We brought the axial rift out we’re out here at the uh backyard crawler course we’re, probably not gon na test it all on here. We’Re gon na drive it all over the place but sounds like it has an issue. Liz is driving. Why is it doing that that’s just the way that the clutch engages it’s, actually vibrating, yep it’ll do that at slow speeds. She’S we’re got a three ass lipo in here right now. Oh we got one across that i uh. Oh, my god, turned her transmitter down to 50, because it’s barely it’s it’s, barely anything more than four wheels. That’S pretty neat scratch the bottom of this thing. All up, maybe i won’t yeah, you got ta, you got ta, be careful. You got ta line it up right, look at that! It’S gon na hit so hard in the front, and it just hit one in the back yeah you just get out of here. You got ta be careful if you’re gon na run it on the rocks. You got ta line it up yeah, there is no bumper it’s just wheels open axle in the front, and this thing will move. Oh look at that. How much throttle do you have on there? Barely any it’s, pretty neat that is cool like everything everybody everybody drives. Surely, and this guy’s got a friend that’s neat whoa, oh, you got ta, be careful with your turns there. How much throttle do you have there? I don’t know: okay, that’s whoa that’s full throttle, okay and you’re at 50 percent.

Look at it it’s, pretty neat that’s, a good speed for you. Look at it jumping through that. That is pretty cool. You turn the wrong, no back it up. That was fun yeah! Oh no, it does flip pretty easy. It does do. We have to add some weight to it or something you’re standing with me again, whoa kitty cat. You have to go out. There click your throttle up to 75 percent. How do you do that on your transmitter? It’S on your transmitter, there’s a switch on the top remote control; yes, flip it to 75. yeah. That was 50 percent, throttle let’s go 75.. It says 50, 75 and 100. yeah go to 70. yeah that’s on the low c2 yep yeah that’s. I can tell there’s a big difference there wow that thing, the suspension on this thing: yeah it’s, it’s too, quick that i just do circle. I hope these tires don’t wear out quickly. Yeah i’m sure they’re, like that guy at the hobby, store worried me about looking at these tires in one day, does that actually happen? Yeah that was a drift car and that was on asphalt, yeah, that happens so like they’re, always putting money into them. Well, yeah. I like that these tires aren’t gon na last long depends on where you drive it drive it on the road. You mean it falls apart right now, while i’m driving it i’m using tire, no in the grass here, probably not losing much.

How long do much? Last jason, i don’t know how long tires last. No, it depends on how you use them. Well, on average that probably lasts a long time. Huh are you buying more so they go or you buy more, so they go bad slower, no yeah. They don’t. You got to use them. Okay, let’s turn around here, it’s got no lights nope. That was good. Oh it bounced let’s. Do that a couple more times here here. Let’S, get this little spot right here right in front of me, suspension on this thing’s great huh, yeah the suspension, the shocks, there’s metal things yep try to get a little jump here. Is it got metal things in the front too yeah man that just yeah that’s? Really cool this thing, just glides over this little bump, you uh kick it up to 100. Just don’t drive it in the pond, because it seems like we’re good at that. You better back up well don’t, just don’t throttle it till you get up here. Just give it okay. Here we go 100 on 3s 100 on 3s. I feel like that. Plastic’S gon na break – oh good god that’s. Why that hill kept it down? It was on this side of that hill. One of those tires didn’t leave the ground. Oh, come on let’s give it a just give it a little rip out through here where you going it’s, not moving, stop okay, so our 3s battery just went dead, so we switched to 4s, so we’ll see how this goes.

This should make a better jump over here, yeah better crash too i’m, not crashing it. Okay, you’re the only crasher. I do pretty good on these things. You just try to break them. I’Ve seen a couple speed tests – hey! Oh don’t! Do that? Oh, my goodness! Look at that you’re way too close to the pond to beat on that Applause. Oh the speed test, a couple speed tests, i’ve seen, i think the top i sell – is 47 miles an hour with this thing, yeah on a 4s battery – oh no, you mean it took a 50 and 0 to what between i don’t. I wouldn’t want to try it with the suspension like this, though it definitely needs sway bars. What do you mean? Don’T go 50. I’M. At 100. Now you don’t think it’s gon na go Applause. This is what it’s made for he’ll find him. You said i was gon na break it Applause yep, i don’t want to stand behind him. I’M afraid i’m getting it started in the eye straight down at the bottom of this hill and just give it a little rip up this hill. I know where i’ll start. I push the button down there down here, oh boy, here it is. This is where we break the uh back seal. We didn’t even make it up the hill a little too much throttle i’ll watch me i’ll, do it better? Oh, i got ta get lined up or it’s gon na.

Take it some other direction. Whoa. This thing really goes all right, ready, yep, all right. That was a good one. That’S. The way you drive them, give it a little rip, get up that hill tear it. Oh, my goodness did you see that i did a wheelie you’re on your wheels. Press reverse, give us a flat tire, no one to give it full gas. Oh geez, it goes left, i think, it’s. Definitely out of what is that called alignment that’s torque torque twist. It wants to pull the one tire up off the ground and go to the one side like i’m. Trying to dr. It totally was straight. I didn’t turn it. A sway bar would help that out a lot there’s. No doubt that’s gon na get stuck in. That fan the way these tires – flip Applause, stuff, flip it down into 50, just see what difference that makes controlling it. Just driving around slower, like this at the same quarter, yeah yeah way better yeah. It really i mean it’s, not a crawler, but you can still just kind of trail. It around it’s way better it’s, not as touchy. It has the power of a beast and you got ta, learn how to tame it right power at 50., yeah, 4s power. It fit these pretty fast. Oh, my god! Yeah we need lights on it, can’t see it. Oh geez, okay, Music yeah. It definitely does different drive different. It drives different than the low seat it’s similar, but you can definitely go in different terrain.

It doesn’t handle as well it’s speed and like steering and all that good stuff, but right yeah. It definitely will handle some rough terrain. I think it goes faster, though it might be faster than i’m sure the acceleration is mad on this thing. Yeah the laser nut doesn’t have nearly the acceleration. This does, and it does but it’s not like this. Laser nut is it’s gon na be fun to run them together. It is fast as long as we don’t run them together. Definitely wacky fast, Music, and it goes through like the laser nut, would never go through those grasses i’d rip up everything inside it. This one will go right through that stuff easy and this one tips over a lot. Let’S go check it out and make sure it’s not broken. Look good picked up some grasses, but it looks like no. It looks good for your first drive yep. It didn’t didn’t break anything. These things are loose. Is that supposed to be yeah that’s supposed to be Applause? The suspension is just crazy on this and it’s cool, how it shuts on and off right there. All you got to do is put your finger.