What i’m going to talk about is my latest modification to the scx 103 jeep, and it is the straight axle kit finally got it on 170 for this thing and came in easy or installed easy, the axles was already were already built. The shocks were already built. Just had to put it together and what it has is, you know the the axles, obviously pre built axles straight axles and some links some shocks. Oh uh, gearing that they give you new gearing because you don’t have the gear reduction of a portal. So so they really kind of maintain the scx 103 gearing and height. So the one thing i noticed for sure is that the s6103 normally has 90 millimeter shocks with the portal axles and because portals are elevated, to give you more clearance about 10 millimeters what they did since now, you have straight axles uh to maintain the travel notice. How much travel it has they now give you 100 millimeter shocks? Okay, so i wasn’t sure if i wanted that, because it is a pretty high vehicle um, you know, maybe performance would improve Music. So these are the stock springs that they have and uh. I don’t think i have any preload so that’s just the right height as it does so, so they uh you’re not going to gain center of gravity advantages, but you’re not gon na lose any flex advantages as well. I mean that’s a key advantage of the sx3.

How much flex it has articulation right so interesting, uh, most some of you just love it they’re like okay. Finally, i’ve been waiting for this and they have the other half of you’re like. Why would you want straight axles? You already have portals and the reason is freedom of choice. You know the the problem with portals is one. The main thing is they’re, not scale. You know the jeep does not come with portal axles, so people want realism uh. So, if you’re after that, this has straight axles uh. The other thing is, you know the center of gravity. Uh goes up a little bit because because of portals but um realism, some people want the challenge. You know some people have another project, so it just opens up the the kimono, the kimono of options for you hobbyists out there, so that can’t be bad right. So there you go check out our body, our buddy randy, the builder built. This thing took the top down and i’ve neglected this this vehicle, because i’m enamored with the gladiator, but this is uh. This is pretty well done, so we’re going to run it tomorrow, enjoy the running video thanks a ton i’m here at the test track in the vista and what we have is an scx 103 top down beautiful work, but what’s special about this thing today is: it: Has straight axles put on the straight axle kit for 170 bucks and it came on pretty easy.

100 mil shocks. Had the dig unit, a homes hobbies, revolver Music, some standard proline high rocks, tires ready to roll. Here we go i’m going to talk you through some running video on our standard test course, the actual scx 103, with straight actual conversion kit. This ends pretty good. It’S got some good rear weight on it. We’Re using prolonged hyrax tires dual stage: foam homes, hobbies, revolver motor, sometimes pretty good super high and short. So we can’t expect the world and we haven’t tuned the shocks at all. It just comes stock, just no sag, no preload whatsoever, there’s a tough one, compresses the rear. You got to get some good speed and tricky one for a vehicle. This high, but it’s, able to succeed there one time 100 millimeter shocks on this one i’m. Sure if we had 90 millimeter shocks, it would do this better and then right here is the the ultimate test swallow do no chance, no weights at all on this vehicle, either in the wheels or in the axles it’s a tough one, little side side, steep action. The more you go left the steeper the ledge, but this vehicle is pretty composed, that’s, some good clearance, Music. One thing as well is: we are testing high clearance links from samix, so i’m sure you’ll see the it comes into play. You can hardly see the links on this vehicle. It does seem that what they call the slow clearance links are good for straight axles, because the axles are lower right, so the more you can bend them get them out of the way.

The better it’s. A good combination, one thing interesting is: we have a lot of brass portal, covers it’s a very convenient place to add weight because those portal, those covers, are pretty big and you could they could really fill it in with 200 grams of brass, but in a straight Axle you don’t have that situation so it’s a little more tricky to add significant weight on the axles, so the performance so far is pretty good and i think we have room for improvement in the very steep climb side hill by by going with 90 millimeter shocks Or even 80 millimeter shocks to lower the body, but as far as getting hung up we’re not seeing this vehicle get hung up too much, even though we do have rocks in this situation, it’s able to clear it. I think the big tires really help 4.7 inch tires if you’re running 4.2. It would be an advantage to do portals for sure even on this course so right here, very rocky we’re trying new lines and this vehicle is able to do it and bear in mind this is very high. In the you know, it has the full roll gauge scale body interior driver, so a lot of room for improvement. If you are looking for that, so the straight axles is cool because it gives you another tool. Another uh another tool in the kit to tackle any challenge by the way we’re using a revolver on this vehicle because the motor is pretty high.

So we feel like the lighter the motor, did, the better climbing some pretty steep hill here, pretty composed the more left. The steeper the gladiator does this no problem because it’s longer, but this vehicle with the low clearance links or high clearance links, is able to do it as well and right here. This is where the portal axle vehicles excel. You don’t really need to find the line. You could see how close the the axle is to the rocks, but in this situation it doesn’t uh really hit okay and finally, we are gon na go on a very technical rock here and really interesting, because right there, the axle is hung up, but because the Travel is significant. It saved the tires are able to reach down and grab some rock look at that articulation crazy, pretty rare that you, these all comes into play, but right there, you could see a huge movement on the axle there good steering angle too, of the actual, the modulation Of the homes by the way homes you know this revolver is so powerful, so light, but it is noisy, it’s communicative. It tells you what the motor is doing, but you know it doesn’t really add to the experience, but i think in a couple days i’m going to get the new esc’s from homes that promise silent performance and he says better modulation too. You know kind of like a like an axe, so stay tuned for that by the way uh subscribe to this channel, where i have more videos like this and if you need to purchase anything anything at all, click on our links.

First, to on the description to a main hobbies, anything you buy after 30 days of clicking the link 15 days now, we’ll get credit for and we’ll have the channel out so right here, pretty cool the high clearance links really seem to be helping.