One of these bad boys keep watching see how we got it, because this thing is fun with the capitol f. What my fellow drifterman, it’s rich here and i’ve, got a new drift car, not that one this one, actually not that one either this one uh, the one on the other side of the box is the sg 1603. But i like the look of the bad boy. 1604, a little bit of a hint of mad max in it to my mind on there, this car’s been getting a lot of attention on youtube and being a fan of the armor infraction and it’s full on drifting. This is my twin motor version. If anyone is not familiar with that of which i’ve finally got some phone tires on, so we’ll be doing a top speed test on that in the coming few days, all joking aside, i’d seen people like dave, starcy, bashing, tommy, rc drop and kevin talbot driving this And it looked absolutely great fun, so i thought i’d better get one of these see what all the fuss is about believe it comes with two sets of tires. One stock set one drift set well, let’s get straight to it. Get this thing out of the box. See what we get for our money and who knows in another video? We might put it side by side with this bad boy. Now, if you’re not familiar with this car, it is brushed it’s, four wheel drive built in headlights which look fairly awesome from what i’ve seen online 116 scale.

It’S got esp i’m guessing that stands for electronic skid protection, etc. Basically means the car’s got a gyro built into it, so you’re gon na be able to drift a bit better with it, but wait. This is almost like a richie whoa moment later on in this video i’m gon na show you with the car on the bench that esp facility working or not, as the case may be, and the results may surprise you. I wouldn’t test it on a bench because i’ve been watching a couple of other people’s videos on it and they were saying when i adjust the esp doesn’t seem to do an awful lot and i was thinking. Maybe you should test it on a bench richie and see how well it works or not. When we adjust that dial and as i say, the results may surprise you, but full demo of it on the bench in just a second and i’m thinking. What that esp is it’s a bit like traxxas tsm or spectrum avc, where it’s going to steer into the skid and help you drift the car a bit better, okay in classic richie sterl. Is it going to be upside down nope, not in this case, ready to run but first time to remove the car on that body film and get the transmitter out from underneath very neatly packed this thing, and this version i’ve got is the multi battery one full Set of drift, wheels, few tools and some body clips and a battery charger and people may wonder where go on about the packaging the car comes in.

If a car is well packaged, the chances are. A lot of thought has gone into the design of the car itself, so good packaging typically results in a good car. So what do we get for our money? Our instruction manual, one car needs the body film taken off our four drift wheels spanners to change those wheels over from the stock ones which have a pretty decent looking tread on there. Quite soft, but that’s got a good grip to it. Two 2s lipos 7.4 volts 1200 milliamps a piece so we’re going to get a nice runtime. Out of this, i think and one lipo charger, which connects into usb port to charge them and our transmitter well say the car is ready to run. You are going to need fourier batteries in the bottom to get it going on off, switch throttle, brake steering, etc on there at esp dial on here. So in this video i am going to demonstrate it with the sp turn right down and then turn right up and i’m also going to get the car off the bench and show you how the esp works. We have got steering, trim and steering jewelry, also reversible, throttle and reversible steering, which helps if you’re left handed or right handed, though i’d missed these two buttons on the transmitter. This is to turn the lights on and off, and this is to set the three different color options on them more on that later now, i am trying to pay more attention to detail on these cars.

It does say: lipo battery are there on the outside of the box, which is why i stated it had a lipo battery in it, but these are, as one of you will undoubtedly point out if i don’t lithium ion batteries so time to get these on charge. You could use the supplied usb charger that’s going to take a couple of hours so i’m going to use my dean’s adapter and get that plugged in my fast charger. Well, definitely time for richie woah moment before a toy around the outside of the car doesn’t just come with. Two batteries comes with a third one. Inside the car quick scan around the body, definitely a hint of forward mustang. At the front, there now looks far better with the body film completely removed, as i went for this rather than the 1603, as i felt it had a bit more of a bad boy. Look to the car never mind the front of the car having a hint of the ford mustang about it. That rear definitely looks very ford mustang indeed, you’ve even got a semi detail, scale interior there and just about room to squeeze a couple of driver figures in if you wanted to well a little bit of care needed when removing the body that’s, because you’ve got a Wire running to the receiver for the led headlights, which are multi colored, which we’ll see you in a minute when i power it up and that roll cage looks like it’s going to put up with a bit of abuse mounted with screws on the inside.

So i’m. Quite happy with that anyway, let’s dive in and have a closer look at the car decent sized foam impact. Bumper at the front there that looks like they’ll put up with a good whack got call over shock absorbers both front and rear. Four wheel drive steel driveshafts. I notice – and that appears to be a steel cbd joint down in there as well, which is definitely a good sign and it’s worthwhile. Noting well we’ve got metal cvds at the front. We have at the rear, but just check out how much thicker those drive shafts are at the rear than the front, which is slightly unusual. Moving on back on the right hand, side there we’ve got our combined esc and receiver on the left. We have sadly got a five wire servo. It was good to see a three wire servo, because if you want to upgrade this to brushless, it also means swapping out the servo, which is a little bit of a pain. Our third 7.4 volt, 1200 milliamp battery included. Now that motor size, i was thinking it should be a 380 cam motor, but that seems maybe a little bigger than a 380, but i’ll try and lock that up and quote the spec before the end of this video and moving on to the back we’ve got A fairly rigid bumper on there quick, richie suspension test, oh man, that is very well sprung, as opposed to well damp.

So i wonder if those dampers have got any uh oil in them at all, we’ve got what maybe i’ve got a fingers width so probably about half an inch of ground clearance on there and once we’ve got decent suspension movement on there in terms of travel, you Can see just how stiffly it is sprung when i lift that front wheel, the rear is coming up virtually instantaneously, only about 10 mil of movement on there before we get any left well quickly. Scanning down the underside definitely see it’s been set up to the drifting with a smooth underside to the car, the a arms nothing to write home about, as they have no triangulation on there for added strength at all. But we shall see how they hold up in the real world, speaking of which let’s see if that battery’s charged any instruction manual. A lot of the time i don’t bother covering the instruction manual because it’s not really a lot of interest to people, but i have to say this one is very, very well written indeed, and is the car hobby grade you better you’ve got a full list of Part numbers at the back and we’ve got exploded diagrams of the car, showing where everything goes. I thought it worthy of mention as the instruction manuals go it’s not too bad at all batteries in the transmitter car battery charged up time to turn it on. Okay, my battery’s charged got power to the car thought i’d demonstrate that esp function to you.

If it’s got a gyro built in this car, when i move it around like this, the front wheels should counteract what in essence would be a skid i’m artificially. Creating the back end of the car skidding out. So the front wheels should counteract that so that’s with the esp turned right down, then we’re going to turn the esp right up and the wheels still aren’t doing anything. I did wonder if the car had to be moving so with a bit of throttle on there too, for the wheels to counter steer something a bit of roll. Do the same thing: okay turn it again, absolutely no movement at all in terms of gyroscopic effect. So i turn it halfway down bit of throttle again and nothing no counter steering effect whatsoever from the car. So will a car may claim to have an esp gyro doesn’t seem to be functioning on this one that’s, not necessarily going to detract from the driving of the car, but straight out of the box. That doesn’t actually seem to be doing an awful lot, although i have a quick spin around the yard off camera and the car does appear to dry pretty well, but like shielded and a good about things, don’t necessarily rely on that. Esp you’re gon na have to rely on your throttle finger and your steering check out those awesome headlights, which is to say, can be turned on and off using the switch on the transmitter or you can choose this switch to change the color options.

Yeah looks plain evil with those just in red. I think we’ll stick with that. Well, nice, rainy day here in sunny california and i thought a great place to test word beyond this white basketball court. Oh man, no it’s not hugely fast, but it will drift for the best of them now. I’M thinking in the dry, with the drift tires on it’s, going to be fun, it’s quite tricky on air in the wet, as you can imagine, i know this is very much like driving on ice, but yeah catch it right and it’s doing all right very predictable. Oh man yeah that backhand wants to snap around. I need a blink of an eyelid on the underwear. Now anybody was wondering. Is it waterproof? I’M praying a goodness that is now. If you’re going full throttle, dab the brake and then turn you can get it to provoke it to drift a bit more see if we can do that, full throttle brake drift, whoa there now yeah. So, if you’re, using your traditional drifting technique, which is give it a break and then nail throttle, it’s reacts to that very, very well. Now getting it now, i’ve, no idea how long this battery will last but i’m gon na have a lot of fun making it. Oh man and i can obviously put about a bump as well. He says oh man now this is with the stock tires on the grippier ones. That is it running pretty much flat out when you want to provoke that tail.

It will certainly step out even when he stopped tires. The stocktail’s got very very little grip, particularly on this wet, but i thought this would be the ultimate test of it in terms of grit well, that’s like driving a nice, this yeah when it builds up speed up. You turn in that’s hard left. Oh now is the sp working turn down to zero. I would say it’s not noticeably doing any different compared to when it was set on fifty percent when it set on fifty percent. Is it gon na improve the handling at all? I would say not. I think the esp we can safely say is not working at all on this car, yet you can still hold some pretty nice wrists with it, but it’s wet now. This is with the stock tires on and it’s very slippery on here today, get quite tricky to catch. It short wheelbase donald steps for the steering jewel rate turn right up so turn down gon na be even more of a handful. I would think. Oh no that’s, better drifting, a bit better at speed with the steering turned down, got to be quick to catch that backhand on here when it’s right. When you got it right very rewarding now i think that battery has about died, yeah. So what i have to say, i like the same qriket rain, stopped play, but to answer the question is the sg 1604 waterproof? Well, it took the ac apart when i got back thinking if it does need a bit of conformal coat to make it waterproof.

I’Ll put some on there, but the ac it’s already conformally coated on there, but there’s some sort of ingress of water somewhere in the car a little bit erratic, so it’s drying upstairs right. Now our fingers crossed we’ll run again bite the weekend. The car has a lot. Potential definitely needs a working gyro, though, with that shorter wheelbase, i will call it like it is. I don’t hide anything away from you, as can be seen from today’s test, showing up the slight deficiency it’s waterproof up 12 point and that jarrow sorry it’s not working today well thumbs up.