a 6 6 200 milliamp hour battery. Before we run this truck, we set the droop. We got the droop screws from m2c racing and they are ready to go that way. We don’t blow out our shock right in. We also got a power hd 23 kilogram servo. That should be plenty. We did decide to use the m2c racing 6s esc plate. This works for all the exp trucks and all the 6s line and there’s a nice piece. The reason why i trust this a little bit more than the plastic ones, they’re metal to metal threads, so you’re going to have metal screws and the metal threads and that’s not going to strip out on you, especially with some loctite. Let me tell you how i got this uh 160 firmer in here. Is i dremeled off this one right here this mount right here and drumming off the mount on that corner to get this guy to fit in there. You can see. I kept this one mount from the firmware 160 on there, because that one did match up to the plate. I put that, through with some blue lock, tight spacer in between that locks, it in real good, and i have double sided tape in between plus a zip tie. On top with the fact that i got a screw right, there zip tie and double tape. This thing’s going nowhere, and i do trust that a little bit better because, like i said we are using some blue loctite on this plate to the chassis with threaded metal screws.

So i trust that more than a plastic plate at this point now. This is intended to be used with a max 6 and the stock blx systems, but i jimmy rigged it to work with the firma 160. it’s not intended for it but hey. I trust it and definitely before we’d ever considered running this armament we’ve got the m2c racing, locking nuts, with the extenders on there. Now these add two millimeter to the hub. They push it out a little bit further, so they don’t rub on the inside and potentially strip out strip out the plastic, if you’ve seen guys with uh tires flying and videos off of these things, uh that’s why this is gon na help out a little bit More than even with the exp with the xp, they had one millimeter. This adds two millimeter really limited problem. Now, when you put these on here, you’re gon na tighten up the first one super tight. Second, one you’re gon na do just a drop of blue loctite and tighten that on there as high as you can and that ain’t going anywhere we’re ready to bash this thing: hey, like i’m scratching let’s bash. This thing baby show you real quick. How i shoe glued this body now i have the self proclaimed best shoe body. Uh video on the internet so feel free to check that out three sons, rc, because i shoot the heck out of this thing, ready to go because this thing’s gon na be beast.

I’M gon na send this thing to the moon. We’Re gon na have fun with this guy. So hey like comment subscribe, hey luke, how’s it going buddy good it luke’s ready to go. We’Re gon na have a good time. I’M gon na sit as fast. I can off of the biggest stuff. I could find that’s kind of my motto in life. So hey let’s, do this yeah let’s go! Our mommy is beat let’s, go i’m having time baby Music uh that wasn’t even fulfill. I never jumped this mojave. So let’s see how it goes there. We go, keep floats up there: Applause, Music, oh good thing, i’m, slowing down Music man. She is a ferocious beast: Music Applause, first backflip in the hobby. This thing is crazy: Music, Music! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! You almost died. Bro Applause is that dirt Music, we might have our first breakage, maybe a shock rod. End looks like oh nope it’s, just stuck up in there. Give me a second i’ll fix this quick impressions, guys of arma mojave exp. This is a great truck by arma it’s, really a driver’s car. So you know you can’t just hop on there and slam the throttle and just try to go into turns top speed, it’s a handful, especially with electronics that i have running in there, but it’s it’s great to kind of learn how to be gradual with that remote And not just blast at it actually use some technique there so love it uh.

It took some high speed impacts. A lot of nose hits you know, just learning the truck, how to do some errors and stuff like that. Uh. The chassis is super straight, no broken shock. Rod android did have that one um a arm brake at the end, with a really high speed topple that initially i was surprised it broke, but you know i didn’t bring my trucks inside overnight note to self. If it’s cold out in your garage and don’t bring your cars inside overnight and it’s cold outside the next day, uh plastics could break. So that was my fault somewhat, but yeah super satisfied with the truck i’mma just put out a great truck here. I can’t wait to wait to run this thing again. Uh i’m gon na keep sending it. You know upgrade with m2c parts as needed, but it’s a tank right out the box. So if you don’t have one of these trucks go get them. These things are amazing.