I have had in quite some while, but anyhow keep watching to see just how much fun this thing is Music, well richie and in a very cold northern california day. I would say to you to use that expression. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it superman, no courtesy of be wine, it is the q111 crawler multi tracks vehicle on here. I’Ve been fancying, something like this to play around with the yard for quite a while, and i think, with quite a few of us still having a few restrictions around where we can go. This is the ideal toy for me to test at the minute. So many thanks to b1 for sending this one out for us to test. So what do we get for our money or we get a crawler which you would think with those tank tracks should motor over anything but we’re going to test that around the yard? Very shortly in this video, as i understand it, we’ve got fully proportional control on here, plus a quite a high level of suspension movement in these tracks, and quite possibly this one has a little party trick up its sleeve. But the one thing i didn’t know is: when it says environment for driving, you can drive it indoors, outdoors, smooth all rough surfaces, but only use it in good weather conditions. So there is a high chance. This isn’t fully waterproof, so don’t go plowing through a stream with it or anything like that anyway, now i didn’t mention it might have a party trick up its sleeve.

What is this little blue bottle for? Well, i need to read the instructions, but i have a very good idea. Speaking of instructions – oh q11, spray, remote control, truck spray what’s that about that need to do with this bottle. Richie. Okay, there is our truck now in this box. You think about the charger. Well, it’s, obviously, the battery, which actually comes complete with two usb chargers, which makes me think, is there another battery, possibly already inside the track vehicle and our transmitter, which, to start with appears fairly basic, although it’s made out of fairly sturdy plastic on it. Our throttle. Reverse brake, etc. Steering on there three aaa batteries in the bottom to get us going, but most of the point we have this button here, mark’s smoking. What like is that, like a speed button, no read the instructions find out what this bottle’s for charge. The battery find out, if you have another one in there, but in the meantime i think we should get the camera down and have a closer look up around this baby. Now, a decent bit of weight in there for it being a track vehicle, probably about two and a half three pounds in weight. I guess on there, but quickly, spinning around the vehicle. I think this thing is going to be able to motor for most things now. In terms of suspension travel has it got some? Oh yeah, we have got some articulation in there.

So yeah. We have got quite a bit of suspension travel in there, so uh it does what it says on the tin. Should we say not a bad looking beast. I have a few ideas for trying this outside. Well, i thought it a bit odd we’ve got two usb chargers and just one battery. That is because we do indeed have a second battery inside the tank already, and both these batteries are 7.4 volt, 1500 milliamp lithium ion batteries on air complete with mini tamiya connector on there let’s talk about what that smoking buttons for and what this little bottle is For looks like it unscrews the top of this doesn’t, you have to squeeze all the air out of it, put it into water, which is what it’s filled with in a minute and then let the pressure suck the water up into there about 50 mils gets the Smoking function to run for about eight minutes, it’s very firmly, located under this gas tank, a little plug on the back there. I kind of thinking when i had one of these as a kid he used to put oil in it and it used to heat the oil up and squirt it out of smoke out the back as i was moving it just then i did notice our little Goblin doors lift up on either side on air, so you can squeeze a little gi, joe figure in there. I guess you can drive around with it like that.

My thought is you don’t necessarily want to do that. I have a super rough ground in case it takes a tumble. Although it’s doubtful is about three pounds in weight. Combined with low center of gravity should mean it’s not flipping. Over anyway. Let’S go see how that first battery’s charging and we appear about all set to go i’m, actually loving those led lights at the minute. Anyway. Now let’s have a look at the back lights. Cursed me now rich. We should just use this Applause and check out the tail lights which don’t actually appear to be working in this instance, but let’s. Try that smoking button. Oh look at that. I take it all back the tail lights, all working and that does do like it’s smoking. Like a real tank, what do just absolutely awesome on there? I guess that’s just blowing out fine steam or something absolutely awesome. I was not expecting that at all anyway, i think it’s time we went out and tested how well this thing really drives check out this. On full throttle that just wiggly anybody, that’s thinking this is just toy grade. Think again, i guess you’d be wrong about that. Well, first of all, we’re going to give it a little test on blacktop like this test it out on some loose gravel, like this trail conditions like this we’re gon na see how it handles grass if i’ll take a jump. The answer to that would be a yes, then well, let’s start off on a nice hard surface, and it does indeed want a wheelie it’ll corner flat out.

But this is not where it’s really designed for breaks pretty well in reverse, but half the speed is. It goes in forwards, but i do like the fact it has enough power to wheelie off the line anyway. Let’S see how it makes the transition to grass at speed, in fact, as they get on the grass Music well slowed down us slightly, but it is still monstering through that and corner flat out without any problem. Now it should climb over pretty much anything too funny. All of my sprinklers have come on and so we’ve narrowly avoided getting soaked on the lawn sat off road a bit now it’s. This is probably steeper than that’s coming up on that 30 degrees. So if you want to get it up, climbing, i think we’re gon na have to add more weight in the front to keep it down because i’m, not putting if i give it full throttle, it’ll simply uh flip over backwards. But i guess once we get going we’re gon na get up there without any problem at all and once we’ve got room to give it its head of steam controlling on. It is really really good, very accurate. Indeed, with this uh radio on there. In fact, you can simply turn it on the spot to come back around the other, the same way, absolutely outstanding it’s. A great amount of this is a lot more fun than i thought it would be. I have to say, and man it flies along – takes a bit of a knock, loving that light ski man.

This is way way more fun than i thought it would be a little bit of care going over stuff, but i think just speed this in school. Sorry, just too funny and the controlling on it is really good. The steering is absolutely excellent. In fact, you can just turn it on the spot like that, just by holding the steering down very, very good. Indeed. Now, as i say, it’s got quite a bit of power, give it full throttle coming up there. I think it’d be wanting to go over backwards. Yeah, like that it’s launching so you’ve just got to be aware of the handling traits he’s got. But overall, i have to say now very few cars i’ve got will go through this mulch at all yeah. This thing is not doing too badly at all. Now we have to say the suspension and it actually works pretty well. Doesn’T get kicked around a lot there’s an immense amount of torque in it. So much sure that it is wanting to wheelie so coming up. This steeper slope here, i’m having to watch it. If you wanted it to climb a serious angle, you might need to put a bit of weight on the front, but not quite sure where you would put that in, but anyway, i think it’s time to test this thing on some gravel anyway. How does it handle on loose gravel, which is the the big test for most cars, including crawlers? Well, suffice to say this thing is not troubled by gravel at all Applause.

I have not had anything that works as well over gravel as this thing now: i’ve driven all sorts of cut, rc cars from very, very small micro cars to huge monster trucks, one fiscal cars and things, but the fun level on this thing is actually very hard To beat it has taken me back a little bit, i wasn’t expecting it to be anywhere near as good as it is. The handling on the thing is actually it’s, pretty sublime. Yes, it’s, not waterproof, but have a feeling with a little bit of work. You could probably make it waterproof, which you might consider doing as there appears to be just eight screws holding the body on there together. Well, i have to say at the start of this review. I was not entirely convinced by this thing, but i felt the weight of it and i thought that feels a pretty good way. I don’t think that’s going to struggle with traction and then, when i nailed it last night in the coming out of the garage and the thing wheelied, i thought rich. I think we might have a winner on our hands here and that smoking feature out the back. Thanks to this little bottle, which all you do is fill with water, remove that jerry can and squirt it in there absolutely awesome to my mind and a great fun effect, whether your kids or adults alone, because i love that kind of thing, because when i was Growing up back in the day my dad bought me a james hunt formula, one car which had that same smoking effect.

So i used to put oil in that to get that same effect out on there and he wondered when it said all this thing to smoking. Freight minutes i’m thinking smoking; no, surely it can’t be, but it can it’s an absolute bonus effect to this car. I was skeptical on the suspension on this thing when he said full suspension. This thing will just plow over and through just about anything lighting. Kit is great for front and back although the lights don’t come on at the back, unless you’ve got the smoking feature on, as you might gather i’m quite infused about this. In fact, this is probably one of the best rc’s that i’ve tested under the current covered circumstances, which is a great deal for this from by we’ll link to it below the video and a big shout out to b1, because i was a little bit skeptical of Taking this car on to review, but this thing it absolutely gets the richie thumbs up well thumbs up.