Music. That looks pretty awesome. Let me help you tape, but our pull pull it. Oh yeah, look at that! That’S awesome! Now it even comes with rechargeable batteries, ready to set this up and try it out all right. We’Ve got the car we’re outside, but just before it got dark and let’s see how it does on land that’s the onoff button. Here you go: okay, don’t turn it off. Leave it on. Here you go, so you pull this to make it go and backwards. So we can go backwards. Then you turn the wheel turn to turn the car on. Okay, you ready get crazy nope. Not that way. Whoa, oh yeah, dreads upside down: oh yeah yo. Can you flip it over again and go on the rocks? He loves. It. She’S got no problem and it drives on water too, too bad. We don’t have a pool run over the Frog. Maybe it’ll flip over go if you go really fast drive really fast and turn really fast. It’Ll flip over Jeremy whoa whoa go you’re, driving really fast turn it try to get it to flip over again. Go Oh jump run over my foot. Oh turn over. My foot go over my shoes, Oh Music time to flip it over there. You go go well, you get it on the deck grab it on the deck and the deck get it on the deck or bone bone is we’ll. Get on there go go, go, go Music, Music! You run over bonbon with it.

Okay that’s it flip it over flip it over you get on the deck get on the deck drop. The stick Music, whoa whoa. Did it things a climber yeah? Look at her setting up some dinosaurs over there go run over those dinosaurs. Oh Oh collision, Oh hit my shoes. You like that car, though your favorite car. Oh no, this thing’s trying to fight you Music, Music, Music, Music. Then you mess the police up. You’Re gon na be out here all night: aren’t, you, Music, nice. What okay grab it aim it at it: Music.