Today the class object is avatar security system and it could be better muslims. Today we have three miles is a three month. We use the most start with the 150, we won’t start some of the most remote keyless entry. When avatar for most parts, keyless entry security system to rest are with the physical there’s, two microseconds, you see, how does it start after he started to press once more now unlock the vehicle you press a whole it. I will turn off your vehicle’s. Ok, i called one but and the reason won’t stick avital for today, 50 a positive company directly products. I’Ll talk been around for 20 years and i will try to get a lifetime warranty on it. It hasn’t admitted you have to keep your seat. You have to register the product, you have to have it you stall by popeyes didn’t, but good. Do it avatars the 6000 lisha wide dealers in America that you call the original good on each remote. You take it to your nourishment. You always have a service them. His apt on Bloomberg, i has a quarter mile range, but all products have a quarter mile range. It is designed for automatic transmission, knocking diesel all right, just the one by next one we have for bunny that’s off hold on. You is a four bunt. Lockunlock start trunk release press a hog. This one I’ll give you panic that whose buns are water resistant? You could be in the rain.

Why we’re not get in but you cannot go swimming. Can I take to the bathroom and take a bathroom it? You cannot go into the wash machine, but its water resistant in the rain and slowly dropped in water. Take it off. Okay, drop it and slow. You, okay, normal start same function, parmar range one lap time. Let them know one there’s, the 800 number you it up. The off the service that turns a half where the alcohol is 53 322 way security system all right so that lockunlock start press a joder. 30 control function is the light to the stairs in the vehicle. Then you press the lock Allah start born together, like you temperature reading of the vehicle, okay, there’s a lot more features to this, and this prayer carb basis, there’s a multiple output, so you can load up or no down. It is a security system. Now why avatar security outside one of manufacturers that will give you 20 baggage, are the insurance deductible? If your laptop its arm and car get stolen, doesn’t matter, get your car back or stone forever. They’Ll pay your deductible up to 2500. That is outdoor prestige cannot do that. Compustar cannot do that brands out. There cannot offer it. I have taught one of very few brands. I can same thing: nashua warranty, six dollars in America caught up in lumberton to nurse one. You go up traveling down to Florida, you’d be out driving in East Coast in the west coast.

So if you have to share this system caught in any number it’s Sydney to your dinner, I’ve that’s, our security, does your locks again, things lock and lock start Trump. Press the whole function does not give you temporary dog, because it’s a one way or another things are the apt. Our system running a quarter mile range and the reason why you want the quarter mile range is when you’re inside building that range gets get Sean by walls by electronics, so it’s up to a quantum our range and asha aunty. If you’re at your house in patna block or start that’s, what you want testing to start with, this was confirmed that run and today, I’m include today after system along a little bit more quieter normal. I had my inside boards on the other people sleep in here today this morning, so I’m going to try this off.