We did more signs that’s. What we need, but anyways we’re out here – and this is the first run of our brand new axial scx, 103 gladiator and liz – is behind the wheel. So axial makes this and we have a lot of axial products right yeah, at least four or five. Maybe i don’t know i don’t know it compares a lot to my vanquish. We’Re gon na do a video of that later, but it really hit the body. I guess the frame and stuff looks so similar to the vanquish without this top one it’s really similar. So i’m hoping it’s just as good getting the tires muddy. Oh no. We had about three inches of rain here a couple nights ago, so it’s dried out decently, but still pretty muddy, really. Does i like that long? Wheelbase too, i think it sounds a little clunkier than the vanquish it’s. Not in it. Doesn’T look funkier. It just sounds a little crumpier yeah yeah it doesn’t sound, quite as smooth but oh it’s, not nearly as expensive, so yep very nice i’m really impressed with it. It’S looking good the looks of it anyway, Music. I did that on purpose. I didn’t mean to do that, but i mean i did it. I just thought i’d crawl a little bit when we come around here moment of like the vanquish when it gets ready to tip. It, tells me this one’s just kind of tipped yeah.

The vanquish is very predictable, this one just sort of flipped, but i did that on purpose, though terrible. If i scratched it, you got the first scratch out of the way: that’s, okay, Music. Oh it doesn’t stop like the vanquish yeah. It comes here and you let your trigger off, and it stops this one yeah. This one just got a brushed motor. Look at that that’s the difference. I noticed yep now going forward. It stopped pretty good like right check it out. We may be able to adjust the brake on this, though i got that programmer. We can program the speed control, give it a little more break. Maybe i don’t know let’s see what we can do. I really like this crawler course over here. I, like the other stuff, but this is really: it really works Music i’m trying to take a path that i think this cowboy drive is the tape right. That’S right definitely do this now, this longer wheelbase should make it easier for it to get up. This little part yep. I think this will be easier for it right here. We’Ll see. Ah, we have the trx6 out here. One night i can’t remember how it went. Oh yeah, it is easier that long wheel base wow, it was a t x. Does the trx 60 well yeah the trx 6 made it look real easy, but i don’t remember it going up there that easy. I should tell all our viewers to look back at that.

I want to put a new video up of like that. What is it? Video we had where you just started digging the hills it’s way back for those of you that are just joining the channel. None of this was here six months ago, so we have put a lot of work into it. This crawler part was this was all honeysuckle. No pond over there, nothing i don’t know if anybody’s tried this way yet that’s pretty steep i’m a little wet, though yeah you need to get a little piece of this rock over here, it’s a little less steep. Oh, you got your wheel caught in that hole. Maybe we should approach it from this other angle, Music. Don’T know. No, you know ours. What do you mean? No cars don’t have truck beds, but jeeps don’t have truck beds, except for this one. It does they make this in real life. Music yeah yeah it’s called a gladiator. I just can’t make it up that i don’t know why all right let’s go. Try some of the other Music courses so far, yep there’s our crawler county side, not sure how good these stock tires are because i really wasn’t impressed with the tires on my wraith when i got it and they’re pretty much the same tire just a little bigger Yeah, i would say you’re right there you go otherwise it it moves around like a trx6 yeah. It really does it’s the length it really does like.

I thought it would move like my vanquish, but it doesn’t it’s clunky, like a trx, 6 it’s a lot longer. Yeah it’s long all right, it’s, not clunky, but yeah what Music it’s just clunky, but it crawls really well! Oh here we go. I try this out. Huh where’d. He go all right there. He is poppy puppy, okay, he said hi. His name is Music we’re over here in the mud there’s. Our new under construction section of the crawler course i’m, trying to crawl up my face all right, yep Applause. I think this concrete is so cool, it’s, so old and rickety and bricks in it. Strong all certified concrete, hey. I want to be the first one to go under the bridge bridge. You know how puddles get under bridges little back trails that go around we’ll, find out you’re on it, Music, yeah he’s, a good driver going under this actual town people. You haven’t tried you haven’t tried to dig yet yeah. We do need little people Music. We have to walk drive around on the road yeah. Okay, get over here, pause that button down it’ll help. You turn real sharp okay let’s go so liz is gon na go somewhere where she can try. This look at that. It just breaks up just kind of keep digging it right around and go under. So you reverse and dig nope. You don’t reverse only forwards. I was reversing keep digging turn left.

I don’t think this is probably as expensive as the vanquish did, but that’s pretty nice, though, that it comes with little Music Music. I just don’t think these tires. Are that great, but Music, you got it, you got it now. That’S, a professional find yeah. You just had to work at it a little like that’s. What the pros do. Wow look at that. It looks good sitting up there that’s. What the pros do right, yep, that’s right all right, dig! We got ta push the dit. No, not yet. I pushed the wrong button. Let’S not dig dig down dig, will help you going down because it’ll lock your back wheels and help you go down a little slower. Yep make your own trail. Yep you’re done good. There is a trail around to that back side. I think you’re good. It might help you to use the dig going around this corner here. No, not yet go forward about a foot uh yeah unlock it now turn to the left. Turn to the left now use your dig and turn left all right back it up back it up about six inches. Okay turn. The left now hold your other way. Yes, now hold the deck down. There you go now you got your wheels kind of going around there, all right that actually helped you a little. I like this truck yeah it’s, really nice. You guys don’t, have to be mechanics good job axial.

This is a good one. It comes all shined up, yep that’s what it comes with right. There we didn’t do anything to it: that’s true taillights headlights, oh yeah, yep, you’ve done that part you want to try the steep part over there tires might make it yeah. You got a big old stick stuck in here there’s, so many rabbits out here you see. Did you see him on last night? Yeah okay could be that’s. The first rabbit i’ve seen running around since last year, so it must be time for them to wake up. Music, they hibernate. I have no idea Music, Music, uh yep. I see you yep you’ll fit. What am i doing? You’Re stuck on a big stick back it up. It’S, like sticking straight up in there it’s poking right at your face, my face? Okay, there you go. You made it Music now use your dig right here here back it up. There let’s give it look at that wow.