If you didn’t read the title: we got a nice unboxing for you, guys we’re going to be unboxing one of these rc’s, this 118 scale. Four wheel, drive monster truck by b, full it’s called the storm all right. Now they have a couple different uh versions of this truck. This one is the storm they got the thunder. You know what i’m saying this is the storm right here. The thunder is like a blue one. I don’t – i don’t, see it on here, but this one is by b, full bang. You can see it right. There there’s also another company that uh brands. This same exact version of this truck is called whole speed and they model there’s the same exact things, the same name same truck. It just has whole speed right here, but this is the b full. I got this for 40 bucks off of ammo. No, no, not amazon, banggood alpha banggood 40 bucks, rated ages, 14 plus buying all right. This is just a four wheel: drive budget rc monster truck now, i’ve seen tons of reviews on youtube for this guy and it seems like a pretty decent budget beginner vehicle. Now a lot of you guys have been asking what’s a good vehicle that you won’t have to spend a lot of money so i’m, bringing you another one today guys now i got plenty of budget vehicles. On my truck, i mean on my channel on my truck on my channel plenty of budget vehicles for you to check out, but we’re, going to check out this guy all right.

This claims it has a max speed of 45 kilometers an hour per hour. I really doubt that, but we’ll see you know, we’ll get a gps gps test in at a later date, but it uh i’m not going to open it up because it doesn’t really. You know you can’t really get to anything or work on anything, but it really has everything shown right here. So i don’t have to open up the car or at least take the body off like i would traditionally do an unboxing of rc. I would take the body off and show you guys, the inside and the components. Well, since this everything is really covered up, there’s no need for me to do that, and they show you on the side of the box. You got a 380 brush motor the steering servo. Everything is covered up so i’m thinking they’re, trying to make this guy waterproof or something like that. That’S. What they’re trying to go for uh? You get a 7.4 volt 1200 milliamp hour, lithium ion battery high strength, independent shocks, uh ball, bearings, metal, ball, bearings, stereo, servo, uh differentials with ring and pinion gears all right, that’s cool, so we’re, going to see what this little b full storm is all about. Guys let’s see if we can let’s see if we can weather the storm huh unboxing knife on deck. Alright, now we rock y’all know we coming man, you already know how we do it on the jonesy dog channel man buddy check that out man 40 bucks, bang.

The storm howl at your boy, i’ll at your side, high, so there it is right there look at that. I bet you there’s some yeah. You have to get me my handy dandy scissors on deck. I keep the boys on deck hate wrestling with these little zip tie type things all right, so wow out of the box, as you can see, there’s no oil filled shots in there. You see a bouncy bouncy, bouncy it’s, really bouncy bouncy bouncy check it out yeah. So there’s no oil field shock it’s, not bad though friction shocks, but it’s, really bouncy, so you’re going to be bouncing around tires are they’re, not super hard, they’re kind of soft i’m, not sure if they’re foam filled, i don’t think they’re field. I could be wrong, though, but look at that man nice little truck man little monster truck. I like the look of it olivia brizio, bye. You know the storm little 118 skill check that out man. Can you feel me so let’s see, so we got that out of there and that’s everything that’s in the box with the instruction manual. So, as you can see, it even says it don’t even say be full on instruction. It says host speed like i was just saying. This is a whole speed branded car. You know ready to run 2.4 gigahertz, so claiming 45 kilometers per hour. We’Re gon na see a little 380 brush motor in there. So yeah.

It even says whole speed on a thing so yeah man we’ll get into that. So here is our transmitter. We like have some nice foam on the steering wheel, check that out and the only knob that you have is your steering trim, that’s it and then your on and off switch now, it’s full proportional steering for proportional throttle, which is not too bad for 40 bucks. Here’S, our battery bang 7.4 volt 1200 milliamp hour battery, and it is a lithium ion and i’m, not too sure what this little connector is here. I’Ve seen it before on one of my other cars but here’s, the connector for it by and you get a screwdriver with some extra body clips, which is nice with the phillips screwdriver and, of course, last but not least, you get your charger, which is a usb With a balance lead on it to charge your battery, which is not too bad, and your battery goes underneath here – there’s a screw right there, so you have to get the screw open and put your battery underneath here. The battery compartment. So just underneath here, which i’m not too keen on the whole screw thing i really just rather just pop it up top and just pop it in there but hey. I guess this is their own little thing. You know. Oh two batteries, bang, 40 bucks, two batteries. So here’s our battery underneath that’s a banger look at that we got two batteries there’s your connection right there that is so dope, so they get you two batteries, 40 bucks, low, 180 scale budget vehicle i’m excited to try this storm out guys.

So let me get these batteries charged up and we’ll. See you guys outside with the storm, so got the battery charged up on this little 18 scale, rc monster truck by b, full slash, hoe speed. You know what i’m saying i showed you guys that on the table review, i forgot to show you guys. There is an on and off switch on the side here, turn that on just slide that over and turn on the transmitter – and there is full proportional steering. Look at that full proportion of steering and full proportional throttle. Okay, all right, let’s just go ahead and just run this Applause, oh yeah definitely got to be trimmed. Let me get it over. Here, definitely got to be trimmed. I got ta find out, though. Let me get it over trimming, it up guys that’s a lot. Oh that’s, a lot better check it out. I don’t know about 45 kilometers per hour, but a little thing definitely got some little speed on it, not bad for 40 bucks. This is how to get her, trimmed up and she’s doing pretty good. All right b, fool bucks came with two batteries: 1200 milliamp hour, lithium ions four wheel drive got some little friction shocks on it, but hey it’s, not going too bad guys check it out. Powerslide! Oh man now this would definitely be a nice gift for like a kid or somebody, somebody just trying to get into the hobby or somebody for like a birthday gift, a nice kid kid gift.

This is definitely it right here. The 18 scale monster truck huh i’m. Actually kind of shocked for 40 bucks. I was getting ready to say: nah guys, don’t buy this, but this is actually not too bad. Wow. Look at her go all right. Let’S go off road. Wow let’s see how she do on the gravel wow guys i’m gon na leave it out to you. This is actually not going too bad for 40 bucks and i was actually kind of shocked. It came with two batteries. I think any uh kid would get a ton of enjoyment. Out of this. You really can’t go wrong for the price. Look at that look, how it’s kicking the rocks around wow all right, let’s hit the grass Applause grass is fairly thick too scooting around the grass. Look at that that grass is pretty thick guys and it was raining this morning, so it’s kind of wet it’s going through thick wet grass, but 18th scale monster truck. Guys. Look here see that grass is still kind of wet power, slot power, slot woo yeah baby i’m. Digging this – i am definitely digging this get up on the sidewalk all right. Next time i get it out. I would definitely be bringing a little gps, not a speed demon or nothing but i’m, just curious to see how fast this little thing goes. All right, let’s get the ramp out for this battery kicks let’s, get the ramp all right, guys, let’s see.

If we can hit a couple jumps with this little b, full 18 scale monster truck there’s one guys i’m really shocked, though this thing came with two batteries, but the price is really is not that bad wow look how it jumps too it’s jumping really good. Already. Oh and i missed the ramp that time yeah, i think any kid or beginner in a hobby would definitely love to have this i’m enjoying it. Definitely i still consider myself a beginner when it comes to the rc. Trucks. I’M still learning a lot with them and i could definitely see throwing this in a backpack and taking it to the skate park and have some fun definitely look forward to a skate park run with this guy. Definitely this little thing is awesome man. They have a couple different models. You can pick up too, and i might just do that man, because this little thing is, they have like a little stadium like a little miniature like stadium, chuck. Looking one that looks pretty cool too. I might have to get that. So me and my son can run them together, steady missing that ramp. A couple couple more jumps in and we’ll lay down your feet. Yes, she always seems like she wants to land on her feet, which is always nice too, especially chasing your car down. All the time i wish the tires was a little softer, so she likes to spin out sometimes because the tires are not the softest, so she’ll spin out like that, when you give it too much throttle but other than that man she’s boss.

For this little thing, the price we’re not going too bad. You can always switch up tires and get you some better tires on here and some oil field shocks, and this thing is in the game. They landed on that time. All right, we’ll get a couple. More jumps in a couple more jumps in, but this thing is definitely a monster guys. I think i’m going to pick up one of the mother, the mother models, because i didn’t think this thing was going to be this this far. If i could just hit that ramp, i would be okay, you know there we go look how she’s, jumping and that’s those are friction shocks and she’s, hitting it pretty good, frickin shots, she’s she’s, stopping that landing. Look at that got a car coming. Music got a car coming share the road one more one, more one or two more good jumps and we’ll call it a day. Wow there’s one one more. This thing is awesome, guys. Definitely a winner for the price can’t get beat, you can’t beat it let’s bring it on in all right man. So this is the b full slash hoe speed. I forget the model number but you’ll see it uh in a title. Definitely a winner guys definitely pick this thing up. Definitely loads of fun. Definitely beginner friendly! Definitely kid friendly! I think anyone would enjoy this i’m, your boy, drawing the dogs.