Today, a different part of glendale and we’re going to test out the mods that we done. We put uh the bigger brass portals in the front and moved the lighter ones that we hit in the front to the back. We did the pin spring mod on it and i believe that’s all we’ve done to it so far. Besides the high racks and uh. So that’s about it, we’re gon na get out here and see what it do. I hope you all enjoy this video. I don’t know about that. I should have moved the stick. Music. Try that line again! Oh yeah, ah y’all see that y’all see that don’t see that i’ve been listening to my coaches, been listening to them. I’M gon na get this rock crawling stuff down. Oh my goodness, look at there. What is that y’all see that let’s stop the crawling here and just i think i should leave. I think that might be a warning sign to leave. No no we’re gon na crawl, we’re gon na cry. Okay. We probably know that what he’s saying he tires. Oh yeah come on now you can do it. Yes, sir, go the other way, probably going to change my gopro batteries here in a minute, oh yeah looks like something it’s, a good rock placement. Hmm uh. The tires are just too dirty for that. What’S going on here got ta, get a closer look at it, see what we’re working with all right whoa.

Oh man, look i knocked over the blair witch project. Ah, surely y’all didn’t think i was gon na go home without trying this again. Ah, what are we doing here? Where are we going now? Oh yeah what’s over there let’s go see. I don’t know about that. I think maybe we should go back. The other way. Let’S do that let’s go back the other way see if we can go up that way, see what’s up on that side. I had to get that tire out from under that rock there we go now. Let’S see what’s up that way. Oh looks a little bit better. I think we could come off that yeah come off that oh Music. I want y’all to check this out right here. This says: let’s see what it says. It says dreams, unwind, loves a state of mind, stevie nicks, so let’s go around here and see what we got. Oh, we got some nasty nasty right here crazy. I don’t know what that boom. Was it wasn’t? Oh yeah? Yes, sir man, i don’t like to be littered. Oh, i don’t know if you saw that or not well, i hope you enjoyed that video as much as i enjoyed making it. I’Ve probably been down to glendale. Probably i don’t know 50 times and i’ve never been down that trail that i went on and there’s a lot of promising rocks and i didn’t go far for about a half a mile, so maybe next time i’ll go a little bit further uh.

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