So go ahead wyatt and do your job dude your job, please unbox! For us why it is the official jason doesn’t want to do it, the official unboxer of hello, rc Applause, oh, look! How pretty it is! Oh it’s got a guy in the truck with a cowboy hat on sexy sexy. This is the look at that yeah. Scx103. Gladiators, nice cute boy in the truck, get down there and show the boy look at that. Get a nice cowboy hat on in there guy in the track. Well, that’s good, looking isn’t it! The truck is nice too wow i might be able to. Is he all molded or he’s come out no he’s percy, as you would say, he’s percy, i think wyatt might need some scissors scissors wait. I think i washed him. Liz has to put scissors together. If i can here you go. What do you think of it? Wyatt it’s pretty cool, so we have a 3s lipo ready to go for it and we’re gon na let’s. Take it out here in a minute and drive it on the crawler course. You want to look at it and anything. You want to do well. Let’S check out check out the bottom okay long, wheelbase 13.9 inch wheelbase squishy wheels. Oh, we got little things hooked around look plastic plastic portal, but metal length. Is this one plastic yep rear axles plastic with these little bands stuck on there still but everything’s plastic.

Besides the metal here, i think we’ll have to replace these axles. I don’t know i think they’ll be fine you’re watching, i think so too. How are we going to tear them up on that? Little wire trx4 and your trx 6 has plastic portal. Actually it just doesn’t look as good as the vanquishes it’s, not as expensive as the vanquish. I suppose these would be expensive yeah they are expensive, hey does it have headlights, it does have headlights already in there. Yep it’s got a guy to turn hillary. He looks like he would smell like a barbie doll. Look he’s all painted up like a barbie doll would smell yep there he is in there. I can smell him here. I bet he smells like old spice. No, he smells like a barbie the kindle i can smell them already what’s this. Do you open this? No, the hood does not open. It has something just for looks no just little no details on here, no yeah hood latches, windshield wipers. How do you know? I know they look like no. No, they don’t understand really yeah, really all right. How does this open then? It doesn’t open. You mean the hood doesn’t open. No, the hood does not open okay, a car doesn’t open their hood it’s, a lexan body. The hood doesn’t open serious yeah, but anyways it’s got like a what is it real truck bedding is like what the vanquish has. Yeah it’s got like a deep truck bed.

Oh, it says: axio up in there tires feel: okay, hey. This is metal whoa yeah nice frame, hey where’s wyatt. We got one of these good spectrum controllers. These 60 controllers, dx3 it’s got the little. Would that be a thumb yeah? I think it is it’s about 50 or 60 dollars, it’s not on or we’d, be flying. It’S nice it’s got the two speed which is not active, but the dig is active right out of the box. He is seat, he is part seat.