This is the envy thanks for joining me. I come to you this week on a very special episode of the program. We are on the Spanish island of Tenerife a and I can tell you bit closer to Morocco and the African continent. Then we are to continental Europe or Spain itself, and you can see why I’m here it’s a special car, because this is the world’s fastest SUV. We are sq8 Music. Yes, you heard me right. This is the world’s fastest SUV, the Audi RS q8 it’s brand new. It just made its debut at the Los Angeles, Auto Show, and here we are driving it already. Perfect location create tarmac some nice mountain roads as well, so lots that I can throw at this car let’s see how it laps it up: Music, the crap that I’m right in the middle of this lava field and there’s a volcano behind me. We get to all of that in just a bit. Is the car just as red hot? As that I mean just that tag. Is that enough? Is there enough under this hood, I have to stop talking and find out sample the specs. If you will folks, the all new RS q8 uses the familiar foe, liter v8 TFSI bi turbo engine with a massive 590 horses of maximum output. The torque figure is equally staggering, especially as it comes in as low as 2200 rpm the gearbox to handle. All of that torque is also the very familiar 8 speed, Tiptronic, of course, Music, and now for the figures that will truly blow your mind.

Top speed for this baby is 305 kmh. Well, the top speed is electronically limited to 249 kmh, but with the optional RS dynamic package that goes to 305 0 to 100 kmh comes in 3.8 seconds. Have I got your attention now? It isn’t the q8 family that in many ways we got the new design language, the new look of the Audi QH, all the SUV’s. It is more aggressive. It is more bold, it’s more wide and in your face market they took charge and yeah. This is the first car that came out in his regime, so to speak and obviously the RS q. It is an even more aggressive interpretation, then of what you see on the q8, and so you know blacked out drill. You got the artist badge. Obviously the bumper finished off with that metal finish typical rs territory, and yet some of the signature q8 highlights like the pronounced hood line and the signature from the DRL as well. All of that stays true. Even on this Cup Music, the real lights are also LEDs. Naturally, and the car starts with a cool animation on the rear lights that are joined by the red LED strip that lights up when the headlamps are on. While the standard wheel size is 22 inches, you can get 23 inches too, but India will likely get just the twenty twos. Speaking of the fact that it is RS, you of course get the special alloy wheels low profile tires.

We’Ll see what happens when it comes to India again, you’ve got the RS badge down there and then the mirrors with the metal finish as well. All typical RS territory, what’s also nice about the q8 family is that it is now. You know in that whole coupe, a SUV genre, and yet, unlike what the competition has done, where you can very obviously see the car that they’ve taken and then sort of turned into the coupe a this isn’t like that it has its own identity. The car doesn’t. Look like it’s exaggeratedly coupe a like, and yet it has that nice swept back roofline. It works it’s, more proportionate. It is actually shorter and a little shorter, even in length. Then the q7 it’s a little wider though, and it does serve them as the flagship of the Q range, but after keep reminding myself, this is not just the Q weight, it is the RS q8. The best way to do that to get out on the road Music Applause the roads in tenerife, way truly provide an ideal test bed with a good mix of variety, narrow, winding good tarmac quality, and he has high speed expressways to this island. Has it all Music Tenerife a is the largest of the canary islands, with a land mass of just over 2000 square kilometers, but mostly anywhere you go on the island, you can spot the tall and imposing Mount Teide the volcanic peak that at 2718 metres his Spain’s Highest mountain Music Applause, four litre v8 biturbo TFSI with a mild hybrid system.

Yes, this is a pretty advanced engine it’s, also one that Audi has really worked on it’s been honed if you will, from the sq8 stage, to becoming even more important on the RS q8. I mean as soon as you get into a car, even if you’re in city traffic there’s. This obvious feel that, yes, this is a powerful car. You get that sense of urgency from it straight away. It’S almost egging, you on to you know, take it out on a wide open road, no traffic. I have a speed limits, of course. Yes, by keeping it eager and that’s a great feeling when a car is urging you on like that and almost wanting you to unbridle it. Yes, the rs2. It certainly gives you that impression in the first few minutes of driving, and then you go to the drive. Select when you put it into dynamic yeah, maybe that’s, where those 590 horses start to sing and gallop Music. The RS q8 is a beast and yet there’s nothing remotely unrefined in its character. The car sings, because of the precision of its engineering that just shines through honestly, the Audi Q, will not ask for a better flagship Music. So it is very obviously more powerful than the regular q8 as well and that’s. Hardly surprising I mean is the RSQ it, and I was talking about this big difference in styling terms outside, of course, when you get into the car and start driving you to straightaway pick up on the difference again, and so you know hang on a second for All of this to become really sort of obvious and for us to understand it, we kind of need to know the q8 first don’t we and so yeah it’s kind of logical to get to know the q8 first.

So, while I’m sure that the q8 will be right at home here on these lovely mountain roads in Tenerife way it’s kind of this very obviously luxury lifestyle kind of vehicle isn’t – it I mean it fits better with the Middle East market. I mean it’s kind of at home in a place like Dubai, so let’s do that let’s cut across to Dubai. First, introduce you to dare I call it regular cue it Music, Music, Music, so quite a different setting as you can see, and yes, it is a very different car. I know it’s a model line, but it is drastically different driving this car from the one you were just looking at and the one I was just enjoying in Tenerife. Right now I did say Dubai. Lifestyle kind of middle east works, but you know what I’ve got ta get a little greedy here, as I often do and when you’re here, then, why spend time in the city when you have an SUV which does by the way have Quattro? So then you bring it out here into the desert sands because, frankly, that’s a lot of fun. So, yes, I got the chance to drive the q8 out from the urban jungle of Dubai into the Sandy countryside. The car is familiar and yet so different. For starters, this is a very different drivetrain, of course, now having driven the RS version for so long yeah, everything else is gon na be done by comparison, but that’s not fair, because you know this is still a 3 litre v6 with 55 TFSI, which is basically The 3 liter TFSI engine, which gives you 340 horses so yeah as a fair amount of power there.

I did mention its Quatro, yes, 55. That is normal. It sure that I suspect very few people at Audi understand fully and the rest will never admit that they don’t understand it, but I will I still don’t get it fifty five TFSI, but let me not be harsh. The point here is that this is a three litre v6. It gives you 340 horses, which is not bad and it certainly is responsive. The v6 engine is sharp the over 2 ton weight of the car, though, is still apparent, but maybe I am spoiled by the RS. To be honest, even the gearbox does feel quicker on the RS q8, but again unfair comparison. I know this engine also pairs up with a 48 volt mild hybrid system that, besides assisting startstop, also lets the car cost on battery power. When cruising Music, the q8 gets a 254 millimetre ground clearance, and so it does sit tall but throw in the optional air suspension and there’s an extra 90 millimeter play on the cars adjustable height depending on the drive mode and the situation. The good part of that, though, is that even though it’s for the chosen few, when you look at the kind of styling embellishments and also the different lines that are available well, the Indian customer will have all of those options, because, on the cue 8 Audi has Kind of positioned the car is the one that you really customized, so that it’s almost like each one that you sell ends up being different from the other and that’s going to be a huge place.

So things like the S line and just a whole lot of trim options will all be on offer for you, customization is always good, especially at this end of the market. Howdy has brought one trim of the q8 to India, so you can get add ons like the s line package. Prices start at 1, crore 33 lakh rupees standard wheels for India are the 20 inches, though 21 inch wheels can be ordered as an option. So, unless doors at the rear, the nice glass roof a good sense of opulence and luxury from the materials and trim for what it’s worth that touch kind of feel to the climate control system. Yes, it is comfortable back here and it is definitely premium, even though the whole focus for this car in positioning terms will be on the driver’s seat. I mean they’re going to say that look. This is the car you buy. If you want to drive yourself, if you want to sit at the back well, you’ve got the q7 for that and, as you can tell, space is definitely not a problem despite the sloping roofline. So the car is comfortable in the back too, though yeah up front is where you really want to be the with its flat surfaces, and the three screen layout is a lot like the a8, and so you get a lot of check. The virtual cluster is the first big screen that grabs you, the central console houses all infotainment in the upper touchscreen and the lower one gets climate control, it’s all intuitive and has haptic feedback, which is great voice commands.

Let you focus on the road when you’re driving, though so, that you don’t have to really look down at the screens. The layout in the RS q8 is similar, though the trim and materials differ. I tried out the cars off road mode in some of the sandy stretches we drove through and, of course, it’s dynamic mode on the highway. It does everything you wanted to and is certainly premium every step of the way. Yes enough time spent with the q8. It is time for me to get back to having more fun again. Thank you very much, I’m continuing up the mountain and I now I’m getting a much better sense of all the things that make the RS q it so different from the vanilla q8. If you want to call it that it is all very intentionally skewed towards, of course, increasing the performance of this car, because it’s meant to be fast, it’s meant to be more agile and it certainly is so lots of things standard. You got the air suspension. You’Ve got four wheel, steering which means the rear wheels, also turn in or out either with or against the front wheels, depending on the situation. Let’S give you more maneuverability and better sense of control for sure. You’Ve also got the Quattro system that works in conjunction with the steering and also the suspension, because again that’s been filmed specifically as an RS model Music. Yes, you can hear the engine throughout because yes, I’m staying in dynamic mode for the most part, but the car has eight different drive modes.

If you will – and so you get the standard ones that you know we are used to seeing which talk about efficiency and which talk about dynamic and comfort and all of that, but instead of having an individual mode there’s an interesting new shortcut that the RS cars Have this is the first SUV to get it and it’s the RS mode button here on the steering wheel. So you’ve got two options: there: there’s Rs 1 and there’s Rs 2 and in RS 2 you can also cause turnoff ESC, which is better when you’re on a track. If you want that kind of extreme performance, but in RS 1 you can of course individualize all the other things you can have. You know comfort suspension, but you could have the dynamic engine response of the steering could be stiffer whatever I mean, this is basically individual but, like I said there are two modes and having the little shortcut, especially if you want to pick you overtake or you want To have a higher speed manoeuvre without having to you, know, slow down or look at the screen, it’s nice to have that shortcut and if you’re thinking that that reminds you of the m1 and m2 buttons from the other Bavarian well, you’re, absolutely right. The RSQ it’s gabon feels plush and rich. There are plenty of surfaces you can opt for from carbon fibre to this glossy black. In my test, car, the same is true for exterior paint, window trim and grill finishes, and if you can believe it, the car with me is called galaxy blue.

Yes, it looks clean or let’s, say peacock blue. I agree, but oh well. The drive up into the mount there a national park here in Tenerife a just got more and more spectacular. The variety of terrain and vegetation and temperature differences along with the elevation was the big surprise. Wow these lava fields spread across just miles of expanse, really gives you a great little perspective and how small you are in the larger scheme of things. This landscape really tells the story of nature’s true power and fury seven minutes. Forty two point: two five three seconds: that’s the new lap record at the Nordschleife, the Nurburgring and, of course, it’s this car. That has that record now: it’s the world’s fastest SUV as I’ve been saying – and you know what it’s just two tenths of a second slower, zero to 100 – then the mighty Lamborghini, whose yes, the rsuh and the lamborghini gurus we share a fair bit after all. Lamborghini is an Audi subsidiary, but the cars have vastly different powertrains, and that is perhaps the big reason why their performance is different too, though both are very, very fast, such as the instant response from the engine that gets your heart pumping it’s. Also, the absolute precision from the suspension as well as the steering I mean. The setup is just so perfect that you always know that the car is going to give you the exact response that you want from it.

That’S comforting that’s also very reassuring because it makes your overall dynamic driving that much safer and gives you a greater sense of confidence in what you’re doing now. The downside of that is that it’s, the electronics it’s, not really all you, but you know, that’s the modern cars we drive these days now. Having said that, there’s one particular area where I have fired a lot of fun and I’m finding that the car is absolutely spot on and that’s the way it comes in and out of corners. I mean the greater sense of control that you’re getting on something like this. It does remind you of the other car that’s based on this platform, that’s euros, and on this one, of course, you get the Quattro sport differential, which means at the rear. You can actually split the torque force between the two wheels real time and yes, that gives you that greater sense of control, especially when you’re coming out of a corner really fast, very precise. The RS q8 does all of this and yet leaves you feeling fresh and charged up. I spent two days driving this car around this island and at no point did I want to stop. Nor did I feel tired. The seat position, ergonomics, cabin comfort and ease of driving, coupled with the various driver, aids just kept me going and that’s how it should be at this end of the market. Yes, the RS q. It comes with everything from Lane keep assist to blind spot warning, to traction and stability, control and multiple airbags.

Of course, all as standard. And how can I forget, the adaptive matrix, LED lights expect the fully loaded version in India too, but the asking price will be well upwards of two crore rupees. So that, ladies and gentlemen, is the Audi RS q8 it’s a special car, and we can now confirm to you. It is coming to us in India so for the chosen few, the promise of a lot of pure performance in the SUV space. Please react to it. Tell me how you like it and always remember, to wear your seat belts, no matter where you’re sitting in a car wear your helmets on a bike.