This thing is awesome. People have been telling me to get this thing and i have got it we’re, adding it to the collection and i’m super excited. This is the first 6×6 i’ll have ever owned here’s some of the details. If you want to take a look at those, you could pause the video and read into it. It is a 1 18 scale 6×6 on. I believe this is a dodge old dodge body, not 100 sure probably should have read into it. Who cares here’s the size and everything of the vehicle upside down? If you’re interested in that and yeah let’s unbox it? I want to take a look all right, guys, let’s bust this thing open. I want to see what is inside and so like the katana. I figured that this was probably a sticker to indicate the color that you got and i did get the blue one. I see most people have the red one. I haven’t seen very many blues. So when i saw the option i thought yep got ta get that inside we get the package with a tool a little screwdriver and it looks like stiffer springs. Oh yeah, hard right. There harder springs. If you want it to be a little stiffer on the suspension. Let’S bust this thing out of here, look at that. That thing is super cool. It has a nice detailed body, a lot like the katana. I noticed the packaging is exactly the same with different companies, so they rebrand the packaging.

Super soft tires feel kind of nice and sticky there’s, definitely no foam inside, which is nice. Little added metal for the exhaust system goes up and out. The top here looks like we got a toolbox on the back, some little clips to attach some scale accessories. If you’d like got a full size spare on the back that’s nice, an independent suspension for the rear, a little trailing link, i like how they designed that, so it stays connected there’s a little screw in there to hold it together, and so you can get independent Suspension movement on the rear. I was wondering how this little 6×6 would function. It seemed a little long for something that you would crawl with, but the way they have it set up. I think it’s gon na do okay, so that’s the truck let’s even get some little backup lights are. This functional looks like they might be. That is pretty cool guys. I really like this. What else do we get? In the box? We get two pieces of a controller slides together just like that, and it looks exactly the same as the one that comes with the katana, the enduro 24 and the rgt defender seems to be a very popular, pretty decent quality controller. That comes with a lot of rc’s from a lot of different manufacturers, so we got that and the last thing nice little charger exactly the same as the katana and a bind plug clear charger.

Usb we’ll probably use that, and that is it guys. That’S everything in the box let’s take a closer look at the truck and take it for a spin okay. So we got the four batteries in the controller. Now i wanted to see how i get this body up. I haven’t looked at the instructions, i’m hoping it’s, pretty simple and straightforward. Oh heck yeah looks like it is magnetic this lifts up and comes off like that and that’s about as far as it pivots. Just enough to get to the battery now one thing i did notice with this: is it didn’t come with a second battery like the katana did now? I didn’t expect it to. I also didn’t expect the katana to but looks like it just comes with the one. Now i want to get this thing out of here and see what size battery we’re working with. I do like that. It has the little built in rubber bands to hold it down. That’S nice. This is a little chunkier than the other batteries i have about this size, so it’s a little longer, a little thicker 7.4 volt 600 milliamp hour lipo battery, i believe it’s, a 2 cell could be totally wrong. Let’S get it back in here and plug it. In so it looks like the body might hinge a little more more forward, which would be handy for how how limited the space is in here, but it hits the grill so i’m.

Sure if i took the bull bar off and i would be able to get in here – a little easier but i’m gon na get this thing set back in and i move right back with you all right. So i got the battery back in there and i was able to hit the on switch as well hidden down under there. This little waterproof switch the fact that it’s just magnetic and flips up that is so cool. I love that it does have functioning. Headlights, does have functioning brake light, slash tail lights, let’s see, got ta turn the transmitter on. Oh first time, i’ve tried this there’s batteries in it, but it is not coming on. I got fresh aaa’s in there. Tabs are clear. They appear to be touching, but we got nothing i’m gon na take a look at this i’ll be right back all right guys, so i got it figured out in case any of you run into this issue. The batteries are in there and, as you can see, the negative side sits quite a bit lower and this was pretty much squished right into there. So i just had to peel it out a little. Oh, there you go and then once i got it in there, it was making connection with all four batteries. I can feel pressure across. It slid it back in and now we’re good to go, which is a great thing. I was worried that the remote was broke or something which was kind of a bummer, but it did give me a bind plug, and i have quite a few controllers just like this one.

So i guess it wouldn’t have been the end of the world. Let’S. Take a look: we got channel 3 that should be the lights, maybe nope. So, unlike the katana, the lights don’t have an off and on switch on the controller, which is fine, that’s no big deal. You do have your trim settings with these buttons that are offset in different sizes looks a little odd to me. The way it’s set up – but i mean it is what it is we’ve got great steering looks like we don’t have a servo saver on there that i can see which is kind of nice. I mean servo. Savers are great that there’s a reason they exist, but i like not having them on a scale this big because you’re not doing anything too hardcore or crazy. So when you lose that steering ability with a servo saver, sometimes like on the scx 24s, it is kind of frustrating decent power. Let’S see how slow we can go, pretty good, controlled, slow, crawl, yeah nice. I think we’ve looked at everything. We need to look at let’s. Take this thing on the course see what it can do now. Obviously, the first obstacle we need to do is the hill climb, with something with this long of a wheelbase. It shouldn’t be a problem at all. For this thing, not a problem whatsoever made it right up there and probably right down oh tumble, so we made it up the tall side i’m, almost positive.

We can make it up the short side, but i did notice when it was crawling when these rear tires get in the air. Like this, the center section axle, you can definitely tell there’s a little torque twist when you give it some throttle. They twist up on this side and that’s torque twist transferring from the transfer case to this first axle and then into the second one where it has it’s actually planted. So that was something that i noticed right out: the gate it’s, not a problem. It’S no big deal but it’s something i noticed so i wanted to let you know so let’s climb up here, Music and with it being very long in comparison to some others. I was curious if we were gon na get stuck here, so we’re definitely bottomed out. A bit, but i don’t, think we’re yeah we’re not permanently stuck, and the funny thing is, if you just take this out of the picture, it’s a stubby little truck it’s, just like any other crawler. You add that axle. It becomes a whole new beast, but it looks like it’s not hindering it here, which is good. You get drive on all four of those rear tires. So as long as one or two of them have traction you’re good to go now, there’s, basically no chance for this thing to make it up around this corner, but we’re certainly going to try Music nope, not gon na. Do it it’s just too long it’s like trying to turn a limo around in a small parking lot, it’s, not gon na work, but we got some other things.

We can try it on. Probably the most important question: everyone wasn’t asking: will it fit through the tunnel by george it’s done it and just barely now, there’s no way we can get it out of this tunnel. We saw at it long enough. Maybe Music nope, not gon na happen with three independent axles. We got ta see how it does over the flexi testes. It does, okay until it hits something that tips over one more time. A little smoother a little Music slower Music definitely makes it. Okay, not as much articulation as the littler guys but that’s all right, it’s, a big truck, see if it can make it up the unnamed hill Music. I guess not! It is a little long for when it crests the very top of this thing right up here. It gets caught on the bottom pretty well, so give it one more shot, but i think this is one that we might have Music just too long to make it up that that’s, okay, let’s, take it outside and see how it does out there all right. The katana was a little too small for the outdoor obstacle and this is about the same size, but we have three axles and six tires see if it can do any better. Oh yeah that had no problem getting up that see how we do up this Music. We’Re cutting a hole, oh we’re, really cutting a hole, jeez see if we can get through there, Music, so uh.

Oh, we austin powers ourselves between two rocks. I think that’s about. As far as the atlas is gon na make let’s give it a little helping hand here, Music, all right, it’s, quickest and easiest way to scratch up a brand new body on a brand new rc car. I dig it but yeah not a bad little crawler. I think it does good and it’s a fun little truck to drive. Hopefully once i get this course going um. My plan is this weekend to get started on the mini outdoor course. I know a lot of people are excited to see it. So am i we’re gon na get some more rocks dirt wood, all kinds of stuff and get this going, and then we’re also going to be working on the mini course over there in the old flower bed, but for today guys, i think that’s gon na. Do it, this is a fun little truck really enjoy driving this thing around love, planes, it’s, so exciting, so loud, but yeah. This is pretty awesome, i’m glad i got it and i think that’s going to do it for the review today. I can’t wait to see it compared to the other 24 scales when we start doing more competitions.