So click check our description. If you want to purchase this Music, so what is it? It converts your scx 103 from portal axles to standard axles straight axles? Why do you want to do that? I am not sure because you want, because you have different needs, you want it to be more realistic, more scale. Typically, it will lower the the vehicle to the center of gravity, but there’s. This thing has a trick up its sleeve the cool thing now is there there there’s an option? You know a really cool factory option from axle for the ar 45 axle. Okay, so let’s open this thing up something i don’t love about the rc industry. Is they they have a habit of announcing products that are not available for two months, especially kits stuff? Like this, you know, they’ll have like five copies for their media influencers and reviewers, but the rest of us are left waiting for it. Oh i shouldn’t do that. I should do like boom. I don’t know why strange they just give you a removable cover, but there it is. Ah, okay, so what’s kind of cool and unexpected is it’s fully assembled uh huh uh huh. Oh oh, oh, i see, i see that’s good. I peeked, under there it’s quite a bit going on in here for your 170 dollars, so an easy thing would have been to just give you parts for the axle, but they they went all the way.

Basically, i think this is great too, if you’re building up a vehicle um and not just converting your current one. Okay, this is in there it doesn’t wan na it’s resisting arrest. Okay. Here it is built professionally built nice and smooth hypoid gears ball bearings throughout very durable and very smooth. Everything is sturdy. This thing should oh jesus looks like plastic, but it feels like steel, because uh they’re, using a nice material and a nice truss bracing over there. Oh, i see look at that. Bracing it’s, like a 3d mill so interesting. I wonder if the brass axle covers will still work on these. So let me just put it here: we have our uh cx103 gladiator here by the way, which could be a candidate for this, and here is the steering nice huge, heavy links right, that’s, so cool um, oh it’s, not even close to hitting. Oh, oh, oh! I like it, i like it so 45 degrees of steering and and since, but since nothing’s hitting there’s stoppers here that you could trim to get even more steering probably will give you a little a little more binding yeah with it. With your oh universals, i like that they’re universals, more articulation than cbds, but so smooth high point gears for durability and silence, love it: okay, here’s, where they went the extra mile, they didn’t stop there. They said we’ll give you shocks, matching shocks, um and what they do so here’s.

Something interesting. So here is uh a portal vehicle. So what happens is because it’s on portals, you know the the this is the s6m3 gladiator, because of some portals you lift the axle up for ground clearance, but your shock mount also lifts up, and so it it lifts everything up. Okay, so now that they have this, which is going to drop your shock mount down, they said: okay, we want you to maintain your body height uh, by giving you 100 millimeter shocks. So stock is 90.. These are 100, so these are long and unusual. Okay, so that should give you more flex and articulation for the same bang for the buck. If you keep your your 90 millimeter shocks, your your whole vehicle will drop. Okay, so for these yellow springs is what they put there’s already oil. The oil seems kind of heavy look at that it’s, not even able to push the shock all the way extended in a brand new format before it’s broken in okay. You have a little manual here, it’s kind of cool and a fee. I feel like there’s some extras here: oh schnitt, what the what the sugar? Oh, oh snap, it’s, not it’s, not cool, okay, Applause, okay, okay. So what we have here is shock oil 35 weight shock oil i’m, not sure why they’re giving us more when it looks like they already have 35 weight in here, but they also give us the links.

The. What links are these the um, the panhard it doesn’t have that crazy bend. It doesn’t seem the steering, so they give you the links necessary for the conversion. You probably can’t, reuse, your old ones, so quite a bit of stuff for it’s, a true conversion. Kit um excited i love upgrades and mods and options and flexibilities and whatnot so i’m pumped that these finally came so we’re gon na put it on and uh see what happens. I think we’ll put it on our other sex m3 because that one has no axles. Right now we stole the axles for my g speed, belly dragger, which is which you should see soon. It is it’s done it’s like a done deal and uh it’s.